Need Help Finding Head Style w/Emblem Slot

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TheLorax, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I saw another character today with a baseball cap that had a emblem slot. He was using one of the Flashpoint emblems. I can't figure out which head style he was using. Help.
  2. Walvine Well-Known Player

    As fare as I'm aware all head baseball caps come from vault don't know which would support emblem.
    I remember gotham university jacket chest style from valentines supported both front side small badge/button and large back emblem maybe they was a emblem baseball cap too go with it !.

    "All the news" global collection has a cap "bobby"style unlock .
  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I found him again, it was the Armored Detective head. *face palm*
  4. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Oh riders set the not a cap style aka motor bike helmet from judas contract lol.
  5. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    He had the void mat on it and it looked like a baseball cap from the back.