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  1. Napoleon Active Player

    Name reclaim would be a disaster. I don't ever remember seeing people spam trade for "OG" names prior to the first purge which occurred shortly before crossplay. I'm all set with with seeing a trifecta of players in chat complaining how they got scammed by somebody for a set of letters if this were to occur for a 2nd time.
  2. Brit Loyal Player

    I've got a list of at least 10 names that I would happily pay $100 or more for.

    Unfortunately, I can't actually buy them, because the characters haven't logged in in years, and no attempt to contact them through in-game mail has ever solicited a response.

    I even went as far as mailing a Void Material to one. It got returned a couple months later as mail that had never been opened. So if these are people trying to sell the names, then they have no idea how to effectively run a business. You can't sell something unless your customers have a way to contact you.
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