Need some help with my power selection and what to do atm

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  1. 100TRick New Player

    Hello there, I’m a “new player”, used to play back on 2012-13 and obviously the game is not the same, that’s why the last days I’ve been reading different articles you posted and watched some videos trying to get use to and know almost everything that have been added but I’m indecisive at the moment on were to focused what’s gonna be my main character, I made a character as a fire dps than an electric but I didn’t quite like nether as dps, I liked electricity as a healer cause i did the event of Thanganar and i think that i made a decent performance with 30mill health restored in last fight with barbatos.

    but since I am returning must likely noob player it could be great if you give some advice of what to do after hitting lvl30 and were to focused my source marks, if I use them first at gear or first focus in white sockets or the artifacts, and what’s worth my time in order to be “competitive/useful” in the future were instances require the right spec, gear and loadout, so if you can help me a little bit would be amazing.

    Last think, sorry if this is not the place to ask this information.

    Thank you for your time guys.
  2. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Welcome back. I’m going to give you an outline with as much information as I can while also trying to not be to overwhelming.

    First of all, picking a power. The one thing you should know is that there is a way to make every power work as long as you are willing to learn your power. This is the closest that the powers were ever balanced (no fully) so I’d advice go with what you like instead of what’s good today. With that said I’ll try my best to breakdown how each one functions for dps.

    Fire: channeling
    Ice: channeling
    Earth: semi combo
    Rage: combo
    Atomic: combo

    Sorcery: bursts
    Nature: damage over time
    Electric: damage over time with bursts
    Celestial: combo
    Water: semi combo

    Mental: burst
    Gadgets: burst
    Light (HL): combo
    Quantum: burst
    Munition: channeling

    The above description is based on a might based play style. All powers are able to do a precision based play style too. If you plan on doing both roles than pick a role you’d prefer and then pick the type of play style you’d prefer.

    With that out out of you way let’s talk about a few things you may be new to since coming back.

    I’m sure you remember modding back in the day when you would have to mod your gear as you gained new gear. Augments have replaced mods and in general are better. Instead of having to replace your mods each time you got new gear you now have permanent augments that’s you keep and level. Each dlc the max level of augments is increased so you just have to level them up more instead of replacing the old ones. You will have 4 of these that can be equipped at one time and you just change then when you switch roles. Starting on the teen titans dlc you will start to get head augments, 2 of them. These gives stats like the regular augments. However these also give you bonus effects that only work in that dlc. So these ones you replace each dlc.

    When you get to a certain level you will receive 4 might augments, 4 precision augments, 4 dominance augments, 4 restoration augments, and 4 vitalization augments. Unfortunately there are no might/prec augments. These are the permanent augments and you level them up using exobytes. Previously you would use exobytes to make mods, now you just feed them into your augments. Exobytes still combo in red (might/prec), yellow (resto), blue (vit), purple (dom), and colorless. You can feed any color exobyte to any color augment and get full experience. However if you match the colors than they give bonus experience. Basically if you pick for example a tank power you can feed your purple to your tank in augments and red to your dps augments and the rest into your augments that will be your primary role.

    Exobytes also come in different ranks and tiers. Grey background, green background, blue background. I currently don’t remember what they are called so forgive me for just giving you the description. I know that blue is call pristine and is the highest level. The grey will give the lowest amount of experience and pristine gives the highest per tier. And tiers are based on where you got it (what episode). So older content will drop lower tier exobytes while newer episodes will drop newer exobytes. And each tier will have its own rank. So for example:

    Tier 1: grey, green, pristine
    Tier 2: grey, green, pristine
    Tier 3: grey, green, pristine

    And each one of these will have an exobytes color too. So tier 10 red exobytes.

    The colorless exobytes can be ranked up by using exo material. So a grey exobytes can be turned to a green exobytes and then again into a pristine exobyte. These are upgraded by using the R&D station. You get thee exo materials same as before. Going around open world and collecting then from the shiny nodes.

