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  1. Arc Zeggy New Player

    I'm just saying this should be a limited skill, not a normal form. Think about it, you don't know when to block or attack(it looks the same) it heals and summons shadow dog clones are that not Op?

  2. Stanktonia Committed Player

    It’s op, but if you’re using precision you can just use range attacks to level the playing field since dog form can’t lunge
  3. Samantha Christiano Active Player

    Stun lock them. Keep them on stuns. Use weapon attacks to keep stunning them save your powers for when its needed.
    Stuns, push backs, daze, knock downs.
    They will have to break out alot draining their power. Break out costs power
    And try to keep them off the node with push backs and knock backs.
    Getting just a single score off theirs for a second before they realize they have to get back on the node. Causing them to focus more on that from stun after stun and break out after break out. Will prevent them from using their powers to do what they do that you feel is op.

    Most players uses Martial Arts to spam tap tap hold. Usually that's predictable and can be pre blocked.

    If you use martial arts. The weapon attacks are good for knock backs.
    Tap Hold is a good way to little by little pushing opponent off the node.
    And hold range also.
    Once they are drained of their power. They are stunned for it's duration while you still on the edge of the node to prevent them from getting back on.

    Try not to keep spamming powers and weapon attacks alot. It will save you alot of power and time when focusing on stunning them once their flash is off.
    When they break out. They immune to control effects for 3 seconds.
    Of you can practice those timings.
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