Need rotation for electricity advanced mechanics.

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  1. EK1975 Well-Known Player

    I need a good rotation for electricity dps advanced mechanics. I understand electricity isn't that powerful. But I need a rotation that will give me the best power back. Here is what I have: Electrogenesis, Wired, Voltaic Bolt, Arc Lightning, Electrocute, and Circuit Breaker for my supercharge.
  2. Miserable Committed Player

    There's a great Electric DPS rotation in the marketplace. You'll find it under the name Respec Token: Power Type.
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  3. stärnbock Devoted Player

    I will try egen (cw)> wired (electrifies using weapons)> eburst (maxed dots)> HB solar flame (electrifies through wired)> vbolt (fusing and enhances dots) and from there on HB solar flare (cw) ionic drain (dont jc untill big hit). You can change eburst with electrocute if playing ranged. U most know that half of your dammage will come from your weapon attacks, so you will not be able to do good without clipping either solar flame without WM, or scissor kick if WM is specced
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  4. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    There isn't much you can do but here's what I currently use:

    Electro-burst, Electrogenesis, Wired, Arc lighting, Electrocute, and V-bolt.

    Weapon: Handblasters. Combo: Scissors kick or Solar Flame.

    Step 1. Use Electro-burst, Electro-genesis and clip Electrogenesis with wired.
    Step 2. Use Arc lighting into Electrocute, and then hit v-bolt.
    Step 3. Use Scissors kick or Solar Flame into V-bolt and Electrocute whenever you can.

    Simply put, the idea is your using something while your damage over time is running. in this case, it's weapon combos while your dots are running.
    You'll wanna hit V-bolt to refresh your damage over time, and keep electrocute active because like Wintry Tempest, and Inferno it's an Aoe Dot.

    If there's adds: Use Solar flame.
    If there's bosses or stuff with high Health Points use scissors kick.
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  5. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    It's not a bad loadout, but you'll be missing out on DPS.

    Arc Lighting Gives the Electrified PI without losing it.

    With wired you have a chance of doing it, and the chances of getting the PI on multiple targets is extremely slim.
  6. ApacheTribe Well-Known Player

    You sir, have won the Forums for the day!

    Congrats to you!

    Now as a long time elec user, I shall go cry alone in the dark because you speak the truth....:(
  7. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i always get the enemies i hit electrified... no need to have arclightning!
  8. L T Devoted Player

    Yeah there's really no great rotation. You can improve your sustained damage a bit by using a melee weapon and clip it's big attack. 1h Flip Slash is the current favorite, but I've gotten good results in front of test dummies with staff, brawling, martial arts, and shield. MA and Shield are 5-tap-hold and 6-tap-hold attacks though, so they're hard to pull off in an actual raid where things will occasionally be blocking.

    Shield and Staff have decent ranged options. For Shield it's 3-hold/clip and for staff it's the WM 2-hold/clip. I don't think either of these will quite match Scissor-Kick.

    As others have said, if you add in Electroburst to your load-out you can get to your max DOT faster. If you use wired and weapon attacks to electrify enemies you can skip Arc Lightning and keep your supercharge. AL's heal can be useful in solos and duos though.
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