New 52 looks: Rights & Wrongs

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  1. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    So, I´m just starting this out of curiosity to see what is the general oppinion that you guys have about the new 52 costumes for the heroes and villains that we all know. Some characters have been improved, other have slightly changed, and some others have.... ugh.

    Here are some of my picks. Feel free to add any others


    Martian Manhunter: although not his best look (the black high-collar suit was the best IMO) covering a section of his chest has been a great idea.
    Batman: the armored look suits him very well.
    Superman (to some extent): he needed to lose the red undies!
    Red Hood/Jason Todd
    Batgirl: although I will miss her as Oracle, hew new suit looks great.
    Deathstroke: those shoulderplates and armor pieces make him look just too bada**
    Shazam: the white hood suits him far better than I expected
    Ice & Fire

    Got Worse:

    Bane: what... just.... what?
    Superman (to some extent):the high collar and the post-teenager face kills it for me
    Mr-Freeze: what is that bit of hair supposed to do there?
    Green Arrow: C´mon! If you give him purple now he looks exactly like Hawkeye. Give him the hood back!
    Black Adam: he was perfect without a cape.
    Black Canary: the blue parts are totally out of place.
    Superboy: is he a break-dancer teenager now?
    Nightwing: I just don´t like the red/black combination on him. Too "edgy". The blue version was way better IMO.
    Powergirl: Thank God they changed it later on, because that first version was.... ugh.
    Lobo: words cannot express.
    All of the Rogues
    Harley Quinn: the blue doesn´t quite fit for me...

    Your oppinions/picks?
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  2. Fools Fire Loyal Player

    I hate the new look of the Demon. The classic style was just fine. Now he's got mutton chops. :p
  3. melvinpox Devoted Player

    I think the new Jack Knight Starman is way...oh, wait. No Jack Knight in the new 52?

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  4. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    I don't like the new Creeper.
    Jack Ryder looks at him and shouts, "You are wrong!"
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  5. Drifting Dreamer Steadfast Player

    I really love the stylistic approach of the New 52. IMO Superman's new look is 100% spot on. Love everything about it. I agree with OP on Manhunter, loved the high collar Blacks.
    But the characters aren't written well ... at all.
    I hate Superman, just do, can't help it. But I always liked the fact that he knew he had godlike power yet still made to conscious effort to save everyone and not let himself go down the "might makes right" path. This new Superman is only about "Might makes Right." He even says as much several times. His attitude and this new generation where everyone is an anti-hero sucks!!! The reason Bats was cool is because he was polar opposite of EVERYONE ELSE in the Superhero community. He was dark brooding and not above beating someone to a broken and bloody pulp if it saves live. Superman would never go that far ... well the real one, this new Jeff Johns Superman can suck off and go back to Krypton
    But as always that is just me :D
    Cheers all ... now ... time for lunch
  6. Tule New Player

    Like Adam's cape. I also love the details on Nightwing's costume starting around issue 19. Would prefered blue, but besides that.
  7. DoctorSyndrome Dedicated Player

    I like the new 52 Aquaman. He's stronger and more powerful then ever and his new look is awesome.
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  8. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Forum pic notwithstanding, I think they did a good job on the New 52 look for The Flash. It kept a lot of the classic look while adding a new twist with the lines (especially when lit up), and surprisingly I'm not missing the wings on the boots as much as I thought I might.

    If there was another New 52 suit coming into the game, it'd probably be my first choice, even if they had to remove the emblem and wings from the headpiece.
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  9. FelixDuo Committed Player

    I haven't seen all of the new 52 looks, but of the few I have seen I think overall they look better. The era of underwear on the outside is over, heh.

    And I'm probably in the minority here but I really like the new Lobo. Looks nothing like the old Lobo though. If they didn't tell me he was Lobo I would have assumed he was an entirely new character. Still cool in his own right.
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  10. SuperSoldier Devoted Player

    New 52 Deathstroke is a bit top heavy, he has the shoulders pads and then nothing really going on under the knees. The blades on his boots don't help much.
  11. Statman New Player

    I've not ventured into New 52 myself, but if the Raven outfit in game is anywhere representative of her New 52 look (which I recall it was said to be based on that) I just have to vomit all over the New 52. I won't be going there if that's the crud they came up with, lol.
  12. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    New 52 Raven is even worse, IMO.
  13. Crimson Jonni New Player

    Starfire's new costume with the armor only around her neck.. Doesnt look bad but doenst look good either. Looks like a way to market her character as an intergalactic prostitute at best. Besides, who only attacks someone's neck?
    Hal's costume hardly seemed changed, minor tweaks i guess
    Capt. Marvels was pretty damn cool though
  14. StillCheckmate Committed Player

    My favorites are Black Adam, Manhunter, and Deathstroke.
  15. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    I digged Aquaman a lot with his "hobo" look (long hair, beard). Asides from that, his costume is a great new iteration of the classic one, where the little new touches make a great difference, and his storylines have been great so far.
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  16. Boscohark Well-Known Player

    I basically abhor everything that has to do with the New 52...
  17. BlackWingBeyond Committed Player

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  18. Gobbler New Player

    I think your way off base with the new 52 harley quinn costume. She looks so sexy.
  19. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    Trigon is a big improvement.
    No more antlers.
    He actually has horns in the new 52!

    (And I'd like to get horns like those on my toon!)
  20. Boscohark Well-Known Player

    I felt that no re-boot was neccessary to begin with, then on top of it what they have doen with dual time lines (Present day and 5 years earlier) for several of the magazines makes it less then accessible to new readers, whcih was part of their argument for the re-boot to begin with. Finally, they were very selective with the "reboot" as Batman and Green lantern were exempted from the large wholesale changes that were made to the other characters which further confuses the continuity,

    In short, it was unneccesary and botched from its beginning.
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