Nature Heal question?

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  1. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    What are the heal(s) that nature has for affecting people not in your group and allies? Is there one as good as galvanize that electric has? Been so very very long since I've played Nature that I can't recall what's what and some of the descriptions swap between saying ally and group and yet don't seem to affect allies. I'd like something to help out with world bosses and whatnot.
  2. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    If it says heals allies it will heals those outside the group. The only power that doesn’t follow this is savage growth for some reason. It says heals allies but it actually doesn’t.

    Cross pollination (I think it’s that one) is the one that’s the galvanize equivalent. But flourish and bloom (or blossom, the channel heal) are also ally heals. Those are pretty much the 3 I use to heal either open world players or pets. Even npcs. There might be others but can’t remember atm.
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  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    There's three powers that can but they're small: Cross Pollination, Flourish and Bloom.
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  4. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Hmm what one heals the most? Not sure I have room for 2 of them on a world boss build. Also thank you for the reply.
  5. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Honestly I wouldn't worry about keeping the people outside of your group alive.

    1. The healing over time portion of those abilities will only apply to your group, people outside your group will only see a single worthless burst.

    2. Even with all three used together taking into account the cooldown between all three and the strength of each burst, you're not preventing anyone's untimely demise.

    3. Don't even think of using Savage Growth and Bloom in the same loadout, their pheromones overwrite each other.
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  6. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    1 is pretty sad, it's nice on electric that galvanize is not bad for allies, shame the same isn't for nature.
    2. Good to know.
    3. Also good to know.

    3 brings me to another question. what phermones overwrite each other so I can avoid using something that's going to just cancel another ability out for both healing and damage.
  7. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    It's just Savage Growth and Bloom that overwrite each other. Savage Growth is the better option.

    Cross Pollination and Flourish should already be in your loadout. And I forgot to mention Cross Pollination has a cap, it heals up to 16 allies (PCs, NPCs and pets).
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  8. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Ok thanks. Yeah, didn't Cross Pollination used to hit an unlimited number of people at one time?
  9. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Unless it was changed prior to 2013 as far as I know CP has always had a cap, the heal scales with each additional ally.
  10. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Hmm maybe that's what i'm thinking of then and am just mistaking the ramp up for unlimited targets. o_O
  11. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    Good tips.
  12. Oceanly Well-Known Player

    tbh i wanna know if im the only one who uses roar on nature for that big burst plus the heals on 3 allies
  13. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Ugh, it's a nice heal but I hate having to reset my HoTs. I did try to work it into a battle heal spec but eventually dropped it.