New Booster Bundle arrives next week!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kikumod, Mar 6, 2024.

  1. WonderEU Active Player

    So EU players won’t get the updates till the following day then, they have never done updates like that before.
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  2. Icon Active Player

    Just got off the game for the morning resets and they posted a broadcast message the game will be down while they upload St. Patrick's Day seasonal. No mention of the Booster bundle but it'll likely be active as well (but as previously stated I will NOT be buying this item until they address other more important game concerns).
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  3. WonderEU Active Player

    Cannot agree more. It is insane that players are having to update the forum…

    Live update notes will be available…. lol I won’t hold my breath
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  4. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    Funny thing is that the Sabel Metalweave Material didnt make it into the bundle. There's about 20+ (of each) of the others on the broker, but none of that one. Haha
  5. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    That isn't really proof of the item not being there.

    Just proof that people will still buy BBs.
  6. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    Update: Hours later, and still not one in sight. Yet there are even more of the rest on the broker....
  7. Iconic Simulation YouTuber



    Booster Bundle description:

    Mystery Solved.

    The Hematite Metalweave Material IS the Sabel Metalweave Material.
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  8. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    I watched Multiverse's video on the booster bundle, even though I never buy the things. I thought it was appropriate, offered people the alternative of the broker if they only wanted 1 item, showed the materials and chromas already available as a comparison - in total he didn't gild the lily at all. Good job.
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  9. Multiverse Creator League

    Hello Heroes and Villains....

    For those who want to take a good look at the Materials and the Accessories..... and see the Accessory animation.
    Warning..... IMHO the Accessory look terrible when you fly forward.

    I show some of the material comparison here;
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  10. Oltron New Player

    DONT BUY THESE TILL WE GET DOUBLE XP WEEK. Need that sweet double artifact xp. Not drop rate double but actual fortify double
  11. Deus Ex Machina Committed Player

    Too late. I bought 20.
  12. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    should have offered chroma versions instead.
  13. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    I can think of a better reason not to buy them but, Booster Bundles have 15k xp, horde them until 2x artifact week and 30k xp. replay badges are always good and when they have 2x ally favors 5k to 10k helps. Should have offered chroma / chroma neon versions instead of color locked version of the metallic.
  14. Tropical Skittles Taste The Rainbow

    I normally be in the cuts just reading comments and the development of the game. With that said...I noticed you guys have a section where you ask us players, what we would like to see in the game. I see feedback of fixing the lag, PVP, new content and occasional styles and base items. But not once do I see anything listed in there to make a duplicate of the lava skin and the metallic materials and just rename them to something else. Then putting a price on it, when we can just get from the skin vendor a metropolis for $1,850. So yes I'm calling you guys out. Please post the link with someone requested for these items in this booster bundle.

    I don't know what's going on with the company. But it sure does seem you guys are not listening to us like you're claiming you are. Cause everyone can see you're just implementing items to make a profit and not fixing anything.

    However, what I have noticed since September 16th 2023 the new development of an exciting new multiplayer shooting game that's from Cold Iron Studios, that you guys have not put much thought into DC Universe.

    But hey don't listen to me I'm a nobody. I've just been playing this game since 2012, before you guys even bought it.
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