Name Ignore account wide ?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Zero303, Oct 24, 2022.

  1. Zero303 Well-Known Player

    when i ignore gold sellers i wish i had it on all toons on that server. its pretty annoying for an ad-hd altoholic as myself to click ignore every time i change toons.
    -thanks for reading.
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  2. BabyBoyzim Dedicated Player

    I agree. It’s not a specific toon I’d want to ignore, it’s the person playing it. Wish it were integrated where if we blocked them on xbox/ps, they would be blocked in game as well on all associated toons. Great idea.
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  3. Amoxin Well-Known Player

    While a great idea, I'm not sure it would help. As I tried ignoring a gold spammer only to be told that there was no character with that name, and then seeing the same message from a different character. And then the same thing happened on that way.
  4. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Gold spamming bots get banned. Then the spammer starts another account, doing the same thing. It's a game of whack-a-mole. One of the "perks" of F2P model.

    Back in the day, when there wasn't a setting to automatically reject duels (or maybe there was, but it was set to off by deafult), I would find them in HoD, usually in the Pit, and I would spam duel invites, which interfered with their chats and occasionally they would accept the duel and get their sh*t kicked in. I don't have to tell you how cathartic that was. :)
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  5. Amoxin Well-Known Player

    I am usually able to get the named banned. This is the first time though that it didn't allow it. So I just assumed they created, then hit their spam, deleted, and then did it again.

    Maybe the bots actually caught them.
  6. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Did you pick the name from "Recent Text", or type a command? Hackers do all sorts of stuff with their names (like using 30 spaces, or some weird symbols), to make it harder to report them. Maybe there are ways to glitch the system, so it doesn't recognize the name, when you try to ignore, or report it? I don't know - this hasn't happened to me yet.
  7. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Used to do that too. Was a good way to grab some PvP feats on low level new characters. :p
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  8. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Xbox actually does this, to an even greater extent, at that. When you block someone directly via Xbox Gamertag, you can not see their text whatsoever, and they can not see yours.

    As opposed to when you put someone on ignore in-game, they can still see your text, but you can't see theirs.
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  9. Amoxin Well-Known Player

    I used the recent chats to ignore them. It hasn't happened again, so who knows. I just know that I wish they could actually get rid of them. It's just so annoying.
  10. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I recently put someone on ignore while on my villain, and today I wanted to add said person to my ignore list on the hero side. I was surprised to see that person's name was already present on my ignore list, which has gotten me to wondering if the ignore list is now account wide?
  11. BabyBoyzim Dedicated Player

    That’s where I play currently, had no idea that it worked that way. (New to xbox in general) thanks.
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  12. Zoe· YouTuber

    Yes please, so tired of ignoring those bots again and again -.-
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  13. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Also wish we could friend or ignore the overall person/account instead of just individual toons......
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  14. Zero303 Well-Known Player

    bumpeti bump?