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  1. Apple iPanda New Player

    Dumb idea. Can't we have anything OG. Let's bring back OG Plasmic and Nimbus and Smoke if we go this far. DC don't do it.
  2. Beat New Player

    Perfectly said.
    Let's say if I had a dream car and there was only 1 left in stock, I finally gather up enough money to purchase it but right when I step foot on the dealership..SOLD!

    I'd rather it have sold to someone who will actually drive it instead of someone who will just keep it as a trophy in their backyard, letting it rust away.
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  3. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    Back in January made 4 new characters with names I wanted, first shot on the US server. 3 of them were basically the same name in 3 different languages (the name has been taken in english for years), the 4th I was actually surprised by. It's named after a popular Avatar the Last Airbender character, but the name wasn't taken in the form I wanted.

    So, either I got EXTREMELY lucky on the most populated server, or finding good names isn't nearly as hard as people make it out to be.
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  4. Ebon Pegasus Well-Known Player

    Can someone explain to me what an OG name means and what is it's significance?

    I see a bunch of people running around with names like "Apple", "Fox", "Orange" and "Erase"? Are those OG names? And if so, what makes them so sought after?

    They honestly just sound and look stupid to me but maybe I'm confusing something here.
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  5. Brit Loyal Player

    "Good" is a subjective term. What you consider a "good" name isn't necessarily what somebody else considers "good".

    If you are happy with the names you found, then great. That's all the matters for you.

    Some other people might personally dislike naming their character in foreign languages. Maybe they don't want to get messaged by people in languages they don't speak, or they don't enjoy being corrected over voicechat when they mispronounce their own character's name.

    Whether it is good or bad is a matter of personal taste, so the ability to get a good name is only in the eye of the beholder.

    The Name Purge has nothing at all to do with freeing "good" names. It is about freeing unused names. Names that have been taken, but then were played for 5 minutes or less, and it's been 7 years since they logged in. Whether the name is "good" or not is irrelevant.

    The most successful MMO of all time, World of Warcraft, runs routine name purges as a part of game maintenance. If you are inactive for too long, the name gets recycled. Because INACTIVE names should be freed up.

    It is important to service your customers, and your customers are the people who are here right now paying money, and not people who have been gone for seven years. DCUO ran a Name Purge previously. The tech already has been created, so running another one costs DCUO no additional resources or money, but it earns them money for every single name change token they sell.

    Basically, customers are happy, and DCUO gets free money for no work.
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  6. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    They're usually correctly spelled names or words with no numbers or letter substitutions. If they're a word and not an actual name they have to be a noun. So yes, those names you mentioned except the last one are considered OG. But there are of course many more that I personally think are far better names than that. Like Monster, Beast, Death. I know a guy with the name "Deity". You have iconic OG names, like Flash, Joker, Zod, even Superman. And you have actual names like Bruce, Adam, etc. Single number and letter names like 1 and X are considered OG as well. The appeal is that they're properly spelled, relatively short, and visually pleasing. It makes your character look like an NPC or an official character out of a comic. And if your name is a good name AND matches your character's theme, it's all the better. Think of it like an OG aura or another cosmetic. But unlike cosmetics names are unique. There can only be one of each. So from that perspective they're the rarest things in the game.
  7. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    It didn't fix this last time, why are you so sure it would do it this time??? :rolleyes:

    Also, while they don't actively encourage it or anything, it's not against any rules to sell names in this game. Do I think it's stupid....yeah, but it's not doing any actual harm nor is it being fought against by the company (as far as i'm aware of).
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  8. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    You can't really claim that a name being "good" or not is irrelevant to a name purge. The whole reason for these requests is because people are dead set on a specific name, whether or not that character or account has been used recently. In principle, I'm fine with the concept of a reclaim, but these threads are always about either a person wanting one specific name that may or may not be freed under any conditions for a reclaim, or someone (like this op) "can't" get a name without "smashing keys at random".

    I was thinking about it after my post, and I'm fairly sure as many as the last 8 characters I named were first attempts. And ones before that I didn't get my first choice, I did one of two things, I either found a similar name that was available that I liked, or changed my concept for the character (if the concept was tied to the name). Those 3 names in January were the first time I used a different language for a character name, and did the research beforehand for how they were pronounced.

    The previous name reclaims all were in preparation for something, specifically a server merge. So the code isn't 100% ready, because of those checks to other servers, but it is close. But honestly, if looks like WoW handles the actual reclaim process better (at least from what I read on a quick search). In DCUO's previous reclaim, characters on accounts that hadn't been active for some months were automatically renamed. From the look of it, WoW just earmarks the names, and if someone else wants it before the original owner logs in, they get it. But, of the original owner logs in first, they get to keep it without having to rename their character.
  9. KidFlash816 New Player

  10. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    How does a name reset prevent people from profiting off names? Let me tell you what will happen during a name reclaim. PS or Xbox or Switch players will be at the character select screen to save a new name they want. A PC player will have 16 launchpad's open at the same time to save 16 names at once so while you get your 1 name you want I get 16 names I want to keep and sell later and spam trade chat saying I have OG names for sale. Now multiple that by every PC player on DCUO and a month later after the name reset all these same people will be crying and complaining there should be another name reset because they didn't get the name they wanted or are forced to pay obscene prices for one.

