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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Zpred, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Zpred Dedicated Player

    Hello I'm new to posting to the forums however I'm not new to the game, been on dcuo since day 1 and I've been back an fourth on these forums as a visitor just reading posts. Now what I'm about to post I've tried looking to see if someone else has post something similar but I couldn't find one so I apologise now if it has... So here goes.

    As the title says Nerf.... I've decided to make an account because I'm starting to get fed up with these Nerfs, now I don't mean all Nerfs,I'm talking the Nerfs that only affect PVE an have little to affect on PVP, I don't understand it.
    I can understand that if a certain power is really OP an its an unfair advantage against players an PVP then fair enough, yeah Nerf it bring balance to it or whatever. However I don't really understand why certain powers get nerfed that only affects PVE and has absolute no affect on PVP, surely the logic in PVE should be the more damage the better? Or the more power the better ect?

    I've tried doing some research to find out why this happens... All keep getting is... It's because the chart warriors (morons) who only care about those high damage numbers at the end scoreboard cry to much if they get beat by a certain power or clip/rotation/skill.

    Now surely this can't be the reason? Who cares about chart warriors? Doesn't make you a great dps just cause of high damage numbers at the end, other things like use Of power using weapons staying alive amoung other things aswell as high damage numbers makes a great dps. Jus an example I heard recently that the HL fan got nerfed or the animation is now longer? An that HL is OP? I don't agree with this at all, it's a great dps power if not the best due to clipping ect but that's only mainly PVE but it takes still an alot of button bashing/finger cramp/skill to pull off so sure that should be the price for having a good dps power in PVE. This isn't a HL cry as I'm not HL atm I'm just using it as an example, but since I've been on dcuo I've seen soon many Nerfs in powers that only really affect PVE? Just another quick example, soon as mental an gadgets got the revamp I thought wow this is what mental needed, not to say mental still isn't a great power cause it is but I think about a week or 2 later after the revamp mental got nerfed I said if it affects PVP alot I'm all for it , however alot of it doesn't an u dint understand why? Is it cause of these crying chart warriors? Is it cause dcuo want you to spend more money in respecs to change powers? I dunno?

    Sorry for long post, an sorry if I babbled on abit but i just want to understand why. Thanks kindly.
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  2. SYCL0NE New Player

    I 100% agree with you. Too mant crybabies on this game then when something gets nerfed , seems like another problem rises. Instead of nerfing they should just bring everything else to par with what the crybabies are complaining about.
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  3. surge914 New Player

    Thats why what they need to do is separate PvP and PvE so that whatever changes where made for the PvP side only affects that side and not PvE. I know some people cry on the PvE side but the majority of nerfs have come because of the PvP.
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  4. thelostczarnian New Player

    can u be specific what powers ur going on about?
  5. Zpred Dedicated Player

    Well off the top of my head atm an from recent reading/studying/watching/testing.

    Mentals mass terror was nerfed less ticks I believe.

    Hl fan was nerfed along time ago it used to have about 3 or 4 ticks if u can remember, an now I hear there's a longer animation for fan so it's harder to clip now or well slower.

    Fires fire burst doesn't seem as great anymore.

    Sorcerys final ruin does alot less damage then before, mind this power was a under 35% extra damage deal.

    I hear whirlwind dervish is gonna get a fix in the fact that its not working how it was supposed to, but I think it works great, doesn't do much for PVP but its great for PVE.

    There has been alot more Nerfs over time that I can't think of off of the top of my head but I do remember back in the day thinking wtfs happened to this power that power ect. An like I said I do understand if something affects PVP alot then yea ok agreed but alot of the time it's very little affect on PVP more of the damage to PVE, this includes weapons too like the one handed spin chop thing. Like one of the posters above said it would be great to seperate these buffs/Nerfs from PVP an PVE I can understand how it would be difficult to do but it gets so annoying.

