Neon Technomancer Time Capsule

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    Neon Technomancer Time Capsule

    Explore a vision of the future inspired by ancient powers in this new twist of a Time Capsule, inspired by Circe.

    The Neon Technomancer Time Capsule can be unlocked with Stabilizers or purchased directly in the Marketplace. Stabilizers can be earned in-game through Daily Rewards or purchased in the Marketplace.

    If you’re looking to learn more about how to get, open, and use a Time Capsule - or what is in previous Time Capsules - check out our helpful guide!

    Learn more about Time Capsule contents and rarities.

    Neon Technomancer Gear Styles

    Inspired by Circe, merge your magical and technological prowess with the new Cybernetic Sorceress and Enhanced Cybernetic Sorceress.

    Remember, you will receive a random standard or enhanced gear piece as a choice in your loot selection window for each Time Capsule you open. When consumed, the gear will become level-appropriate to your character.

    Neon Technomancer Collection Rewards

    Overclock your status with a set of three new collections featuring these rewards: Hecate's Crown Accessory, a Cybernetic Hair Cache (with both a regular and enhanced hair style), and the Cybernetic Skin Set (with three Cybernetic Skins). Their collection items will appear as a choice in the loot selection window for each Time Capsule.


    Neon Technomancer Emblems

    Embrace the mashup with a set of Neon Technomancer emblems (with enhanced versions of each). An emblem will appear as a choice in each Time Capsule.

    Neon Technomancer Extras

    Each capsule opened also has a chance to reward the Royal Sorceress Neon Chroma Material Pack. Plus, open 15 Neon Technomancer Time Capsules for the Circe Doll Accessory!


    AVAILABLE February 2, 2023!

    The Neon Technomancer Time Capsule launches February 2, 2023! Log in and unlock yours!

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  2. Zoe· YouTuber

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  3. Dead13 Well-Known Player

    They say Mepps sold his soul to Trigon to create this capsules. I rly like this TC and coming event rewards, thanks all ppl who worked on it:)
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  4. zNot Loyal Player

    Honestly the styles look great this time around The two senior artists that were in the stream did a good job and it was fun watching the stream.
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  5. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Have to agree, that stuff looks very good.
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  6. Ambassador of Krypton Well-Known Player

    I wonder how those who like these styles walk around. You guys seriously don't know what good taste is.
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  7. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    I have been really adamant about a Circe capsule. I had hoped for more classic witchy/sorceress stuff, you know like stuff that’s not similar to things we already have.
    And with the planet accessories that we got for the Anniversary, I would’ve bet money that we’d have a moon accessory in this capsule.
    I’m gonna have a squiz and get back to you.
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  8. Jcal Dedicated Player

    The DCUO 2077 Capsule

    Well, it's been nice having a bunch of tattooed heroes and villains running around everywhere. Now it'll be cyborgs; cyborgs everywhere, lol.
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  9. SUPERMANPRiM3 Well-Known Player

    clearly the dev's have run out of ideas. random stuff with no connection.

    I maybe bios, but with 30th anniversary of Superman's Death this year they could have designed new missions and gears and styles based on superman for the already existing DLC. They could have also celebrated Steel's 30th anniversary.

    New SHAZAM Style from the movie fury of the gods.

    based on Atlas or even the daughter of Atlas.

    so many other ideas.
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  10. The Fairy Well-Known Player

    My disappointment is immeasurable. I'll take this occasion to remind people that we lost a month of membership for a Kite-man accessory.
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  11. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    I have a urge to create Reboot designs after seeing the Time Capsule.


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  12. ROOTE Active Player

    OK, I know I haven't had much good to say here in a very, very long time. But I just watched the Twitch stream and...

    The collection rewards, the Technomancer extras, and the new Kahndaq rewards are all big hits with me, WELL DONE new designers/development team members! The new hairstyle, the accessories the chroma pack, all of it! I don't have a single gripe!

    The gear? Well to stay positive, it looks great with the new chroma pack! However...the design is not all that. The ring light behind their heads is supposed to reference the moon? Glad you said something. And when the camera spun around the full set to show the back, you can clearly see the belt doesn't sit flush to the body. It's kind of floating lol. Good thing you tied feats to this (as I'm sure you have) because otherwise it's a very easy pass.

    Anyway, congrats to the new people on the majority of stuff I saw in the stream!:)
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  13. saagjpo New Player

    The hand style is amazing, really liking this style :)
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  14. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Oh, I guarantee there will be more Shazam stuff when we get closer to the movie's release. Plus, they've been going through and doing TCs based on each of the mentors but Circe's got pushed back for the Black Adam TC that we JUST got. Let them spread the love around some. Especially since Circe in particular gets shafted quite a bit, especially for being one of the mentors. Heck, one of the early promotional images/the box art (when it was still on a physical disc for PS3) shows all the mentors.... except Circe who is replaced with Catwoman because I guess she's more iconic or recognizable or whatever. The current episode is all about Shazam characters, they aren't starved for attention. Let Circe have this one.
  15. Julian Vane New Player

    Feeling there should have been a Circe ally for opening 25 capsules... just seems to be the trend. There's hoping it can be retroactively added in the future.
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  16. Extinction Active Player

    What a miss with these "Circe" styles, to me is clearly Malenia from Elden Ring "inspired", I hope we get proper Circe ones down the line, we're still missing her updated headpiece and better fitted/stylized boots/hands.
  17. Stranger Well-Known Player

    No Ally Favor this time capsule? :(
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  18. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    1) Well, someone has clearly been playing a LOT of Cyberpunk 2077®I see! ;)

    2) VERY disappointed that we are NOT getting the Resurgence Mega Capsules that it was really time for, and thus seeing ANCIENT capsules retired and moved to the Boo$ter Gold Vendor, as there are a couple old capsules that are long overdue for that move, so that people can have an easier time getting the stupidly rare items from them! :(

    Will watch the stream later on tonight or tomorrow now that it's up on YouTube.
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  19. Atrocuis_ Well-Known Player

    Excellent Just Excellent
    This Time Capsule Is Really Exciting This Time Around
  20. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    I have mixed feelings about this time capsule...

    On the one hand, if you look at the styles separately from the theme of the Circe, then they are great. The cyber style theme is wonderful, new robotic limbs, cyber hair and cyber skin is what I've been waiting for years as an old terminator fan... that's 11 out of 10 ;)

    ....but how is the theme for the Circe? except for a doll and a crown, nothing else evokes associations with the Circe.... but the last thing that finished me off was the absence of an Circe ally ... well, or at least some kind of ally associated with the Circe ... .hell, even a war boar would be better than not having an ally, after I made sure that we wouldn’t get an Circe ally ... for some time I even thought about quitting the game (no, for now I still won’t leave the game ...) , and even began to make a list of what from my game accumulations to whom to transfer (no,Proxy I will not give you even a collection of dead mice that Isis regularly replenishes ...;) )....
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