Names You Failed to Claim First: Where Are They Now?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Twilight Avenged, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    Players have requested both over time. Cross platform play, and name purges.
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  2. SUPERMANPRiM3 Well-Known Player

    My current Character name is SUPERMANPRiM3. With the reclaim i Managed to get SUPERMANPRIME, SUPERMANºPRIME,SUPERMAN.PRIME. now to decide with space using a special character dot or no space.
  3. Ra7ie11 Well-Known Player

    Dude that doesn't exactly explain why these are not in any language last i checked º©· these are not language special characters heck, i have been reported for using characters in my The Shadow· character because i was using a special character that guy was an idiot but whatever, i can't have the name The Shadow on EUPC even though Cross play is not in action yet **** that it's not fair. Neither is it fair for USPC not being able to use those characters oh and i hate snitches that say reported my friend uses Batman nickname and he was reported because some idiot who himself was using a special character decided to rat him out to support i just hope support renames his character as well.
  4. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    Eh. If I recall Mepps has responded to some of the threads that popped up when the restriction broke on the US servers. "Something, something, character restrictions, something, keyboards, something, something, regions blah, blah, blah".
  5. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    I'm still seeing a few running around...getting the feeling it's goin to stay that way too.

    Be nice to have had that option all this time, or a memo that it's ok moving forward...but yeah w/e i guess.
  6. Zernam New Player

    The name I wanted is CR 88 with 59 SP, some gear modded and is in a league.

    However, I think they added that name to the reserved list going forward so I wasn't even able to use it by adding a second name or character to it.

    So long as it's being used that's a good thing.
  7. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Thanos and all its variants ...:(
    My quantum by the way will continue as oTH4N0s ...:oops: