Need pure controller suggestions

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  1. Tini Bubbles Well-Known Player

    Ive decided i want to be a troller

    What is the best for power and supporting the group/groups?

    or at least pros/cons of the different ones
  2. gemii Dedicated Player

    All controllers do what they need to do so you can really pick any one

    (Quantum is the best) if we really want to give the title to one.

    Pros: quantum tunnel allows you to zip across the room for quick pickups
    Cons: None


    Hard light

    Con: its the only control power without an aggro drop so that kind of sucks when it comes down to pickups but you can still get by with it



    Pros: the powerset has cheaper power cost options for debuffs that you can use if you want



    Pros - there’s a control move called horrific visage that turns adds into ghosts it’s pretty fun cool looking visually



    Pros- if your into guns well this is the control power for you


    I won’t break down every little detail because they all do the same thing.

    Damage debuff, healing debuff, defense debuff, group shielding, power recharge, stuns. they all are capable of doing those things the only real difference is the animations. Just pick the one that looks most fun to you

    But if you want a deeper detail in info I’m sure others can help you further or just check out obsidianchill on YouTube he has nice breakdowns that involves numbers on spread sheets and what not about controlling as well as artifact videos that may interest you.
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  3. Brit Loyal Player

    Welcome to life as a Controller. My very first year of the game I spent as a Gadgets Controller, before I found my true calling as a Healer.

    Most Controller Powersets play their Controller Role very similarly. The differences is about 90% just the animations, with only tiny nuances otherwise.

    The first and foremost Con that I would give you is a warning across all Support Roles, but one that the Controller seems to suffer from the most.

    "People really want you when they need you, and hate you when they don't."

    Hundreds of raids where players are grumbling that they cannot find a Tank or a Healer or a Controller, people disbanding on final bosses because a Support role leaves, groups collapsing because they do not have you.

    And then you queue into an Alert and get screamed at "Switch to DPS! We don't need a Controller. You're useless. Just do more DPS. The Controller buff is good enough." etc. It's like the life of a factory worker when you know that your job is going to get replaced with some sort of automation or robot. You're needed... but the second they don't need you, they will kick you to the curb.

    It is frustrating to spend so much time and effort building yourself up as a team player, only to face that stigma in the vast majority of content. And unfortunately, the vast majority of the population is not going to change their attitude about these things.

    So being a Controller means being able to be a good Controller, but also being able to toggle to your DPS role and fake it through well enough that you are a mediocre performing DPS for other content.

    To that, I recommend Munitions. It is a strong DPS powerset with a really simple rotation for those that won't be using it often or really pushing themselves to be the best. It's the perfect powerset for somebody who is a Controller at heart, but forced to fake being a DPS while running Alerts and lower end raids.

    In contrast, Light with it's power combos is a more challenging powerset to master good DPS from, making it harder for a career Controller to fake their way through. And Mental is a generally struggling DPS powerset that really only excels (ironically) when it has a good Controller feeding it. Gadgets and Quantum are viable middle grounds, but Munitions is easy mode for DPS, so you can focus on truly being the best Controller you can be, and when you get bullied into changing over, you don't have to deal with as much of the flack that most Controllers do.
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  4. Tini Bubbles Well-Known Player

    My question is this. Bear in mind I have no knowledge just what I assumed (yes I know about assuming) through reading the powers, however it appears munitions will have trouble supplying power when needed. Is that true or am I just ignorant of the powerset?

  5. Cajaritotutututu Active Player

    This is a helpfull answer, just gonna share my opinion as a controller for years.
    IMO the one power with best perks for troller is quantum, it also has some beautifull animations, and quantum tunneling as a power is no joke to support the team and protect u (shield + inmunity + usable while controled + moves you from danger + drops agrro...what else do u want?), also anomaly aoe freeze, for adds is aweome.
    Or mental, the horrific visage is a really nice power.

    The one downside of quantum, is the group shield, has the same functionality as any group shield, but for some people the animation it has is too invasive you kinda loss the visual of any other effects in your character. Personally i love the animation but it is too invasive,
  6. Brit Loyal Player

    Nah. Functionally, all Controller powersets while in the Controller role are basically the same.

    You will have the Defense, Attack, and Healing debuff abilities. They will all be ranged and apply an identical debuff regardless of powerset.
    You will have the instant power recharge for teammates. This ability returns the same power regardless of powerset, and is only dependant upon your vitalization.
    You will have your group shield. It works the same regardless of powerset.
    You will probably carry either one additional CC ability, your aggro dump, or your personal shield in the sixth slot.

    It's not like Healing or Tanking or DPS where each powerset plays very different. Controllers can basically hop from one powerset to another with very little change in playstyle.
  7. Tini Bubbles Well-Known Player

    Cool thank you.

    Everyone keeps trying to get me to go quantum for the tunnel (whatever that is)

    But I like the way munitions/rifle synergize together
  8. Tini Bubbles Well-Known Player

    ok sorry one more question.

    Is rifle or shield ok or is something "better"" other than preference?
  9. Isif Committed Player

    I use the rifle exclusively when trolling. There may be "better" weapons that raise the counter faster, but the rifle has never been a burden to me. Most will probably say handblast, but I am Team Rifle and it works quite well.
  10. Tini Bubbles Well-Known Player

    Yeah I like the rifle so far

  11. Requake Dedicated Player

    I believe Hand blasters are the best, the hold, tap ranged combo (solar flame) synergizes pretty well with the 'Group power heal' cooldown.

    Brawling with weapon mastery into martial arts (tap, hold ranged again) is pretty decent as well.

