NATURE DPS' - Combine Carnage and Hive Mind

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  1. ReAni Mator New Player

    I'm sure this idea has been posted many times before, however I would love to see some support all in the one thread for the idea of combining Carnage and Hive Mind into one power with the exact same boosts. It's so attractive to have both the boosts but as it stands it means sacrificing a power that seasoned users have come to depend on in their load outs. It would be awesome to be able to either have the three ticks, harvest and swarm or the 2 ticks setup with vp and get the migh/prec buff in the one move. I can't see why Carn and HM (not that I've given it much though past wanting it) can't be combined. If someone can see a valid reason I'd love to hear it, otherwise, come on with Hive Carnage or Carnage Mind or whatever it might end up being called. All this talk about awesome mechanics, let's see an awesome power combination.
  2. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    I was just going to leave it at "No" but I'll give a reason.

    Combining them both into the convenience of one power point would essentially make it similar to a trinket in use. They're fine as they are especially since they buff a % now. If they combined the two into one the buff value would surely be toned down. It is also the same way with Dark Pact and Anoint.
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  3. Pronhus New Player

    Why stop with carnage and hive mind combined? Why not give every power a might and precision buff? People would complain so much about that I'm sure nature would receive a nerf undeserved. I think it is fine the way it is. If you want a poison loadout you can pick one of the two buffs. If you want a terror loadout you can use both buffs clipped together for almost no time wasted. I'm against it.
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  4. xNohellz Committed Player

    because we don't need... you have the opportunity to spec on might(Dots) or precision(Terror). Plus If you want to maximize your DPS with the DoTs loadout you need all 3 dot, harvest, VP & Swarm. So there is more place for a buff. But for the Terror, the best is to have both Carnage & Hive Mind.
  5. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    When you play nature you have two possible PI builds available…Terror PI and DOT…

    DOT is a might base DPS with a pure focus on single enemies… Great when fighting bosses…

    Terror PI DPS is a mix between Might and Precision. I focused on Precision with this build for trinkets and powers and mods…I do try to get balanced or might gear if I play this to give me that balance…

    When I use DOT build here is my loadout.

    Hivemind, Whip Lash, Briar, Harvest, Carinious Plants, and Robot Sidekick

    My rotation is: Hivemind minto Whip Lash into Briar into Harvest into WM into Carvinious Plants into WM and finish it with Harvest. I than start it over again…

    This rotation gains power due to the AW of the DOT rotation.

    When I have terror PI here is my loadout…

    Serpent Call, Carnage, Carvinious Plants, Harvest, SC, and Robot Sidekick

    My rotation is: Serpent Call into Carnage into WM into Carvinious Plants into Harvest into WM / SC.

    Each loadout has advantages and disadvantages.

    Terror PI is great for multiple targets whereas DOT is great for single targets.

    If you want, you can have both loadout by adding the Wolf Form power…

    With Wolf Form here are the loadout.

    Normal Form: Serpent Call, HiveMind, Carvinious Plants, Harvest, Wolf Form, and Robot Sidekick

    Hivemind, Whip Lash, Briar, Harvest, Wolf Form, and Robot Sidekick

    What you do on bosses is start out in Wolf Form, follow your rotation go into Normal form using the PI rotation… This does massive damage…

    If you go Wolf rom you cannot take both Carnage and Hive Mind…you will only be able to get 1 of them. I would go with Hive Mind...
  6. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Sure on a 45 second cooldown or 20 % supercharge
  7. Sore Steadfast Player

    *Vine Lash
    *Voracious Plants
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  8. xNohellz Committed Player

    I think you feel little confused...

    You said that you take the Robot Sidekick on a DOT loadout?? why not take Swarm for AM??
    I wonder why you think the DOT loadout is for single targets? once you spread with Harvest you just have to do Weapon Mastery into Voracious Plants 2 time then spread again...

    Depending on the content, here are the loadout that I use the most

    -Dot loadout;
    • Full AM : Savage Growth, Vine Lash, Briar, Swarm, Harvest, Voracious Plants
    • Full Might : Savage Growth, Vine Lash, Briar, Harvest, Voracious Plants, Hive Mind
    • Ranged : Vine Lash, Briar, Swarm, Harvest, Voracious Plants, Hive Mind/Carnage
    -Terror loadout;
    • Serpent Call, Carnage, Hive Mind, Voracious Plants, Chaotic Growth (SC), Robot Sidekick/swarm
    I have 2 Armory for DPS, one for each PI
  9. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Sidekick Robot is a beast after update 36 or was it 37...can't remember now...but it does anywhere from 75-750+ damage consantly...that to me is better than Swarm, which also requires more power points that I don't have as I do both DPS and healing with my power point setup.

    I would have to give up my Critical Damage and Healings iconic powers to go with Swarm, which isn't something I willing to do...
  10. xNohellz Committed Player

    Where did you see that the Robot as been update? think it just scale with CR...
    I just read Game Update 36 & 37 Patch Notes and the robot sidekick was never mentioned....

    Swarm is much better than the Robot Sidekick as regards the DOTs loadout.. Swarm Ticks's are more faster & hit about 300-400

    why do you think people use it only in the Terror loadout? for no other reason than you need to focus on WM, so it help because you don't need to lose time to recast it & save power.
  11. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    I will have to check that out...I am trying to get a balance in my Power Point distribution that suits both DPS and Healer...I will have to take a look and see what is available...
  12. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    I have a trinket. The benefit of a buff is that the cooldown matches the duration. A trinket buffs larger but has a cooldown that does not match the duration. I don't need a second trinket. I need a buff. :)
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  13. xNohellz Committed Player

    I had not thought, but you're right! :)
  14. ARI ATARI New Player

    nature dps is fine, dont mess with it.
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  15. xNohellz Committed Player

    nothing more to say, so now plz Devs close this thread ;) ahaha
  16. ReAni Mator New Player

    Ah you are all idiots, it'd be ;)