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  1. BMO New Player

    First and foremost I apologize if I posted this on the wrong section, hopefully it is correct. But lately I've been getting bored of my Dual Pistols and I have extra Skill points from Feats(and yes I have put them into the necessary inmates for a Gadgets Troller). I've been eyeing the Bow due to one of its super fast hit counter accumulation.
    One problem: I don't know where to get a good Controller one. Are there any farmable controller bows in duos and Alerts? I'm looked everywhere and it just seems that it hasn't been posted before. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Anierna Well-Known Player

    The best troller wep atm is the Dark Mirrored Blade with 73 vit. That drops from the final boss of the t1 OMAC Duo.

    I think there's also a bow with 60-something vit, but I forget where that drops. There used to be an OP troller wep from the Ferris t3 duo, but that one got nerfed. There's rumors of a wep from ACE t1 alert with more vit than the OMAC 1h, but I'm pretty sure that one doesn't exist.
  3. BMO New Player

    Aww shucks I was really hoping for a ranged weapon. I do terrible when i have to get into pure melee range. I do seem to recall picking up a Bow from one of the Alerts but I am certain I sold it a long time ago....I'm just needing clarification on whether it does drop and where I guess.
  4. Ironman New Player

    usually OAN has quite good unattuned weapons.. Try there
  5. LowKey OG New Player

    Best troll weapon in the game is actually a two-handed weapon. with 85vit, drops in Outter Caverns at Bat sentinels.
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  6. Lolaturface New Player

    If you mean Titanium Quake Hammer it use to have 87 vit but now only have 45 vit.
  7. LowKey OG New Player

    Ah, ok so now it is only still the Dark Mirrored Blade. Luckily i didn't start farming for it, lol.
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  8. Antala New Player

    Sigh... define best... Yes, it is currently the highest Vit weapon drop in the game but by no means is it the "best" controller weapon in the game. You sacrafice so much to gain so little to your actual power out (this weapon adds about +2 power out depending on your current base stat.) Stick with the T4 Op weapons (something that gets your hit counter up quickly combos preferably) with the Replenishing adapter mod.
  9. RamsesVIIX New Player