Natural Talent possible at all?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by GLoRToR, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. GLoRToR Well-Known Player

    Right now every expert race I try falls into one of these categories:

    1. Distance to speed ratio adjusted to speed boost with the feat not in mind. This means that these races were very clearly not tested without Supersonic and are not possible without.
    2. Contain a "GL HF Narrow gap" that you can either cross or not, usually not. This means that the game suffers from serious phantom hitboxes and you have a better chance tossing an elephant through a pinhead than to cross some of these narrow gap obstacles for the first go. Thus you lose enormous chunks of time.
    3. Has enemies conveniently placed along the way so that they hit you and you lose time yet again.
    - All of the above which are what we call Fake Difficulty and are most likely deliberate design choices because this feat was supposed to be more irritating than fun.

    It completely escapes my logical mind why anyone would design a game that you even pay a time based fee to play, contain crucial elements (skill point) which you can only attain by doing unrelated tasks (races and investigations) that otherwise have no relation to the goal of the game (beat **** up to get moar better gearzes).

    I'm seriously irritated.

    Someone please tell me that there is an expert race that isn't completely ********.
  2. Heywiar Well-Known Player

    Ugh, this feat sucked. It took be about a half a day of redoing the race to get it. I do have some tips, though! Which movement mode are you?
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  3. GLoRToR Well-Known Player

    Nevermind, asked a friend to wreck the spawns while I fly by. Teamwork triumphs over most horrible forms of game design.
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  4. Heywiar Well-Known Player

    Good to hear you got the feat!
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  5. HurricaneErrl Well-Known Player

    Gotham University is the easiest one. There is a spot at the beginning where enemies can hit you but if you kill them before the race you will be good to go. Got this feat on flight within 5 tries using this race
  6. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    If you look up the race locations on the web, I think it was dcuo blog guide, it shows were the races are and what's the best races for natural talent (and the other one) for each of the movements
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  7. Brit Committed Player

    Our League did it years back, just having one player who was stationed where stuff spawned to kill it, while everyone else ran the race. It was annoying, but entirely possible.
  8. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    It's possible.

    It's just tricky to do with all 3 movement modes because there's lag, mobs, and etc that'll get in your way.. and you literally got to know the in and outs of your movement mode to do your races with wasting little time as possible.

    It's just annoying to do because without the fast movement, it's a feat; but it's a feat with inflated difficulty.
  9. lordexecution365 Dedicated Player

    It's kinda funny, when my better half first created her character she tried to use flight as her movement mode to which it didn't work.

    She ended up becoming superspeed.

    I was always flight for all my toons and when I started on these feats had the same difficulty as you and found the races to be irritating and annoying.

    Needless to say having to switch movement modes and basically being stuck as acrobat for an extended period of time, I found that though they were annoying and seemed pointless, my ability increased greatly in each mode because of the need to start over until I got it down.

    I am just glad that you don't have to get platinum in every race.

    Find the easier of the races in each class for that, you can still get platinum if it bothers you, but do know it does show how well you are with the various movement modes though it may not matter.
  10. August Moon Active Player

    i just quantum tunneled through the adds way back when it want a shield

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