    Name Reclaim has been and will always be the most toxic event on DCUO
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  11. fm0987 Well-Known Player

    Do people actually buy names? I see people shouting that crap all the time, usually something stupid like just some random word(s).
  12. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    I've known a name that sold for $1000 USD, i've known plenty of names that have sold for $250-500 USD in game.
  13. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Prove it. Some of us have extra characters specifically for doing seasonal content. Others have extra characters for the free inventory/bank slots.
  14. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    A level 4 character can't do seasonals, and never has been able to. A level 4 character can only help with extra bank space if they were created before a certain point (there was a big that let low level characters into the HQs before being officially invited that I believe was patched), if they have access to a base with the bank amenity, or if you mail everything to them (in which case they can't help with account bound items).

    There is another reason to have extra characters. When doing older content you sometimes need an extra body to fill in. I've had a spare pc account for a while, to log in specifically for that purpose, especially when my league was going for a feat and we didn't want a pug to mess it up. In January I started 3 more pc accounts so we could 4 man some older raids if we wanted. This one really only works during open episodes though (or the free episode from the cr skip), unless you are willing to pay for membership/buy episodes on accounts you rarely use.
  15. Staggiie New Player

    Gotta be like level 10 to do seasonal crap.
    They can still have their bank toon, their name will just be changed.
    You thought you did something there eh
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  16. Legion World New Player

    Name reclaims should NEVER be an "event." It should be happening everyday at reset. 3 years no log in and unused character(s) is renamed [Character Name]_I.

    The day that happens no more of these threads and SOME people may get a name they wanted but could never have otherwise. Pretty simple solution.
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  17. unholypeach New Player

    Fr, there should be a name reclaim again. There are people out there who sell names for a ridiculous price, and the names that are wanted are usually taken by name holders who just save names just to have it or they just don't play the game like that anymore.
  18. myandria Loyal Player



    I think you are confusing "name reclaim" with "name maintenance"; they are NOT the same thing.

    Name reclaims are an "event" because players are notified about it in advance so they can take action, or not. If players do not log in their characters on the day(s) the name reclaim happens, those players will lose their character's names. Name reclaim events do not happen often.

    Name maintenance is something that the devs can build into the game to check name log-ins routinely (every 30 days, for example). Players are made aware of the schedule and can plan ahead to keep their characters' names.

    As Brit mentioned earlier, World of Warcraft has a name maintenance system in place. However, in my opinion, that name maintenance system still does not solve the problem of players wanting specific names freed up or freeing up little used characters, as players can just log their characters in before maintenance and then leave those characters alone until the next one.

    Even if your suggestion is implemented, people will still create threads like this one because not everyone is going to get the name(s) they desire for their toons.
  19. Legion World New Player're just arbitrarily coming up with your own nomenclature. Names cans be "reclaimed" with the "name maintenance" too. That's entirely the point. The event system is the one where people are more likely to log in to save their never-used names. With a daily purge of 3-year old unused names, people will get lazy and forget to log in if they aren't regularly playing the game. Time goes by and they don't get any email reminders to log in to save that name they never use. More names will be reclaimed and repurposed.

    And yes, there's always the one guy who will feel that the other player isn't using the name they wanted often enough or at the level they deem appropriate for that name and create a thread crying foul. But, if everyone knows that there's a possibility that a name of that level 4 character that they've been salivating for might end up free someday, then less of these type threads will be made.
  20. myandria Loyal Player


    I am speaking from experience, as I have played games that have either name reclaims/resets and/or character name maintenance. The nomenclatures that I use is used across many games in one form or another, they are not made up.

    With a reclaim/purge/reset it only happens once in awhile, as the goal is to free up dead space that unused characters are taking up. And yes, with an name reclaim/reset event players have the chance to log in little used characters just to save the name; that is what happened the last time this game had such an event, as devs let players know via e-mail about the event.

    Name maintenance, as I have pointed out, is on a routine schedule so most players become used to it and are aware of the consequences; forget log in your characters before name maintenance and you lose the character name. One issue with name maintenance is that players have to deal with customer service if they need to be away from the game for real life issues and want to keep their characters names.

    What you are suggesting is very conflicting; why would the devs waste time and resources on a system that purges "daily" 3 year old names when they can purge those 3 year old little used names in one shot with a name reclaim? One and done until the next event. If the devs followed up with a 45 day name maintenance schedule for example (30 days doesn't work with February) then there may be a slight chance of freeing up little used names over time.

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