Neo venom boost: should it be reduced to a 15sec cool down?

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by gemii, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. gemii Dedicated Player


    Circuit breaker

    Cool down: 15 seconds
    Supercharge cost:5000

    Create a localized burst of electricity to protect yourself against control effects and increase your damage output




    Cool down 12 seconds
    Supercharge cost: 5000

    Focus your hate, causing a portion of the damage you deal to be dealt again to nearby enemies for a short time


    Neo Boost


    Cool down 45 seconds
    Supercharge cost: 5000

    Temporarily increase your strength, defense, and damage output from an experiment make derivative of venom

    The rest of the damage output supercharges in the game are 30 - 60 seconds in cooldown timing...

    No nerfs needed just reduce neo venoms cool down to 15s to put it in line. Since it is an iconic and every power can use it
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  2. Miike Fury Well-Known Player

    duration may be a factor in this.

    i know berserk lasts about 6 seconds.
    idk about Circuit Breaker
    and NVB effect lasts 15 reducing the cooldown to 15 seconds means you could spam it a good 2/3 times for a consistent boosted 45 seconds

    i dont disagree with reducing the cooldown, but maybe 30 seconds?
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  3. gemii Dedicated Player

    Fair I agree with 30 seconds
  4. Stanktonia Committed Player

    Making neo venom the exact same as the other supers mentioned makes them a little less unique. I use neo venom and for the sake of everything not being the same I’d rather have it to stay the same
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  5. Isif Committed Player

    Folks don't know how to deal with non-sameness. They say the nail that sticks up gets hammered down. Sameness is good so people don't hurt their brains.:rolleyes:
  6. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    Keep in mind that berserk is 100% dmg boost, circuit 55% dmg boost and NVB just 40% dmg boost.

    So around 20 seconds cooldown would be more balanced.

    However... there was a time the devs were working on a supercharge revamp or at least were close to start working on one. Hopefully they are still on it because a lot of supercharges are unbalanced and some even completely obsolete.
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  7. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    Berserk lasts either 10 or 12 seconds (supposedly it was nerfed to 10 seconds, but last time I tested it I got Berserk ticks for 12 seconds so I believe it is 12 seconds). Circuit Breaker lasts for 15 seconds. NVB lasts 15 seconds. They should all have the same cooldown at 15 or 30 seconds.
  8. gemii Dedicated Player

    It’s not about being the same it’s about balancing it out.

    Circuit breaker/ beserk 12 & 15 second cool down Vs neo venoms 45 second cooldown Will always put those other two super charges at an advantage especially when you bring eye of Gemini spammers into the equation.

    There’s a reason rage / electric Prec players have always shined over other power sets outside of gadgets prec which of course has stealth & turret clipping To enhance its damage in its own right. Any other power set trying to use prec is trash because they don’t either have supercharges like beserk or circuit breaker or don’t have a turret like gadgets. There only alternative is the iconic neo venom which is 45 seconds on cooldown.

    It’s always been like that And it’s long overdue.

    Supercharges need a balance in general

    Players always say nerf this nerf that a lot of the time the main source of the damage revolves around healers spamming eye of Gemini feeding players and some power sets simply having the better supercharge
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  9. Stanktonia Committed Player

    I agree to an extent, but the green circles are the problem, not the supercharges. Plus, every power shouldn’t be able to utilize a super that resembles berserk or rage, that would even create more imbalance, especially if supercharges are so easily generated like they are now.
  10. Kimone Devoted Player

    I could see 30 seconds on NVB; Powerset specific output boost Supercharges should be "better", and in this case both Bersek and Circuit Breaker are already "better" enough to make a 30 second cool down an acceptable change to NVB, making it more accessible without making it spamable.
  11. AV Loyal Player

    People forget it's not just a DPS boost though, it's also a +90% defense buff. A Scrap + EoG tank can currenty indefinitely sustain it without outside assistance for 15s out of every 35s. If it was reduced to 30s, a Scrap + EoG tank could sustain it, with minor outside assistance, for 15s out of every 23s. Have to also factor in that it makes DPS nigh unkillable for the duration, so one casual EoG Healer being able to turn most of the raid group into beefy af murder machines 50-65% of the time seems a lil too OP.
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  12. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    I’ve always thought NVB should be 30 seconds. As it is, it is utterly pointless to run Soul Cloak with NVB as a supercharge which doesn’t seem right considering how many players and powersets rely on it.
  13. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    With both new DPS artifacts incorporating supercharges in to their mechanics, one of which has a 30s expiration to use, it would only make sense to reduce the cooldown to 25s-30s for the only damage based 5K supercharge available to all powersets. With one of the artifacts the SC meter will expire every other time and with the other it renders the new supercharge generation at 200 pointless if you’re constantly full and waiting on cooldown.

    Please consider this devs
  14. Cajaritotutututu Active Player

    I think 30 seconds is a good cooldown, 45 is just too much on a fight when u have to kill stuff.
    I see NVM as a wildcard when your power lacks of a good 5000 sc dmg supercharge, for example hardight lacks of a good 5000 sc.

    I do beleive that now setting the cooldown for neovenomboost on 30 seconds would be great, and maybe in the future take a look on standarize the dmg output of all 50% sc.
  15. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I'm not against making them more in line with each other, but there is one little thing that players missed, NVB is also a defense buff. They balanced it around risk vs reward when they came up with cooldowns and costs for everything. An increase to defense means you are more capable of melee damage.

    In any case, I think 30 seconds would be fair unless they make all 3 the same exact thing, which I know they wont.
  16. BitGam4r Well-Known Player

    But a tank is more likely to use Perfect Poise or Dash Attack with that same artifact setup than a NVB. And I think your argument regarding a DPS defense boost from NVB is a bit exaggerated. Remember, even throwing extra SP into health after maxing out prec or might a DPS still won't have close to that of a tank.

    Therefore, I think that 15 secs is a bit much TBH, But I think 30 secs is a fair compromise, after all most SCs in the game are 30 secs.
  17. AV Loyal Player

    It's not exaggerated. With Neo active, the only thing a DPS is going to die to is mechanics. It effectively gives us Tank-grade Defense and a DPS can easily face tank any boss with it active regardless of SP. High SP DPS have ~200k Health on top of that and become essentially unkillable, able to ignore almost anything that isn't a mechanical one-shot. A native 30s cd would mean a tac swap scrap + Neo would have a 23.25s cd, resulting in 15s of uptime for 8.25s downtime. That's way too much virtual-invincibility while also dealing the highest DPS in the game after CB/Berserk.

    Neo's current iteration is already extremely potent combined with the fact it doesn't suffer any potency losses when tac swapping scrap for activation like raw damage SCs do. A tank can currently use it to average Def+45% through the course of a fight with its current cooldown. If it were to be reduced from 45s cd to 30s cd, it would eclipse essentially every other SC in the game except for niche toolbox/burst considerations and become a must-have for both tank and DPS.
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