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  1. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    IT IS THE SAME FORTIFICATION SYSTEM but instead of fictitious objects it is fictitious characters. You continuously saying "artifacts are not allies" means literally nothing in this argument.

    Plans change.

    Stop using crappy analogies to argue a point that you don't have. If you buy a full style set of tank gear you get a discount on that same gear for any role. If you buy tank augments but switch to healer you are allowed to feed those tank augments into your healer augments. If you buy tank artifacts but switch to healer you are allowed to feed those tank artifacts into your healer artifacts. If you buy tank allies but switch to healer you have to start from scratch. That's why people want to get it changed. DUH.
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  2. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    While I'm also in the camp 'don't level it then regret it later', you do seem adamantly opposed to the idea they could possibly make a change EVEN THOUGH at launch they said you cannot 'feed' them to another. Change happens, generally because people voice an opinion against the status quo. Even Artifacts, which we were never told we'd get 2x application weeks/weekends(to negate the 1/2 loss when 'feeding' another one), were made better by those weekends later. I don't personally recall if it were due to us asking about some sort of bonus week....but hey...we got that change either way.

    And while you are right about the fact you don't need to max every new one, seeing as MANY new ones have 1 upped the previous ally, it's kind of believable that some people might do that. Artifacts have pretty much not have any 'must have' ones since the trans/strat and EOG, with many effective combos using some or all of those. Besides the fact you CAN get back some of the investment later, if they come out with a new 'best' artifact tomorrow, you can be reasonably sure it won't be trumped in a month....this is NOT the same with allies. At least with artis, you could be reasonably sure there would not be a new trump card one till the next DLC.

    See, I go with the opposite opinion on 'gotta have them'. Once I realized it would be an endless game of leapfrog with the allies, I figured I'd only worry about a legendary once I hit max favors or after they've slowed down I don't really have need of a 'feeding' process either....but I also don't see the harm in asking for SOME change.
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  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Op items use the same fortification system too… still not the same.

    If you switch from tank to healer you get a discount on more gear. You however don’t not get to trade in your current gear for more gear. You also can not feed your augments to other augments. Only adaptive augments. There is absolutely no reason for them to allow for this change other than people wanting to get their favor back.

    Want to keep comparing arts to allies? Fine. 300k ally favor needed to max a legendary ally compared to 1.67mil nth needed to max an artifact. However about that artifacts have a chance to fail a breakthrough while you can’t fail one with an ally. What about that all arts go up to 200 while allies have different ranks. Just because they use the same feature to fortify does not make them the same system. It’s idiotic to make these claims while ignoring all the other differences that these features have.
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  4. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Except I never claimed they shouldn’t be allowed to ask. However what they are asking for is for the devs to make changes based on their own inability to not try to max every single thing that comes out. What’s funny is that most of the allies aren’t even that useful or are geared specifically toward certain roles or play styles. Yet people try to max them all out and then complain that they can’t feed them. And the thing with bonus weeks is that while you’re right that were weren’t told such features would one day be available, we also were not straight out said they would not do such things. When allies first came out they said we wouldn’t be able to feed them to each other. So when they were released I only leveled what I felt I could use knowing that any favor I used would not be given back. I’ve even accidentally overfed allies. To bad for me. The game and devs have no obligation to make changes just because some can’t accept things.

    Would it be nice if they did. Obviously it would. But why should they? This is something mo one here has been able to answer without sounding like an entitled child who was never told no. Because I want it is not a reason devs should make balance changes on.
  5. Proxystar #Perception

    There's a cost of living crisis globally right now, it's just becoming harder and harder to feed oneself and ones allies.

    It should legitimately be easier to feed allies, it needs to be changed so it is less expensive.

    If this means i have to feed Krypto to Batman, then I should be able to
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  6. Boss Dark Side Well-Known Player

    I absolutely agree we should be able to feed allies into one another.
  7. Proxystar #Perception

    Yea I plan to run a "Krypto mining" operation

    Where I keep buying Kryptos, fattening up Kryptos then feeding Kryptos into better allies.

    Theres some massive profit to be made with Krypto I feel.
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  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Well the only real 'change' since things came out is it SOUNDED like it would be a lot quicker to level allies....then the legendaries came out....then A LOT of legendaries came out. That did change things a little bit as the original allies we would have been able to 'collect them all'....not so much anymore.

    Again... I don't even own a legendary ally. I've just rounded 500K or so ally favor, so by next year, I''ll be ready to get one I guess.