    I may of missed a few things or might be a bit out if date about some things, I'm not 100% sure as I don't PVP anymore I got my gear an feats from PVP an came straight back to PVE as PVP was starting to annoy me as I started calling it BVB (block vs Block lol), then they brought the blocking system into PVE in which annoyed me abit because I wanted to steer away from PVP mechanics, however I just got on with it an quite enjoyed the extra challenge. Sorry to to steer off topic there lol, but yea with all these Nerfs it gets a bit annoying.
  6. bedovean New Player

    Most of the things you listed were not nerfed, they were fixed due to not working as intended. Just because you enjoy using a move, doesnt mean its doing what is supposed to be doing.
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  7. Foxe Well-Known Player

    I completely agree. I don't understand why people want things nerfed in PVE, it's making YOUR life easier. I out dpsd by 500-600k in a gates run. The DPS who came second completely ignored that I had helped get him through the instance faster, cried about HL being OP and 'too easy' then he rage quit lol.

    Ok, so take away the damage I did and add extra time you spent in the raid, what on earth have you accomplished? If someone with some power obliterated everything and beat me by 500k, I would be grateful! They worked hard and saved me time so jobs a good'un.

    PVP I get, if there is a distinct advantage then that's unfair but when it's PVE you work as a team to finish whatever you're doing as fast as possible.
  8. BerzerkerUnit New Player

    Pvp is a critical part of the game, I'd rather they handle it wayyy differently.

    Create a baseline toon for every possible powerset/weapon/movement combination. Give it every power for the sets and all attacks. No SP beyond full movement and attack options. All of these would have identical stats adjusted for role.

    When the player queues for pvp they get this toon, automatically assigns their load out, styles and replaces their utility belt with a pvp trinket and their soda with the pvp soda. BAM! Arenas now balanced like legends.

    Open world pvp should be a cut throat Darwinian affair as is with one shot surprise attacks. Why? Because you can turn it off at any time. Some will still swim with the sharks others will stick to he queues.
  9. Foxe Well-Known Player

    I would actually like this. My main issue with PVP is that it's so unbalanced, so much so it's rarely fun.

    I made a villain room last year purely for PVP and the most fun I had was pre 30 when it was really pretty level playing fields.
  10. BerzerkerUnit New Player

    Sometimes I like the idea of the post apokoliptic gank or be ganked pvp phase, you could even make it a step harder by making everything a d everyone a target (Friendly Fire!) That would bring back the viability of ranged weapons, heh.

    And when I do t want to scourge the open world I can just queue up from the PVE phase. And if I had the same stats as my opponent we'd know who was better (roles taken into account).
  11. ContainedNRG New Player

    Hello, i am looking for 7 ps3 dc universe players to be in a tier 3 raid.
  12. ContainedNRG New Player

    im looking for 1DPS 2 Healers 2Tanks and 2Controllers
  13. Toxiic Committed Player

    I love when there are other dps who out damage me by like 500k because after the first boss if i am down by 200k damage i know i dont have to try as hard and the raid/alert will go by just as fast. +1 for laziness!
  14. ContainedNRG New Player

    the raids that i will be doing are the fortress of solitude raids, please i am saving up for the T3 DPS set. there will also be a reward if you have not done it yet. You will receive 900 marks of triumph for the first two and 600 marks for the last one. this is not fake. i am a ps3 player so if you play on ps3, this will be a great way to farm marks.(total marks from this will be 2,400 marks)
  15. Mini Lini New Player

    Those powers you listed were "nerfed" because of PvE people reporting them due to them making topping the DPS charts easier. As far as I remember. I don't know the specifics on all of them but, the majority of what you posted was because they were not working as intended.

    Not sure if they ever even lowered Final Ruin... I don't use Sorcery anymore though so idk. Never heard anything about that.
  16. Zpred Dedicated Player

    That's just my point why? It's PVE for god sake... Meaning attacking against AI meaning it has no affect on other players, I mean who cares about topping charts in PVE , these so called chart watchers or chart warriors are morons if they have to cry about things like this its pathetic.
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  17. Shadow Vlad New Player

    This isn't the LFG channel dude.
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  18. True Despair New Player

    that is pretty much how these games work "oh thats so op it should be nerfed", "omg now that is op nerf" eventually all the weapons and powers will be shadows of their former selves
  19. Dump Truck New Player

    I truncated this for you highlighting the important parts. +1
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  20. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    Mass Terror got its DoT damage reduced but no one cried for it to be nerfed. It was a decision the devs made for themselves. It also no longer stacked with itself.

    Fireburst was a bug fix, not a nerf. I merely reported and the devs thought so too.

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