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  1. Daruma New Player

    Hello, folks,

    Another "used to play in beta and early live then left and now returning" noob here :)

    Nature... conceptually and visually I love it. Took it to 30 a few times in beta but tried other powers for my brief stint when DCUO went live.

    I'm back now and want to play Nature... got my guy to Lv 10 now.

    I'm reading about how Nature sucks and I more or less don't care... as long as I can solo the normal story line stuff.

    So that's my question... can I, using a Bow, and mostly Flora with some Fauna, solo the general PvE and story line?

    As someone who likes to heal in group content, I'm fairly certain I'll be OK with getting in, and carrying my weight, with a group.

    However, I just don't want to find I can't really handle the solo story line and missions. I understand and accept that I'll likely take longer to defeat enemies and complete missions and I'm OK with that as long as I CAN complete them... so... can I?

    Thanks for your time and help.

    Take care,
    Glade Walker

    P.S. Oh... same question regarding Electricity... which supposedly sucks even more than Nature from what I'm reading... but again... I enjoy the concept and visuals.
  2. Owl Devoted Player

    Nature and Electricity work fine in damage role in solo content. You should not have any problems in either power set completing the solo story line content.
    Both power sets can complete all large group content in Healing role. Nature is possibly the best Healing power set due to the power back mechanic.

    Some of the complaints on the forum about these power sets are due to other power sets causing more damage on the scoreboard in large group content. The Nature and Electricity Advanced Mechanics use damage over time stacks combined with Weapon attacks. Some power sets can clear out non-boss opponents much quicker with burst damage compared to the slower damage over time stacks.
  3. Sore Steadfast Player

    This game isn't designed for you to pick your own mix of powers from whichever tree you prefer (or fits your concept). It's designed expecting you to pick a specific predetermined set of powers and cast them in a predetermined order. They call these simplified/prescribed rotations "advanced mechanics".
  4. Zlohsac Committed Player

    What power you are doesn't matter when you're doing solo leveling content.

    If you can't get through something, it's you. While some powers will make it easier to get through it then others, all of them are good enough to get you through that.

    Nature's lack of DPS ability of course shows up when you start leveling CR and stuff gets harder.