New Ally: Shazam!

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    Ally: Shazam!

    Call upon the champion of magic, Shazam!

    Bolt of Zeus
    [Combat Ability]
    Fires a lightning bolt that chains between targets, healing up to 4 allies for a percentage of their maximum Health and damaging and Electrifying up to 4 enemies.
    At Max Affinity Level:
    • (10) +403% damage, 60% heal
    The Power of Shazamily
    [Passive Ability]
    Calling down an ally gives a percentage boost to Might and Precision for 30 seconds.
    At Max Affinity Level:
    • (10) +6% Might, +3% Precision
    Purity of Heart
    [Passive Ability] [Healer Role]
    Using a weapon attack gives a Restoration boost of 1% that stacks up to a max. The stack goes away once a priority or group heal is cast. Cooldown: 0.5 seconds.
    At Max Affinity Level:
    • (10) Max Stacks: 25

    Connect with Shazam in-game through Cyborg in the House of Legends, or look for him in the Marketplace beginning January 5, 2023.
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  2. The Cat-Lady Well-Known Player

    Now all we need is Mr. Tawny, "Shazam's" ally! :cool:

    [P.S. And, of course, Streaky!!!]

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  3. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Holy smash...

    So, this 2nd passive looks be potentially devastating towards enemies from a Clarion battle healer...

    Example: if my restoration is boosted from demon fang (from having a shield up) and is boosted from the 2nd passive, does Arion's might take all that extra restoration into it's calculation for the damage boost?
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  4. Eve YouTuber

    Oh nice finally Shazam is out!! :D
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  5. myandria Item Storage

    Hmm.. I think it will be difficult to use since it can be negated with a priority or group heal. I can see the "issues" this passive will have if 2 healers are in a group and one has this passive equipped and the other healer is using priority/group heals as part of their normal rotation. A battle healer would hardly benefit from this passive with another healer in a group or another player casting group heals from another source. This passive literally says "One healer per group," in my opinion.
  6. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    great been waiting for this one, first ally I have been excited about. like all three ability's he has and looking forward to seeing which works best in which situation
  7. FreezyPop Well-Known Player

    Wait, does the stack reset if ANYONE in the group uses a priority or group heal? I had assumed it would be limited to the player using that power, since there would be no way to control for other players’ rotations.
  8. MystoganJella Well-Known Player

    So if we don’t have group or priority in our load out we will have that boost infinitely evil smirk :)
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  9. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Yes, my curiosity is for just one healer in a group. For example, battle healing with Clarion, demon fang, trans, with Celestial power, I never use priority heal or group heal anyway. I also don't use them on my electric battle healer. I'm basically looking at the potential to increase damage on those characters, where artifact passive are based upon restoration.
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  10. roxy spaulding Active Player

    [quote="The Cat-Lady, post: 4556868, member: 372315"
    [P.S. And, of course, Streaky!!!]

    we definitely need Streaky
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  11. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    Nice, I could use some lantern though, like Kilowog or Kyle Rayner
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  12. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    We could use more lantern stuff in general. Next DLC we should fight White Lanterns. Follow our trend of villainy from the previous episode.
  13. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    This ought to be broken for healers in duels. Already broken with certain artifacts.
  14. VariableFire Loyal Player

    So pretty much every group outside of Elite/Plus...
  15. myandria Item Storage

    According to the description, the stack resets after a priority or group heal is cast; it doesn't specify what source the cast comes from. Since it is vague, I am assuming on the side of caution that anyone/thing can cause the passive to reset.

    Maybe Mepps can give some clarification later on in the week.
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  16. myandria Item Storage

    Understood. Your build reminds me of a typical cleric build in other types of MMO games; this is where I think the passive is pointing to. It will be interesting to see how players assemble their groups going forward, as they may want "battle" healers more than just "healers".
  17. metro2k Well-Known Player

    nice:) , but for my finances and expensive.
  18. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I use my battle healing loadout for healing everything except elite. In elite, I'll still run the same artifacts, but in healer gear, and with priority heal for the tank.
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  19. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    Hi there. Does anyone know how i can get Shazam Ally on test server? he's not on Cyborg vendor... nor in the ally test box
  20. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    Testing on that Ally is over. He's live now. Theres no need for him on the test server anymore.
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