Name Restrictions Broken

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  1. Kalito New Player

    Don't fix the symbols enhance it make it better let people use the accent Letters report bad names delete bad names case close all this banning over a name is crazy all this money spent and people get banned over minor things is terrible. hey MEPPS DCUO And the whole DCUO community this is a only video game slow down take it easy with the complaining guys and GMs chill with the restrictions it's soooooo lame that I can't do what I want to my name if it's not violating any1 why does everyone care. And if PC and EU are using other character so should US !!
  2. Kalito New Player

    They shouldn't do anything about this !!
  3. Kalito New Player

    Don't take it off !!
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  4. Kalito New Player

    Should I delete any characters with the accent letters or with under score ??
  5. bindi Well-Known Player

    i did the same thing yesterday, lol. i saw a ton of characters with symbols in their names so i thought we could use them now.
    i changed my name and then bought an aura on the broker and found out the hard way that i can't receive mail anymore, but i can lose money.
  6. MercPony Devoted Player

    Hopefully it gets fixed soon, a lot are doing it thinking its okay to use them then discover bugs affecting them because they used a naming bug lol

    I wonder if GMs will grant free naming devices to people that unknowingly did this and can't afford to revert it.
  7. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    Actually, that's a "no!" to me. They should take a look at the bugged name, and then replace it with something totally uncool but in line with the name the user tried to get past the name restriction. So someone who managed to make his name look like "Superman" will be renamed to "Generic Supermancopy01" or something and counting upwards, same for Batman, Joker etc. This will fix the bug but also teach them a lesson that there is nothing to gain from trying to find loopholes in the rules.
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  8. MercPony Devoted Player

    Yeah that's another hilarious option lol

    Either way something needs done about it because more and more players are seeing they can do this and are discovering why they initially weren't allowed to to begin with.
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  9. Kalito New Player

    Can I get a straight answer MEPPS are the symbols like _ - ~ are restricted ???
  10. Protector New Player

    I just did a test: My character with a dash - in her name cannot get mail from people (however I did get my oracle mails and so on), and my character with an ê in her name was able to get mail from people. I'd like to know what's going to happen to the names I have that used this (now known as a bug) feature. I remade a character since I saw we could use dashes and accented characters, thinking it was a new feature sharing with the EU servers.
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  11. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Currently no they are not, but normally they are restricted. You should not be able to use these symbols in your name but because of a bug you currently can. Mepps said they are looking into it and it will be fixed.
  12. Nightvving New Player

    Its even league names now. Seen ".Justice League." "Raw - Group".....I'm really interested whats gonna happen to those who have names with said bug. Was killing Bizzaro for the hell of it & almost everyone by the hospital had an underscore or a comma, hell even periods lol.
  13. Kalito New Player

    It would be n
    That would be nice to keep those 3 it would give us a chance to make some kool names that look good with NO numbers or X yea my OCD kicks when I see names with 4 as a or x it drives me crazy we should be able to use ~ _ - O and yes rules are made to be changed this is our game we have the power to change the rules DCUO has been changing there rules a lot lately so why not this . You scrubs WM cause they can't click took away jump canceling took noobs out of PVP it's time to open up some new letters !!!!
  14. Kalito New Player

    This could give sony some profits I would spend about 40$ on names and so will so many people . Let us get some of these letters DCUO
  15. BustaPrime New Player

    People were mislead by this topic to begin with, now it's on track that's what I was talking about. I just think it will be annoying to see a bunch of people with weird symbols in their name, numbers is already enough but symbols will get old fast. Just think of all the Superman., [Superman], "Superman", ^Superman^ variations you will see running around, that goes for any popular name.

    Then again, everyone has their own way of looking at it, for example I think a clan or league tag would look cool, a whole league of people who tag their name what they are, like if your in a league and you are a General, then it would look cool if your name was [General] YourName or [Founder] YourName, that let's other people see what rank you are in the league your in. Even something like [Recruiter] YourName would look cool and it would show people that you recruit for your league. There are endless possibilities, but it's almost guaranteed that there will be a ton of clones out there.

    Off Topic, I also think it would be pretty cool to have your Combat Rating as your level, instead of level 30 all the time, that would leave out PvP but if they add them both as one, it could act as a total level, for example if your cr is 106 and your pvp cr is 90, your level would be 196. Just a thought I've been having since I've seen the NPC level.

    What do you guys think?
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  16. Kalito New Player

    This is Is not fair at all because there is a hero that has perfect batman spelling you can add him right now Batman now DCUO you can't have a rule and break it for your own amusement then we get banned deleted when we do something to try to get a kool name man his name got to go if ours gotta go. It doesn't matter if he's Mepps it's a rule If people who pay to play can't get names then you guys that work for sony can't give your sons kool names either !
  17. Dolfo Dedicated Player

    Yes I have an alt Fire that I just made earlier this week and her name is Burning Oyster:p. I'm sad because the other names I wanted were taken:(.
  18. Nnightwing New Player

    I didn't know this was a bug. I just thought special characters were opened up and started naming (and renaming) my characters. I even deleted a couple of toons that I use less often to grab some names I liked and started over. I guess I spent to much money for something pretty silly, but my main has nearly no content to run (until they bring back Safehouse Recovery) so we were just having fun playing the game. Should I keep playing these new toons. If we have to change our names back do we get refunds for each name change? Do deleted characters get restored or can we keep what we have as long as it's not offensive and consider ourselves lucky? What's the official word?
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  19. Kalito New Player

    This a comic book game so many people would love to make a superman or the joker with a ok spelling so yea there should be two~face two.face two..face why not is a comic book based game this is what people want. There Cr Thing would be ok except between 0 to 90 would be kinda grey so idk
  20. Kalito New Player

    No they shouldn't they allow us to do what we want just like they took out jump cancel and put in WM they should change this 2 let noobs get a chance for a kool name only people who have been playing this game a long time have great names this allow me to switch from too face to two_face that would make me happy and my name doesn't affect any1 .
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