Need help completing Black Dawn.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by ripper1977, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. ripper1977 Level 30

    I have been trying to complete black dawn for many months with different groups. We always fail at the warehouse. Can someone invite me to a group that can beat this mission. I am also looking for a league that does raids together. I am a DPS cr 75. 52 skill point
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  2. Physique Committed Player

    I hate to be a killjoy on this but if you focused on getting your SP numbers to match your CR numbers, you'll probably be in better stead to both survive and complete Black Dawn. You're talking about trying to beat one of the tougher operations in the game and you need to have a little more experience under your belt instead of trying to force your way through it.
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  3. Dogzday New Player

    I agree with Phyique above. Many will (hopefully) agree that it may be a tougher 8 Player content than Prime Battleground because of the damage dealt by the little Sprites/adds the bosses summon and how much damage is done in the final encounter.

    I suggest you gear up more and focus a little more on SP. It is relatively easy to obtain SP from lower Tiered content if you are capable of running T4. Also, I recommend you stay a range DPS because it will significantly boost your survival factor (unless you're Mental because Mental pulls aggro pretty quick for some reasons).
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  4. Starblast Well-Known Player

    I always pug and I don't think I have ever ran into problems with Black Dawn. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like many of others have of course have died at the boss at this raid and many others but still eventually found a group to beat it. People do or I should say did act like it was the toughest raid out there and I have no idea why. I still think Prime is more difficult than this so I disagree respectfully with the previous posts. and Prime is now much easier but yet people still underestimate it with all their gear. Anyway...when you look for a group in LFG just say "DPS for Black Dawn". Don't give them stats. People only really care about your CR on the higher raids or if they need a speed feat. cr 75 and that amount of sp is a bit low to handle that raid with ease but more than likely you will be grouped with a good portion who are geared well and ran it before that it shouldn't matter. You also must block A LOT. It may also help to learn anything you can to maximize damage with your power set and weapon and maybe add some mods. don't feel discouraged or let people who think you should have a 100 SP or cr85 to do this raid. If you've already done the raid for the week up until the boss then just say "DPS for Tala". or say "DPS for Black Dawn, need Tala only" this way they will grab you right up cuz they know you only need the last boss reward and will be passing on other loot that may drop. People are always getting disconnecting and needing an extra person to help them at these last bosses

    and before you get discouraged when you do win the raid, plan on a codex possibly not dropping or even winning the role. I have never to this day won a roll on a codex :(

    anyways, I wish you the best of luck, you're not gonna need it though because you will beat it (and soon). I have faith. :cool:
  5. The Johnny army New Player

    Server and faction you play in will be useful for any request for help.
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  6. ripper1977 Level 30

    Thanks for the advice. I am working on building my skill points. Any of you have a good league the is recruiting?
  7. ripper1977 Level 30

    I am on ps3 my name on ps3 is ripper1977.
  8. The Johnny army New Player

    Can't help you on the PS3, I play in USPC.
  9. LadyLightning Devoted Player

    The succsess on BD heavily depends on:

    the tank
    picking people up

    It is not easy and the more SP complement your CR, the better.

    I play DPS as well and for BD I know of these tricks:
    When fighting the 3 smaller clowns, try to get some counters in that will prevent (a lot) of damage, this way you can survive going melee on them
    Don't go melee on the big clown
    Avoid Talas inferno and the other AOE's
    The adds have to die fast, especially the sprites

    But in the end the success depends on the whole group...

    Good luck!
  10. YodaDog New Player

    villain or hero? Us or EU?
    (Check out the League Recruitment Center)
  11. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Definitely spend a bunch of time working on your SP and then worry about Dawn.... 52 SP is a decent start, but you should be maxed out on your DPS stats (first tier) to be running the 8 man Op's.... At least IMO.

    Get around 75'ish SP and make sure you have them in all the correct DPS innates and you'll be much happier.
  12. ToxicAngelDE Dedicated Player

    Little puppy is gone again...
    *starts crying*
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  13. ripper1977 Level 30

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