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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by sharpy36, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. sharpy36 Active Player

    Pleaseeeee do not do a double artifact xp weekend until after the new ranks are launched. It would be soo cruel to the community to do double xp right before the new ranks are available.
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  2. EconoKnight XIII Legion

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  3. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Of course they will do that. They're not going to allow people to stack up tons of XP for 6 or so months and then give us new ranks with a Double XP-weekend and allow people to max out their artifacts almost right away, more or less for free.

    Artifacts have grown to become their new, hot cashgrab and players are eating it up like candy, of course they will take full advantage of that.
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  4. sharpy36 Active Player

    I don't care if double xp is the same weekend the ranks are increased, I just don't want it to happen before they're increased. I can wait another month after the rank increase before double xp. All the people who rush to rank up can spend their money the first couple weeks to be the first ones to get to 200.
  5. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i get my neo venom wrist despencer to 200 as a gift from the devs, ncluding feats and all, sooo...
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  6. Zneeak Devoted Player

    The point is, the longer they let people save up their Nth metal, the less revenue they can get out of it. Therefor, I really don't expect a Double XP weekend to happen during or after the new Rank implementations.

    The only thing I am really hoping for here is that the new ranks are mostly fluff rather than new, gamebreaking imbalances, but I won't expect that to happen either. There most likely will be some great, sought after advantages tied to atleast a few of the Artifacts at Rank 200.
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  7. sharpy36 Active Player

    I think my real desire is just to make new items/content FEEL like less of a cash grab. The game obviously has to make money, but when every addition has the sole feeling of a cash grab, it really hurts the morale. We love the new content and styles and the occasional free stuff we get, but with every new time capsule and booster bundle etc. it feels like the minimum amount you need to buy to get all of the new items increases. Even if there's no feats, we still like being able to get everything. I could be mistaken, but it feels like there's more variety of items in each time capsule which sounds like a great thing for PR, but in reality it increases the minimum amount we have to buy to be able to get everything, which feels like a cash grab. Variety is great, but I think there needs to be a much better way to make additions FEEL like less of a cash grab. The community should give input on ways that would make it more enjoyable. I think the entire community feels like everything is just a cash grab at this point, even when it's great content. There needs to be some sort of compromise to make it feel less greedy, and more about making everybody happy. I don't have a solution, but I think most of the community will agree that a ton of the new additions FEEL like nothing but cash grabs. I think it's time to brainstorm with the community.
  8. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    This GIF made me Laugh ^.
    makes perfect sense
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  9. Zneeak Devoted Player

    It is a cash grab, I stated that much in my previous post. As much as I agree with the bad nature of cash grabs, the truth is that revenue comes before morale, no matter how much it may suck from a player perspective. The devs however are not the only ones responsible, the players themselves are also responsible for what they chose to spend money on. If something is considered a really bad and shady implementation, yet the players keep spending money on it not to miss a single thing, they are in fact enabling the very thing they despise.

    If players didn't feel so entitled to have it all, dropped the forced completionist-viewpoint that hurts them more than gain them, as soon as a new item or feat is released and actually followed up on the morale they want to represent and voted with their wallet, the Devs would probably have to rethink their strategy more with these implementations. As bad as some of these implementations are, like the over-inflation of SP within TC's, the terrible droprates and nearly gamebreaking, combat-related imbalance within Artifacts, players keep feeding into that business and spending money on it. We can't have the cake and eat it too.

    At some point the players themselves will have to make a decision aswell, suck it up and realize they won't get their hands on every single item and part of progression at all times. We need to start voting with our wallets to enable that compromise we want.
  10. sharpy36 Active Player

    I definitely think you're right that the players have a huge impact on keeping things the way they are, but I'm asking for daybreak to take the high ground and not keep feeding on peoples addictions. I think it's harder to break addictions than it is to accept a little less profit from the game in order to help build a happier, and probably bigger community. I don't run the game and I don't see the actual numbers, but I find it hard to believe that the game would really do poorly if it agreed to feed less on peoples addictions. Brainstorming with the community to find a good compromise seems reasonable to me.

