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  1. XNatureGuardianX Active Player

    When will nature power set be fixed
    I feel sleepy while playing, it's so boring
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  2. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    What do you mean by fix?

    What is boring about it?

    What would you consider fun?

    When making. Thread like this it’s a good idea to elaborate what you mean with facts to back up your claims.
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  3. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    I'm assuming the DoT playstyle is boring to you. What's your movement mode? Try Prec?
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  4. Beastmaster Well-Known Player

    Oh nevermind him he thinks nature should primarily be a Tank and Healer power only with no DPS attached. From very distant post he did in the past. If it not the same person my apologies before hand.
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  5. OracleWillTeleportYouOut New Player

    I miss the non supercharge form changes. Nature has literally 0 mechanic besides form changes I would consider interactive. No combo no preload no clipping bad visual effects. Trying to play around form changes as 5k super feels very bad with how many phased bosses there are and when you die.
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  6. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    It won’t be fixed. They made it even worse 4yrs ago during stat revamp as the only good thing (healer) was stripped. *cries* time to spend a power token or take a shovel to your toon. (Nature pun).

    They would get rid of time crapsules (shitsicles) before nature gets touched for the better.
  7. XNatureGuardianX Active Player

    Since you are not a nature user, there is no point in me saying
  8. XNatureGuardianX Active Player

  9. XNatureGuardianX Active Player

  10. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    First of all, yes I do use nature. It’s actually one of my favorite powers.

    And secondly, even if I wasn’t, what I said would still stand. If you want to make a thread asking for a power to be changed than you should list what’s wrong with it, why it’s wrong? And what you think should be changed. Saying this is bad, holds no value at all
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  11. XNatureGuardianX Active Player

    Those who know nature already write or say what the problem is.
    It is very clear that you have not played and that you do not have a favorite, if you knew nature, you would not write empty.
  12. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Or many the issue is that you don’t know nature? When exactly did I say nature didn’t need adjustments? In fact I stated things that could be done to improve the state of nature. This is something you didn’t do.

    If YOU knew nature than it shouldn’t be so hard to say “this should be changed to do that” or “I think this aspect is bringing down the potential of nature”. Others didn’t make this thread. You did. So if you can’t articulate what you think nature needs than why should you expect the devs to know?
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  13. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Honestly, what they did last year to nature need undone. Nature was severely nerf'd last year.

    As for the dot sharing. They should have come up with a better refresh system or a way to keep your dots on while the boss teleports so to far away. Once the boss moves to a certain point. Your dots fall off.

    Fix wolf. He was over nerf'd last year.

    Funny how nature was beaten to the ground, but gadgets and electric remain untouched.
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  14. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Might help if you linked those posts about the problems with it.

    I'm out of the loop and haven't played Nature since stats revamp, but I've not seen issues with the healing side for people I run with, but I'm assuming this is about the damage side. So I don't know.
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  15. XNatureGuardianX Active Player

    bro, are you sick? Go wherever you write, but don't write me here, I won't waste time with useless people.
    And these seamless forms
  16. XNatureGuardianX Active Player

    The problem is not damage, the problem is that the conversions are 5000, apart from that the combo is not useful, at least it would be nice if the combo was the same as before.
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  17. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    It’s an open forums. Anyone can respond. Doesn’t change the facts. You can ignore me all you want but it won’t change that you can’t even figure out what needs changing.

    The poison sharing needed to go. No matter how you look at it, it was broken. A lot can be can be fixed if they just changed back the form changes to not be SCs anymore. I know people will be upset about Gemini. But I’d rather have extended loadouts and smoother loadouts than wait for my sc to build up before I can set up poisons again. Nature has 3 poisons. That’s 3 loadout slots by itself. You also need a way to fresh those dots so that’s a 4th slot. This leave 2. Nature needs the form change extended loadouts. If a boss sheds the dots which is very common, then you have to use a sc just to set them back up. Which means less SC available for a real SC. If they change forms back to regular abilities than this opens up nature a lot and even makes it easier for the devs to see what to “fix”.
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  18. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Hmm transformations being supercharges was always weird to me too, but this isn't unfortunately a lot of information for me to go on. Maybe if someone else helped the op on explaining what he was talking about.
  19. Charlieboy Well-Known Player

    When they planned the nerf last year I wrote a begging post asking the devs to fix the dot sharing but not to increase the form changes to 5000 SC, as this would cripple the power and any use for changing form at all. I was ignored (obviously). The increase in SC for form changes has made the power impossible to compete, especially as SC regen is very slow in comparison to a power like electric. Recently content has been created with cut scenes mid combat or fights such as FF Brainiac which is in 3 parts. This means that whilst those cut scenes are playing we lose our dots and need to transform back to set these up. The problem with this is there is no way we can generate enough SC to re-transform and carry on fighting. In human form the damage is minimal and you dont get the AOE damage from Impaling Thorns as you do in gorilla form.

    I will say that I have given up transforming at all and use Neo Venom Boost as my SC as you are getting similar buffs to what you would achieve with Gorilla form. Such a shame that the devs gave in to complaints and instead of just fixing what was broken (DOT sharing) they ended up ruining the whole reason to be nature by making the transforms useless.
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  20. Clintelligence Level 30

    I hope they never overhaul Nature. I've been maining Nature for years.

    In literally every game where they've ever updated, upgraded, reworked, or overhauled my main class, they always turned it into something significantly less enjoyable.

    If you think Nature is too boring, go use one of those overly obnoxious Power-Combos powersets. I love Nature just the way it is.