New Ally: Shazam!

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  1. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    Yeah let's hope it's actually for the individual healers because some can be very spammy and as the individual you will never get full restoration with those types of spammy healers .
  2. bboy-rei Well-Known Player

    It seems like you can just get away with Consume Soul and Clarion's weapon attacks for most of the healing, then Virtuous Light only in emergency situations. Rest of the loadout can be shield based to help Demon's Fang.
  3. DarkMastery Active Player

    Update I actually tested this with a friend I got my stacks up to max and had him use group heals and priority heal and my resto remained max which is good it would of been silly to reset if another healer used there group heal or priority heal. Something like that shouldn't effect your resto anyway but they may have to update the description .
  4. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Exactly, with celestial, you really only need:
    Benediction, weapon buff, consume, virtuous, blessing, and death mark (if you wanna boost damage up).

    Electric could get away with:
    Electrogenesis, weapon buff, galvanize, bio cap, shield, anything (WoP, circuit breaker, hard light shield)

    Solace, weapon buff, bubble, riptide (for bubble), blessing of the deep, tranquil pool or flood of power.

    Right now, with celestial, I really only use benediction, weapon buff, death mark combo, and that keeps the group up fine.
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  5. Whazues Well-Known Player

    ok so on test server you have to go to the test server vendors they will have test allies and shazam should show its just like when you get the cr gear from them
  6. Realist617 Active Player

    This ally was released on January 5th as the strongest DPS ally by roughly double the current top at the time(Superman). Obsidian put out a video weeks ago showcasing the damage. I purchased this ally from the marketplace on release day and spent over 100,000 marketplace cash to max his level on my 3 main toons. Does anyone realize how much money that is?

    Now, on January 11th he was nerfed by a massive amount due to being over powered. Im just wondering how the developers didnt realize this in all the time he was on test. What a coincidence you figured it out just after everyone paid real cash to level him and then made him sub par to the allies we already had.

    Listen, I get that youre running a business but this is one of the biggest examples of scummy marketing strategies. Its your game and youre entitled to fine tune it any way you want but doing things like this are borderline scamming your players. I could put over 100 examples like this here but I wont.

    I love this game but with the direction you are going and the money amount of money I have already invested Im starting to feel like a domestic violence victim who is too scared to leave an unhealthy situation even though I know I should. Could you all at Daybreak please save this game and start going down a better road? This is not meant to hostile or an attack on the development team, its just an honest assessment of your outrageous marketing practices.
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  7. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    So in short, you found out an Ally was, in your own words, "Overpowered", decided you wanted to exploit this slip up asap by willfully purchasing Ally Favour and Items to level it on day one which was completely unnecessary normally, and now that a hotfix was released fixing the Overpowered Ally, you want to try to change the narrative that this was a way for DI to Scam you, when in fact its about someone taking advantage of a damage error that obviously couldn't be fixed before release.


    Just an FYI, if you're going to do something like this in the future, it's not the best idea to advertise that you did it.
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  8. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    that's how I build now also I just wish that they would give a few resto might artifacts now that we have resto prec covered (technically could use one more to go with (clairon and demon fang) but for celestial water and even sorc now that im playing around wiith it again have the potential to have a might battle healer build. Celestial is for sure the best equipped but others can do it as well. Even though they nurf the damage so hard in healer role I'm just always looking for optional ways to play a power and see how manageable it is. and prec attacks just get boring to me
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  9. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    the fact that your willing to shell out so much real money for something that you knew full well was over powered says a lot about you as a player.
    I say you should have known it was going to be balanced and you reap what you sow
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  10. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I don't think they'll come out with something to go with Clarion/fang, as for multi-role artifacts, trans fits best in slot in my opinion.

    I too would like to see a might based healer artifact, or two, capable of bringing might battle healing up near Clarion battle healing. Celestial can do 'okay' (and by okay I mean Clarion still blows it out of the water) with might healing, but the others can't do too much.

    Speaking of sorcery, I had a couple builds I suggested to a friend regarding Clarion battle healing, I'll share an idea with you:

    Artifacts: Clarion, source shard, trans>fang (likely).
    SP: all criticals attack/heal
    Full precision
    Minimum 100 resto.

    DPS gear/augments healer-role.

    Loadout: weapon buff, fury, offering, godwave, shield, decent heal (not group or priority).

    Allies: favorite active. Passives: Shazam for %25 resto, BWL.

    Sounds like it might perform well.
    Could also go this route as DPS if wanting the roleless buff for healing assistance.
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  11. not serious Well-Known Player

    to all those who say they can't touch eog because people have put money into it, Shazam nerf shows that they are wrong to make this excuse
  12. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    mine is similar but I think I leaned a little harder into the healing moves than you but not in build
    arts: clarion,demonfang, mercy
    sp: all crit attack and heal
    superpowered for me I just like the extra power
    Weapon mastery flurry shot
    150 prec
    20 dom
    rest in resto around 300 if I remember correctly
    DPS gear / prec augments
    allies krypto, Batman who laughs (cards), Shazam (resto)

    stats are 111k resto and 111k prec in a shield while attacking

    Celestial was different but im sorc now so
    circle, life shard, invocation, shield, fury, weapon buff

    instead of godswave like you suggested I would run mercy instead as we don't have quislet in this build so with out henchmen or something out your not going to hit your three pets and with Mercy you don't have to have the power mercy on your bar you can still benefit from the large hit of summoning a pet. and they get the extra healing.

    I personally if I needed less healing id switch invocation for mercy on power bar. but not wanting to give battle healers a bad name I generally run invocation.

    with this build I have healed the last two elite alerts with it just fine and all reg content
    haven't tried it in a elite raid yet

    generally pulls out more damage than your typical DPS in this game (not the great ones). and don't really worry about struggling to heal while attacking 111k resto is plenty. with this build I cant remember the last time I had to switch it up and put on actual healer gear
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  13. Realist617 Active Player

    You're cooked. Exploit, slip up? Excuse me, but this ally was on test for weeks. They dont create an ally then let a computer create the damage randomly, the devs have to input the damage values. They are not new at this, its basic addition not a complicated equation that would be simply miscalculated.

    Lets not forget the highest paid people on their payroll either, the marketing department. No, they would never showcase an exceptionally powerful in game item thats costs a lot of money and then when its sales spike is over and the profits have been made alter said item to be not so great at all.

    Which sounds more feasible, a simple mistake/miscalculation from the coding that went unfixed for weeks or a department in charge of generating revenu making a plan to earn large profits by deceiving the player community?

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are at least reasonably intelligent when means the sole purpose of your comment/reply was to troll or start controversy of some kind.
  14. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    No benefit of the doubt needed, I simply provided a more realistic explanation considering the Dev Team has had a revolving door of Devs come and go, meaning the idea of "they've been doing this for years" is based on nothing. It sounds like you already had a grudge against the Devs and finally found a reason to vent. Unfortunately the situation you picked was entirely your own fault.
  15. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player

    too much Dudeboy and Freakout go to rehab dude