    P.S. I'm really exhausted so sorry my grammar is taking a major hit tonight/this morning. I think my ideas are getting across though.
  11. Zneeak Devoted Player

    You can't just ask a company not to make money on things, without also questioning the spending habits and attitudes of the players willing to feed into it. It's a two-way street. There has been tons of feedback in how they can makes TC's better and more userfriendly, aswell as Artifacts and many other things, but as long as players keep spending money on the very things they claim to despise, the feedback gets clouded by the people's own spending habits.

    If you have a real life gambling addiction, you don't demand casino's to just close down, you're forced to deal with your gambling addiction. There is a moral issue, most definately, but it's a two-way issue between bad implementations and bad spending habits.

    Put your money where your mouth is, miss out on the new shiny, miss out on those 2-3 SP that comes with it and save all of your hard-earned money by voting with your wallet. If all the players did that right away, concepts like TC's may have been scrapped a long time ago. As long as players are willing to pay for progression, they will keep feeding into it for the revenue. It's sad but true.
  12. sharpy36 Active Player

    That's why I'm asking Daybreak to take the high ground. Don't run the game like a casino. Especially when a lot of the players are kids. It's a 2 way street, but I think if Daybreak has a great opportunity to set an example and show that it really cares about its players. It still has to make money, but I think it's something that needs serious consideration by the people in charge. The gaming companies taking it upon themselves to release drop rates for loot boxes by the end of next year is nice, but I don't think that will really make any actual difference.
  13. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Where are all these kids getting the money from? If you want the devs to make real changes in regards to loot boxes I'm not against it but please stop using "children play this game" as a front. You have to be 18 to have a credit card, you have to be at least 15 or 16 in most places to have a personal checking account. And what does a 16 year old need money for other than games and lunch money?
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  14. sharpy36 Active Player

    Children can have their parents credit cards attached to their accounts. It's absolutely not a big deal at all to spend parents money easily. But that's not an excuse, its just another reason added to the laundry list.
  15. Zneeak Devoted Player

    You should be asking the players to take the high ground aswell. If people didn't carry an unecessary completionist-attitude toward every new shiny, they wouldn't feel as much need to spend as they do, which means that more players would spend much less which means that concepts like TC's and Artifacts would've made the company much, much less revenue and more likely had them switching up their strategy for something more userfriendly.

    If you want change you need to be a part of the change. It's easy for players to point fingers with one hand while the other hand grabs the credit card, but that's a big part of the problem. I myself have contributed to this.

    The devs need to use more userfriendly methods for the players, and the players need to vote with their wallet to make it happen. You just can't have the cake and eat it too, it's just as unreasonable as we think their current Cash grabs are.
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  16. sharpy36 Active Player

    It is more practical for a company that should be catering to the people to make a change than for thousands of individuals to make a change. Everybody should try though.
  17. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Which I believe is against the ToS to begin with but if I was a responsible parent I wouldn't be letting my child play with my money to begin with because it absolutely is a big deal considering most families are on fixed incomes.
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  18. Zneeak Devoted Player

    If you want to talk about practicality: If you keep spending on something you think is morally wrong and you want the company to cater to your morals, shouldn't you be following your own morals in the first place and not spend on it? Change doesn't happen through the company and the developers alone, it happens through the company aswell as the customers.

    It comes down to a completionist attitude that make players force themselves to spend on something they don't actually want to spend money on, that is just as much of an issue as a company taking advantage of it. A change need to happen on both ends, not just one end.
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  19. sharpy36 Active Player

    Quite frankly, very few people even think about the ToS until they get caught doing something. You know perfectly well that there are plenty of parents who don't handle their children as well as would be expected. I think we will just have to agree to disagree. Hopefully the devs can share their thoughts too.
  20. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    And that's not a valid excuse for a company to change it's business model. It's a game studio not a babysitter.
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