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  1. ErnieB Loyal Player

    but without a scoreboard, how will they know if not by just kicking the lowest cr one.
  2. Lara Kelly Well-Known Player

    yeah I baically gave up on pve for's was too depressing....only pve occasionally or maybe to up the cr...
    [I can heal, but just healing all the time gets depressing and reminds me of my lost dps side]

    It not just the scorecard either....I could not actually complete DP elite since, I could pass the first 2 bosses by meleeing them but the last one was too hard for me to melee, range is way too slow now making too many adds come content is not completable too for me as DPS now [we pass that DP elite by swicthing roles]. Which really annoys me!

    It has gotten worse with the mid rnage plan thing that just made the gap bigger which supposedly is doing balancing. I used to be able to complete DC elite as the only DPS using ranged attacks and not melee in quite acceptable time.

    So I basically had it with PVE, and maybe (?) soon this whole game too..
  3. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Sounds like dysfunctional groups are more of a problem for you than the powerset, then.
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  4. ErnieB Loyal Player

    You do realize powers have been unbalanced for years, not days or weeks, we've been patiente enough, one thing is balacing a game which takes time, but another is just making a power stronger and leaving others in the dust. They have the data, they know how strong a power really is, there is no real excuse for pet powers to be so ridiculously OP compared to precision powers, or for Fire to be crap next to Ice. They even said they'll make hitfixes if a powers comes out of test underperforming, well Nature, Fire, Light and Electric have been underperforming for more than a year, where's their hotfix. And don't tell me it's a comunity problem, numbers don't lie and too many times it's been proven those powers are way bellow the scale, it's not a comunity problem when we show them the evidence and they do nothing.
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  5. DrTyme Well-Known Player

    If you have 5 dps in a raid and it's taking too long or there are too many wipes you've got bigger issues, so kicking lowest cr dps is a cop out that would happen anyways. My troll normally keeps up with the 4th and 5th dps anyway. So if a raid is taking too long it's either none of the dps are doing anything damage wise or people aren't staying alive and we are forced to pick up way too often. Without the scoreboard people would actually have to look at people helping the group over people trying to be " top dps"
  6. DrTyme Well-Known Player

    Exactly, I think it was you that said it's a community problem. If the power isn't one of the top op powers almost everyone cries foul burns too slow even if it only takes an extra minute or 2 to get through the whole thing.
  7. ErnieB Loyal Player

    Helping how?, if you die too much either your healer sucks or your tank sucks, boom kick, if you run out of power then your troll sucks, boom kick, if everyone is alive but nothing is dying, your dps sucks, boom kick, no matter what people will get kicked because there is only so much you can do, but without a scoreboard it becomes too random and people will just loot at the players name and vote to kick whoever they think it's the problem.
  8. ErnieB Loyal Player

    here's the other side of the coin, electric will take longer to burn than Sorcery, that isn't a comunity problem it's a dev problem, and the electric dps will get booted simply because his prower is unfairly weaker.
  9. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    And the only support powers will be nerfed. Go look at ffxi and see how many times they tinkered with nin and rdm
  10. ErnieB Loyal Player

    giving up on PVE is giving up on the game, PVP is worthless on Live until a real update is done, if anything might as well just spend your time on the test server.
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  11. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    I bet you don't dps with none of the powers mentioned. If replays weren't a thing alot more people would be complaining
  12. DrTyme Well-Known Player

    If people are dying too much it's not necessarily the healer's fault. For example if all the dps are ice trying to get that max damage and keep getting killed for standing on the tank or not blocking or avoiding a mechanic which there are numerous signs for then it's dps problem. Now say the healer does miraculously keep all those dps alive the healer has to spam heals which is power, there's only so fast power can be put out which means eventually the troll will run dry meaning the healer will to which most times happens just when the tank needs a big heal. If there are 5 dps and nothing is dying then there's a good chance that no dps is doing anything so kicking one out won't help. Most content you get through almost as fast with 3 dps as you do 5. So from my experience many groups that kick on what the scoreboard shows them are groups that aren't finishing the instance with out swapping out most of the group.

    Just so no one thinks I'm hating on dps the reason I pointed a finger at dps is honestly that's the only role people judge from the scoreboard. The numbers a healer put out for healing out is irrelevant what matters is where people healed and alive. For tanks did the tank survive and hold aggro, and trolls did they make sure people had power. I for one when I dps as electric I like the scoreboard for seeing how I compared knowing that my damage is mostly from bosses. However normally only time I checked it is at the very end or after a boss if I'm trying out a new load out
  13. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Almost all dps are standing close to the bosses nowadays, that's not an excuse. If dps keep dying, it's the healer or tank fault.
  14. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    No, that wasn't me. I don't blame the community. I tend to surprise people by doing better than they expect, and don't run into those kinds of problems very often. I get into enough instances with poor damagers: it's not wholly community powerset bias that can take the blame. Too often I see people blaming their powerset, when they are underperforming even for that power.
  15. DrTyme Well-Known Player

    Right but the change is coming I'd rather they take their time and make sure electric and nature are still interesting to play. If you haven't realized there are always 3 top powers electric nature hl rage are all on par with each other, but regardless the difference in time to beat an instance is trivial. Your post proves your part of the problem with the community of wanting to be through everything in 5 secs, with something like electric and nature adding (possibly) a minute or 2 to an instance it really shouldn't matter.

    People forget in the past there were groups that'd stay together for hours to get through fos 2 or wave but now if bdr passes 15 minutes people start bailing cause it's taking too long. My advice sit back relax and have some fun it's a video game don't worry about an extra minute here or 5 secs here.

    Ps just cause they're sorcery doesn't mean they'll do good damage, my electric has beaten sorcery before so people need to stop worrying so much and just play
  16. DrTyme Well-Known Player

    Right the ones that you don't see dying are the ones smart enough to learn the tells and move. In DPE let's say if you're being stupid and Rajs rushes out to you and attacks but you keep doing your rotation and die whose fault is it? Your own you had the option of moving or blocking the healer can try to keep you up but it's your job as a dps do what you can to survive so you can keep burning. Ones stupidity isn't another person's responsibility
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  17. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Support roles blame dps. The "can't heal stupid" is bs. If players are dying it's the heal and tank simple, if players don't have power it's the troll fault. When i heal and someone die, i blame myself, not the player who died
  18. Van_Gho Committed Player

    That's how you and I differ, I can't heal a one shot, more then that I DO blame the player who ignores the skull icon and thinks that I can save them from a well deserved KO. So yeah I can't heal stupid, literally nothing in my loadout will take control of your controller and make you block.

    It's annoying as an electric to watch others blast through content and then whine and say it's too easy because their power doesn't hinder them like it does for electric. Congrats to that one guy who can do amazing damage with electric the way it currently is.

    Share some tips to us peons that play electric "wrong" and i'm talking dps side, I agree with a few others that healing side is fine.
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  19. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    One shots and skulls is one thing, but me and the other guy was talking about dps standing to close. "Can't heal stupid" do apply for not blocking when the skull appear, or attacking the boss reflect mechanic, but not for standing to close
  20. VariableFire Loyal Player

    Tanks can't save you from repeated AoEs, nor should healers have to save you from a static AoE(fire on the floor), and yet I've seen DPS complain about both.
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