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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jun 3, 2020.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager



    Amanda Waller called in a request, so it's time for an ALL-NEW bonus week: Raid the Universe! For this week only, Waller wants you to revisit raids from the Amazon Fury trilogy for wonderful new bonus rewards! Whether you are tackling these raids with fond nostalgia or for the first time, the queues will be popping all week!


    Waller is offering a new contract job to all takers. She has sent you a Locked Confiscated Goods box (one per account). Fulfill her contract, and she will tell you how to open it.

    The task is simple. Complete fiveof the included raids (listed below) in any combination before the bonus week is over, even on any combination of characters. Each completion will reward you with a Waller Contract Line Item (account-wide currency), proving your assistance in the raid. When you have five line items, the contract will be fulfilled and the Locked Confiscated Goods box can be opened.

    Additionally, each included raid also grants bonus rewards (regardless of Combat Rating) when completed.
    • Raid the Universe: Raid Rewards
      • Source Marks x10
      • Scaling Gear (up to Birds of Prey)
      • Waller Contract Line Item x1
        • Please note the line item will be awarded even if you are loot-locked
    • Raid the Universe: Contract Rewards
      • Locked Confiscated Goods (one per account)
        • 30,000 Artifact XP
        • Lex Coins x25

    Each of the below raids is included in the Raid the Universe bonus week. Raid the Universe bonus rewards are granted when the final boss of each raid is defeated. Characters must be Combat Rating 105 to participate.
    • Labyrinth of Lost Souls
    • Halls of Hades
    • Throne of the Dead
    • Olympus (Normal or Elite)
    • God of Monsters (Normal or Elite)
    To recap, this week – from Thursday, June 4, 2020, through Wednesday, June 10, 2020 – all players will receive bonus rewards for completing eligible raids in the Amazon Fury trilogy, plus an additional bonus reward for completing five eligible raids total.

    PLEASE NOTE: The bonus week will begin this Thursday with daily server restarts, and will last through Wednesday to daily server restarts on (next) Thursday morning.

    *Excludes Nintendo Switch

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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    • Play Amazon Fury raids for rewards regardless of relevancy.
    • Play 5 of the Amazon Fury raids in any combination for more rewards.
    • CR105+
    • Starts June 4, 2020
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  3. JWellens Level 30

    There we go, now that's some incentive.
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  4. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Sweetttttt, much appreciated devs and well done!
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  5. Reinheld Devoted Player

    I'm assuming since you mention 'all players' this is open to F2P or Premium as well as members? I know it says it pays off the contract piece, even if you are loot locked, but does that mean multiple runs on the same raid will keep paying, or just that if you ran it before the event is active the contract will drop on the next run? i.e. I'm locked on a premium toon from HH next week....I run it and get my contract but no additional loot. I then run HH again, I get a 2nd contract and no loot or get nothing?
  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Because we have open episodes right now, ownership/membership level doesn't matter.

    Yes, you can run the same raid five times if that's what you want to do. The contract currency item will drop even if you are loot locked. The bonus source marks and gear will not drop if you are loot locked.
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  7. L T Loyal Player

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  8. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player


    Is Throne of the Dead (Elite) also included?
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  9. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Another silly question but from the original post - can you be CR105 and join Olympus and God Of Monsters as well?
  10. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    alright, then. I was expecting this one to not be my cup of tea, but that sounds like it could be fun. cheers, dev.

    edit. just checking. the Contract Line Item is account-wide, yeah? so I can run the raids on five different toons & then open the box on whichever toon redeemed it? did I get that right?
  11. Odee eSTee New Player

    I don't suppose you'd consider resetting the raid lootlocks for Open Episode players? We are in the middle of our 14 day locks right now If we'd had more of a heads up on this, I would've waited to run those raids.
  12. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

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  13. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    Or you could have seen the announcement that was up since last thursday, the email you probably got on friday, the forum thread from last week, and waited? Or buy replay badges.
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  14. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Was just checking as some rewards (like treasure boxes) are owner/member only, even during free eps. Good to hear it's open to all. Thanks (kind of) for the free ep extension. I thought my OCD in completing feats would be off the hook on June it's going to go on for-ev-er.
  15. antipseudo Well-Known Player

    Oh a very interesting idea for once!

    I even think it should be a common novelty in DC, rather than a temporary event, for example once a week or once a month, at least a very welcome idea to be exploited! :)
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  16. HL4LYFE Well-Known Player

    so im a lil confused, run these raids an get 10 sorce per raid? but the true reward is account only an thats the 25 lex an 30k artifact xp? meaning its only 1x for this entire week? an only 1 character can actually use the true reward?

    just trying to make sure i understand this
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  17. Samantha Christiano Active Player

    For people that don't have replay badges. We can only play these raids once for the marks.
    Does the raids not reset everyday for this week event?
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  18. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Yep thats correct.

    No the Raids are still a Weekly Reset. You'll get the Bonus Rewards once per Raid but the item needed to open the Goods Box are not loot locked. I dont believe you can spend Replay Badges to reset for the Bonus Reward but since they are tied to defeating the last boss, you may be able to.
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  19. FlawlessTime Committed Player

    My Agent/Manager has looked over the contract and we accept it. We will be getting my artifacts and gear ready We are getting on the next flight to Olympus and the underworld I was told we should expect trouble and a trap.

    But trouble and Traps work both ways we will be ready :).
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  20. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Oh gawd even with CR differential those raids could go seriously awry, this is gonna be... fun. Seeing as it’s just one completion per raid, I don’t mind a one-off ball buster.
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