Name Restrictions Broken

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by BustaPrime, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. MercPony Devoted Player

    Mepps said on FNL the other night that tomorrow (Monday) he'd post some details pertaining to this (if I heard him right), as well as the fix for this being then. We might see the details on refunds of name changes and what to do if you used this bug and stuff like that (hopefully).

    For now as a temporary way to combat this if you used the bug and didn't know it wasn't intended, file a ticket asking for a refund for the name change device. Use that refund to buy another name change device, use a name (or your previous name) without the special characters.
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  2. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    And as you just pointed out, your idea of a "kool" name lacks every aspect of creativity and my suggestion to turn that into "Generic TwoFaceCopy27" would just suit this approach perfectly :p Besides that, name policies are added to video games because player names do affect other players.
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  3. DC-Doll New Player

    I saw a guy named "God" in italics yesterday. Hope he's banned.
  4. Sodam Yat Dedicated Player

    You wouldnt get banned for naming a character unless it was excessively using vulgar names. I wont give examples ofc. Unless its something either DC Protected or something extremely offensive anything should be fine. As I was saying before, Sûperman, Bãtmãn, Flåsh etc etc should be blocked, but if you want an original name there needs to be a change for "inactive" toons. Anything over 1yr inactive should lose its name and get a generic 1.
  5. DC-Doll New Player

    You cant say Jesus or talk about religion. I'm mildly Catholic. Very mildly and I was still offended.
  6. Sodam Yat Dedicated Player

    Why were you offended?
    If the players name was GodSucks[word removed] id understand, but being irish and growing up in a predominantly catholic society, unless you actually use gods name in vain it isnt a "sin" against you. Im not very religious myself but what I do know is Catholicism is about forgiveness. So forgive him :)

    FYI religious/political talk is a Forum Violation so this might get this thread locked.
  7. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I'm pretty sure DC-Doll was kidding. At least I hope he/she was... I'm the same as you, I'm Irish and grew up Catholic but I wouldn't ever get offended by anything like that. Granted I've distanced myself from the church as I don't believe in all that, but that's neither here nor there. God doesn't mean just one thing anyway. Yes it is the name of...I don't know, a deity? But it's also the word used to describe numerous beings, an entire species even, just like human is the word used to describe us.
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  8. Kalito New Player

    No ones name should be taken if they are inactive
  9. Kalito New Player

    It's passed reset wHat are doing about these names ???
  10. Kalito New Player

    This is DC universe so many guys make toons after heros and villains that's what they want to create u can say what you want but if there was a vote u think the community would vote for or against it. Yes a name can offend someone if it's inappropriate but before this issue people were making inappropriate names. players would get the chance to make other names without those ugly numbers and x's just - ~ _ would open up a big variety of names DCUO would make crazy profit people In the community would be happy to get some names. It's a win win !!!
  11. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    ...and that's exactly what they are not allowed to by EULA. They agree to that before playing.

    I don't need to say anything. EULA says. If it's written, there does not need to be a vote because SOE already stated what can happen in cases of players using an exploit.

    Depends on what people decide for themselves to look "ugly". I agree on the profit part though - just the exploit-situation stays exploit, exploits need to be punished or you can scratch all the "sociable" aspect from the game (and with that, the upcoming DLC focusing on sociable aspects). However, it's SOE's turn to come up with a solution, and if they don't find a way to catch and punish at least some of the guys willfully exploiting this, they make themselves and their rules ridiculous again. If a social game comes with unenforced rules, showing the EULA is not even worth to be shown on the monitor at any time - and that kills the sociable aspects Spytle claims to like that much.
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  12. Kalito New Player

    Please don't use peoples names to make your point .
    Those rules have already been broken before this issue I said it before there is hero about t2 that has the name Batman no matter who he knows the rule was broken for him so what's a rule that u enforce but can't abide by yourself ? That's just not fair and u say to make people pay for this I have still yet to hear DCUO tell people to remove the names.
  13. Mantoe Well-Known Player

    I saw the same guy yesterday are you on USPS if not I guess it a popular name LOL.
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  14. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    You seem to not get some points.
    1- this is the forums, not the game. The name of ones avatar does not need to fit the name of any toon on the account. The naming policy in the forums is different from the naming policy ingame you accept with the EULA. I do not have a toon named "Slade Wilson" on my account. You just assume it is that way or you don't understand that you technically agreed to two different sets of rules. In theory, somebody just playing EQ2 can use his StationAccount to post here; without playing DCUO (for whatever reasons). As this is possibly, the forums need a set of own rules people accept when setting up their avatar.
    2- the simple fact that other people got away with an offense does not set the rule behind that automatically to "out of order". It is sad that some people do get away, but that does not give other people the right to demand to get away with their offense as well. Yes, it is not fair - but it is not fair because some others got away, not because the people who now get caught will be punished.

    If you cannot understand these two points, any further discussion is futile. Well, it is anyway because I already stated: SOE will decide. Not me, not you, and there are in a position to go from ban to free rename token and stop anyway in between. I just find demanding to get away with something and having an exploit fixed in a way that saves the offenders from punishment an ethically inadequate position. But that's a matter of personal taste and class, of course.
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  15. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    I think they should leave it "broken." I find it easy to differentiate "XXXX" from "XXXX."
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  16. Kalito New Player

    You stress the facts to get people account deleted or banned or what ever consequences they may get I stress the fact to make the community better by making a lot of people happy that's what I like I like to see people get what they want, not seeing people get in trouble for some small in game issue. I never say much on here but on this one I have to because we should have a few more letter characters to choose from.
  17. LordStrongsword New Player

    I made 2 new toons yesterday named after 2 GLs one's Vode-M and the other Dkrtzy RRR. Neither came up invalid nor did it say letters or numbers only. I also thought DC cannon names were invalid too.
  18. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    I'm not excluding the possibility that they may add the characters to the valid list. I think I stated before: they are valid on the European servers.

    For your general approach of happy people: it doesn't work. A good or "better" community consists of people being aware of consequences, informed and not simple "happy". Making everyone happy includes the scammer next door, the griefer etc - players who are just happy if other players are unhappy - so it's impossible, that simple. And I prefer an environment that ensures the scammer will be banned/punished and the victim gets the stuff back, and the griefer can be reported etc. Whenever a minor violation slips through, someone with the next bigger variant of it demands to go free because the other guy did go free as well. Basically what we have right now in DCUO - people in violation of rules come to the forums and despite being in a position where they should be thankful to not get punished demand free cookies on top.
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  19. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    They don't have deep lists for the cannon names, didn't have in Star Wars Galaxies as well. Minor toon -> higher chance to get it past the filter. However, the generic rule in the EULA allows them to generic you once they realize their mistake. Vode-M is interesting: the "-" is even disallowed on the European servers where a lot of extra symbols are ok compared to the US servers.
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  20. Kalito New Player

    I can't keep going back and forth with u we have different out looks on this I'm 33 years old I've been playing video games since Atari video games were made for entertainment. Some people cheat some people don't this is not cheating so it's not a big deal for me it's a Dev error and no one should be held accountable for it !!!