    However, I believe weapon mastery doesn't improve power regen / SC regen, I've heard this from multiple sources, but never really had a confirmation of this.
    But because of this, I believe hand blasters are the best, both for power as for SC regeneration.

    And personal opinion 2.0: I always ran hand blasters since GU73, I recently swapped to martial arts and feel like I run out of power every now and then AND get less SC

    -> I'm switching back :)
  12. Tini Bubbles Well-Known Player

    just tired of hand blasters to be honest.
  13. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I'll give you some alternative options my sir. Trolls at end game are in charge of 2 things, and two things only. Giving power to the healer and tank, and getting those pick ups. You'll come across raids here and there where you could have one more chore, like getting bombs in DMe or controlling the suppressor in PCe. Outside of that, you are pretty free to play how you want and yes there are many ways to play this role.

    Pure troll - sure you can play this way, but at end game. Zero might or prec players even need power. Cant tell you how many raids we have finished with a troll that DC'd or died. The lightning bolt you supply is more than enough for all dps. It's the tank and heal spammers that will make you work. That's what super charges are for. Being a "pure troll" is the easiest role to play in this game. This is if your purely focused on power out.

    Debuff troll - really the same as above, just carry artifacts that grant you buffs from using all 3 debuffs. Usually all three are not needed, but with the right artifacts, it makes your life so much easier. Plus being able to debuff groups of NPC instead of 1 at a time will make you dps very happy.

    Buff troll - same as the first, but you run artifacts to help buff the group. Their are multiple artifacts that help buff prec or might. You will be loved by your dps.

    Battle troll - pretty sure all can do this. Takes more skill and the correct artifacts. I added this because of your comment about munitions. All troll powers can run any of the ways I've listed above. My favorite is munitions. With the correct artifacts, you don't even need to use your weapon. I've seen this type of troll put out great power, and damage equal to about half of a GOOD dps. Not the last place dude the group is carrying, lol.

    It's all how you want to play. Just remember playing any of the ways above, you still need to watch your tank and healers power and get those pick ups. No one will care what your doing if you have these two things covered.
  14. Twincam Well-Known Player

    My main in Quantum controller. The "Nope Power" (tunnelling) is a great feature and also anomaly being a debuf, strun and a super charge generator is great. The CC and Stuns that Quantum does is really good. The Shield supercharge is also really strong. As pure troll this is in my opinion really the best powerset. The "Nope Power" is also really useful in DPS form, you do get to be everywhere and makes it nice and easy to do pickups etc.

    The bad part is, that when you are pugging any content other than the raids, the majority of players don't want you to run controller (Same applies to Tank) and want you to go DPS for "Fast Run" ........ Go Figure .... Anyway ..... For solos / dailies / survivability quantum is amazing because even in DPS form some of the powers does amazing CC and stuns. However, the DPS for quantum can be lacking compared to Muni and Hardlight.
  15. L T Loyal Player

    Another benefit to Gadgets and Mental is that they both have Invisibility-- which is a strong shield (with the home turf mod) and an extra load out bar so you can carry multiple supercharges or utility powers.

    Both of those are actually great for trolling. Shield regenerates power almost as fast as HB and generates Supercharge a little faster. Rifle can lunge without lunging, which is really really great for certain boss fights.
  16. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    Personally I'd agree Gadgets (quick animations, low power cost of debuffs, invisibility), Quantum (quantum tunneling) and Mental (invisibility) are the best trolls, in that order IMO.

    I have 3 rotations depending on the situation:

    Rotate the 3 debuffs, each clipped with the Power Dump, Power Dump clipped with weapon attack.

    Defense debuff clipped with Power dump clipped with weapon attack when power is low. Then Power Dump clipped with weapon attack untill debuff is off cool down until group power comes back up.

    Defense debuff clipped with Power Dump with no weapon attack when there's a lot of adds or a boss jumping on you. Only use the other debuffs when needed / appriate, usually you can mix in the Attack debuff, healing debuff is not really needed most of the time but many powers use the healing debuff for a supercharge generator so... you might wanna keep that going as well. In Elites a lot of the time I ust do this the whole time.

    Personally, because of the "oh crap" moments and the fact that hybrid is barely better at power regen using say Hand Blaster (Solar Flare) or another hard hitting attack, I spec into superpowered.

    You always want the group shield in any loadout and a shield power.

    To me, that's about it... all the powers work well, for the most part but the shields on Quantum are the best but the group shield may be the most irratating because it's hard to see through compared to the others.
  17. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    Nothing wrong with munitions troll. In PCE I missed being gadget for the first time as taser pull is a power where muni its a combo. But other than that I have no regrets.
  18. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    at this point if you have the right artifacts and enough skill points it really doesn't matter what weapon you choose as your power will regenerate so fast your power bar will never go below 70% even when spamming everything.

    trolling is one of those things. a good troll will improve any run.

    for me its knowing what to do when. wait til the tank gathers ads to stun or root them. be aware of stray ads, especially those that might go after the healer. if i can i encase them and toss them at the tank. never stop dumping power. its become such an automatic reflex for me that i push out power even when the group is standing still. its like blinking to me now.

    as stated quantum trolling is very fun. comparing quantum to mental the only negative i would say is quantums debuffs have a slightly longer cooldown than mental.
  19. Tini Bubbles Well-Known Player

    Well im working on becoming a "good troll" not that Ive had the chance. Still leveling CR
  20. BabyAres2 New Player

    I would be great if troll had the ability to remove player debuff

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