NBA PLAYOFFS! Conference Finals!

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  2. Zizzi New Player

    I honestly expected the grizzlies to come out better than that in the first game... Not sure if it was a bad night for them or if the Spurs just played exceptional defense.
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    I had said spurs in 6 but if the rest of the games are even remotely like this one then spurs in 4
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    Spurs HANDLED Memphis... wow

    This honestly has been a strange playoff for me.

    My Lakers took a nosedive after my man Kobe had to carry his heartless team into the playoffs to begin with. Warriors broke out as a tremendous backcourt darlings in the West only to fall short. Now the Engine-that-Could Spurs pull off this current beat down. Grizzlies will def come hard next game but I still see the Spurs advancing into the finals. Hopefully not gassed and poised to win.

    I hope the Pacers put on a good show on Weds.
  5. Psych E New Player

    In other news, Skip Bayless is probably jizzzing himself into the hospital right now.
  6. LL New Player

    Ok early rumors, are d Howard, is looking at I told u if he left that was the team he would go to.....
  7. Zizzi New Player

    Spurs escape with another win... Although it was close and they shouldn't have let the Grizzlies back in anyways. I wonder when Zach Randolph will finally start playing like himself and become the impact player he was during the other playoff series'
  8. Zizzi New Player

    In other news, Clippers coach is gone and Houston looking really attractive for Dwight Howard... Interesting...

    Oh and the Cavs won the draft lottery again, although its not that big of news considering how weak the draft seems this year.
  9. Zizzi New Player

    Crazy Pacers vs. Heat game! Pacers almost stole that one away, the Pacers team made some defensive mistakes down the stretch. First they switched on Lebron which gave him an easier target in George Hill, then in the last play of the game Paul George overplayed the sequence and gave up a layup.

    Either way, if the games continue like that we should have a very interesting series...
  10. Pharaoh Dedicated Player

    It was a great game tonight. Now admittedly I am a Pacer fan and I didn't set the dvr long enough for the ot so I am grumpy. But I really thought the calls were pretty rough at times especially for Lebron. Now I do believe he is the greatest player going but he got away with a lot tonight. There was a sequence in the 4th quarter where Lebron made an obvious foul on the offensive end that they no called and then fouled immediately on a reach in at the other end that wasn't as bad but they no called it again and he would have picked up his fifth. Also a few questionable blocks from behind where Lebron got players in the head while blocking.

    I kinda of expected the Heat to win the series as I think Indiana is a year away. I just don't know if they can score enough yet. I just hope the refs aren't the reason if they don't win. (Btw don't even get me started on little D.J. Augustin knocking Lebron to the floor trying to run thru a screen. I thought there was a no flopping rule now.)
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