    So to sum up exobytes:
    Exo material are used to rank up exobytes
    Exobytes are used to rank up augments

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  3. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Artifacts essentially matter more than your power and are what determine meta changes right now. Having wrong artifacts can affect your damage more than having a weaker power. However don’t let that change the simple fact that the most important thing is your rotation. You can have the best artifacts all maxed out, but if you don’t have the right rotation than the artifacts won’t matter. So simply put: rotation > artifacts/stats > power > skill points. There will be artifacts that are primarily used by support roles (tank/troll/healer) and other artifacts that are primarily for dps (might/prec). Once you choose your power than you want to start planning on what artifacts you want to use. Most of the better artifacts are locked behind episodes however there are others that are locked behind specific time capsules and some that are open right away. I’ll make a quick list of some artifacts that are good.

    Venom wrist
    Gem of Horus
    Philosophers stone
    Sparring AI

    Soul cloak
    Solar amp
    Philosophers stone
    La mort
    Dead kings scepter

    Orb of Arion
    Page of destiny
    Soul cloak
    Manacles of force (mainly water)

    Manacles of force
    Mystic symbols
    Soul cloak

    Soul cloak

    This is not a full list of all artifacts just the most noticeable ones. If I forgot any than hopefully someone will add them as I’m not currently online to check. To upgrade artifacts you will need to get nth metal and feed them to your artifacts of your choosing. You get the nth metal from any enemy you defeat. However there is an internal cooldown that makes it so you can only farm for limited amount of nth metal. You can also get nth metal from your daily stabilizer instance and also by doing your daily vault run. Once a week on reset day (Thursday) you will also get a 3000 nth metal from the vault. So at the very least run the vault once a week but try to do it daily.

    Every 20 levels you will also need to breakthrough your artifact. You will need catalyst from John Constantine to do a breakthrough. Every breakthrough will have a larger amount of catalyst required to do a breakthrough and will also have a higher chance of failing a breakthrough. For the levels of 20-120 (or 160 depending on your luck) you can get away with using either no catalyst or seals if preservation. If you do a breakthrough without a seal and you fail the breakthrough than you lose the catalyst. The seal of preservation makes it so that if you fail, you keep your catalyst. At 160 your success rate is only 20% I believe (or 40). The later rounds of breakthroughs are adviced to use seals of completions which guarantees you a 100% success rate.

    Seals of preservation and seals of completions can be bought from police stations for the subscription currency or from the market place for direct purchase. But keep in mind that seals of completions are more expensive.

    You buy catalyst using source marks which are easy to get so it’s advised to risk failing a breakthrough between the rank 20 to the rank 80 or 100 breakthroughs. And if you regularly run stuff for source marks than you can keep doing the breakthroughs up until 100 and 120. Just depends on how patient you are.

    The current dlc gives the following artifacts:
    Page of destiny
    La mort
    And gem of Horus (I think. Can’t remember lol)

    I would recommend to do the open worlds as well as the event versions of the instances just to get the artifacts (And keep running them for marks too). This way you get the artifact before the new dlc gets released. If you wait than you won’t be able to get the artifacts until you get to the cr requirement. Keep in mind that the new dlc which will be released in April will also come with new artifacts.

    Once you choose your power I can help you choose artifacts depending on what you want to do.

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  4. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Finally, what to do when you hit 30.

    Because all gears sets up to recent dlcs have been converted to source marks, this makes it very easy to level up. Run all instances available to you daily to get as many marks as you can. This includes solos, duos, alerts, open world, latest dlc event version, vault, and stabilizers. As well as your weekly raids. You have 2 options for your marks. You can either wait for the end of the week and use them and the highest cr gear available while each day you replace your gear with dropped gear. If you can spend them at the end of the day to get access to the newer dlcs ASAP. I’d say doing then daily is faster. Just get drops first and use the marks you got to replace your lowest gears at the end of the day. Any gear you don’t use would be broken down with the R&D station for exobytes to increase your augments.

    If you are willing to spend money I’ll make another post in this thread ti some wise investments in the game. Not sure if I forgot anything. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll answer them as best I can.
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  5. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Deity, I hope that was a cut and paste. If not you better save that in a word doc.
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  6. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Lol nope I just typed it all out as it came to my head lol. Not sure if I missed anything lol
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