New Artifact Idea..?

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  1. Multiverse New Player


    Dominance Defensive Tank

    Converts 11.0/20.0/30.0/40.0/50.00 Might Precision into straight
    Defense & Dominance

    160 Gain 5% More Health

    160 Gain 5% More Power

    Radion, a mysterious substance that can take down some of DC"s strongest gods. ... And in the cases of Darkseid, Orion and their fellow cosmic deities, that substance is called Radion.
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  2. Ergotth Well-Known Player

    They could do one for every role to convert "useless" status into Restoration and Vitalization too, so I'm totally on board with it.
  3. Multiverse New Player

    yea cause as atank we dont need might or prec
  4. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Gallica disagrees, but this is one of the more unique suggestions I've seen so, carry on.
  5. Multiverse New Player

    Captain Cold Pistol

    Defense & Dominance

    when you use Ice Shot Supercharge you gain up to 10% more Health boost and 10% Dominance Defensive boost

    Ice shot is a supercharge that makes you shoot out bullets and each time you use the superpower you get will power!

    80 2% Health 3% Dominance and Defense
    120 4% Health 5% Dominance and Defense
    160 7% Health 8% Dominance and Defense
    200 10% Health 10% Dominance and Defense

    This Artifact of the Legendary Bounty Captain Cold Used For Bank Heist And Getting Away From Flash & The Central City Police
  6. DCUO 21Savage Level 30

    wtf is this post LMMFAO these arts are a waste when they can just rework 2 useless tank arts and slightly change another tank art to be a bit better EveryxS*H*I*Txmantype art would be the most useless tank art rn and next is Lasso and Dilustel art just need a slight change and its instantly good art switch the art to increase your dominance by 25% at 200 of your health Lasso kinda useless because you can only heal when the lasso takes damage itself and must be 120+ the main problem is that lasso healing percentage needs to be changed to be 2,4,6,8 or 1,3,5,7 at each rank for example 80 you receive 1% health back 120 3% health back 160 5% health back 200 7% health back and change that art to instead heal the player everytime they receive damage themself while the lasso is attached to enemies not heal the player because the lasso received damage itself and increase the lasso ability duration each rank you get the art to and add the original healin effect it already does as a bonus 0 point or 1 point percent for example at 200
  7. DCUO 21Savage Level 30

    Lasso of Truth
    Rarity: Common
    Type: Artifact
    Cannot Trade
    Can Buy For: 10 Source Marks
    Cannot Sell
    Unique Equip
    Recommended for: Tank

    Inescapable Truth
    * Mesmerizing Lasso iconic ability no longer pulls target towards you, instead tethers and hard taunts (Tank Role) your target to you.
    * Tethered non-boss target will be stunned and dragged towards you for 5 seconds. Additionally, Lasso of Truth will constantly seek out up to (2/4/6/8) secondary non-boss targets and
    drag them towards your tethered target for 5s.
    Gaea's Gracefulness
    * While tethered to an enemy it will * Heal for (1%/3%/5%/7%) of all damage the player receives in 10s.
    * Lasso of Truth will constantly seek up to 8 additional non-boss targets and drag them towards your tethered target.
    Amazonian Grip
    * Gain immense grip strength while tethering enemies together thus fore increasing your lasso duration by (2/4/6/8)

    Upcoming Rank Bonuses:
    (20) +Health Stat, 1% Dominance
    (40) +Restoration Stat, 2% Dominance
    (60) 2% Health
    (70) 3% Dominance, 2% Restoration
    (80) Gaea Gracefulness (1%)
    (80) Inescapable Truth (2)
    (90) Amazonian Grip (2s)
    (100) 4% Health
    (110) 6% Dominance, 4% Restoration
    (120) Gaea Gracefulness (3%)
    (120) Inescapable Truth (4)
    (130) Amazonian Grip (4s)
    (140) 6% Health
    (150) 9% Dominance, 6% Restoration
    (160) Gaea Gracefulness (5%)
    (160) Inescapable Truth (6)
    (170) Amazonian Grip (6s)
    (180) 8% Health
    (180) 12% Dominance, 8% Restoration
    (190) Amazonian Grip (8s)
    (200) Gaea Gracefulness (5%)
    (200) Inescapable Truth (6)
    (200) 15% Dominance, 10% Restoration
    Artifact, Wonderverse
    Credit goes out to another guy that im a different dcuo based discord with that posted this
  8. Multiverse New Player

    that was unnecessary and rude

  9. DCUO 21Savage Level 30

    tf are you on about whatever thanks for the share
  10. Mister Hando Level 30

    I want artifacts for all iconics powers.
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  11. DCUO 21Savage Level 30

    hahaha make it make sense
  12. Empress_Orana Well-Known Player

    Not true. The stats tree used might and power in the same pool. So you’re asking for a major overhaul for just one art. I get what you’re saying, but logistically, devs won’t give this a look.
  13. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    You have some of the worst art ideas, rework ideas, and thoughts in general on this forum, so bad that you get on your burner account so you can like and applaud all of your threads to make it seem as if someone actually finds your ideas appealing. Therefore, You have no room to be so distasteful to someone else’s prompts for artifacts, or anything else
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  14. DCUO 21Savage Level 30

    Burner accounts yet only only this account i own and yo fruity is fxxking stupid you a sped you stay typing bs as usual bet not ever let me get your gt you dcuo forums thug think you tough peace this all imma say should've kept to yourself instead of tryna be tough and type bs as usual you stay in drama more then anyone else i seen i seen besides deity supreme you both professional dcuo forums thug and you bringing up IDC because he blocked your clown azz for acting tough continuously when you not like that i usually kept to myself but mfs like you annoying now i see why he blocked you imma show him this post and every other mf im in discord with i used to think your clown azz was ok into now fxg was the reason i stayed out the drama when you started with IDC back then but now i see why he and 95 others on forums dont like you i guess im the 96 mf to not like your attention seekin azz
  15. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Just so you are aware. It’s actually very easy to see who your alt account is. I’m pretty sure many others can tell very easily by looking up 1 simple thing about your account lol
  16. DCUO 21Savage Level 30

    you so tough over dcuo forums and steady typing bs
  17. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    Oooo I see the potential for this
  18. AGGUSTEN Well-Known Player

    I would like a serious artifact and not disposable as the Lazarus Pit Water, which works in the resurrection of the fallen members of the group, Yes, it could be the new best friend of the Page of Destiny, as are the card of the transformation and the card of the strategist, I'm not sure if it is for role healer, for some reason, I would like it to be for tank, Although it has a more support function if, Consistiria, that once dead players do not have to rescue them if not back thanks to the artifact, I find that affects 4 players ideally, the cooldown may be as purple lightning that is activated every so often when you have exceeded a specific number of healing, or perhaps power in the case of trolls...

    Also an artifact that summons a kind of orb, that attacks enemies in an area and that its attacks are based on the amount of supercharge that the player has, (a good way to take advantage if you never use supercharge), that the strength of the damage depends on the amount of supercharge, the less you have, the less damage it will do but also the less it will consume, it would be interesting to perfect something like troll function, the partner changes color to a winter one and instead of continuously attacking enemies, it regenerates power over a long period of time, but type nature healing... something like that...
    They could also put the slowdown statistic, to reduce the speed of the enemies and not immobilize them directly, as this does not usually have an effect on elites...