Nature DOT's and HOT's

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  1. Ryuvain Active Player

    Great. More nature nerfs because of fotm players.
    This sucks for original nature mains.

    Can we at least finally get a nature graphic update then? Or a dog form update? Nature form weapon update? Change form abilities to non-supercharge?
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  2. gemii Dedicated Player

    No signs of a nerf but cmon we know how this goes by now. Players see another power performing better than theirs and then other players start bandwagoning over to that style of play...its only a matter of time before they want something done about it. And then the cycle continues.
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  3. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

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    Yes, thank you all for the information. I get how it works now. I was having a really hard time healing, but now I can conserve power and still keep people topped off. ^_^

    Yeah, as I've said in other threads... during the last few weeks after completing most of the current content, I like to make a new character and try out another power that I haven't tried in depth before. This has nothing to do with wanting to be "OP" or "FOTM." I just haven't really tried it before, and now I have time to. Heaven forbid I try to have fun and play a game I pay for!

    You competitive players (in a cooperative game) are toxic and gross.
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  4. Ryuvain Active Player

    Wasn't directing that towards you. You trying out new powers is completely fine. I'm talking about those who switch to the strongest powers, whatever that is atm.

    Just remembering how bad nature was and for how long it was forgotten about bring bad memories.
    Anyone remember the gorilla ball?
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  5. TurbulenceDCUO Well-Known Player

    The only thing that is discomforting to me is watching you flurry shot. Last time I ran with you I saw a dps with 120s smoke you and your 200s. Want a screen shot?
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  6. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Actually yes I would lol. I don’t remember that at all lol
  7. RoBotkin Well-Known Player

    Pics or it didn't happen.
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  8. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Nature is blatantly op, but I still don’t want it nerfed, at least not drastically, I don’t want anything in the game nerfed, honestly
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  9. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    I don’t want nature nerfed, but it is the most op damage spec in the game, and that says a lot since we have things like doom spin that does ridiculous damage
  10. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    IMO nature is the hardest power to balance. Because it’s heavy on dots, it is the best power for long lasting stuff including bosses. However without the right loadout it suffers in stuff where things die fast. This makes it hard to nerf. If they make it so that it’s balance when it has all dots up than nature would be extremely weak in anything other than new video tent when things are staying alive a for while because people aren’t geared up yet. However if you buff it so that it’s competitive without its dots than the power is completely broken on new content and bosses. This is a power that has to be balance to be in the middle of both spectrums.
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