Mystic Symbol of the Seven

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  1. Beast Nero Active Player

    was checking on forum and no one posted this yet...

    the artifact say it increases defense by 15%, personally i was attacked by 8 adds in melee fight and only got 9%... after i saw this i switched artifact to eye of gemine :)

    anyway here is video from NU, hope it explains better then i did.
  2. CrescentMoon Well-Known Player

    His math is wrong. The defense shown isn't your base defense. You have flat amounts of stats in the game and then % bonuses get applied to it additively. Aka If I had 1000 defense and two bonuses that added 100% defense each, I would be doing 1000 defense *3.0 not (1000 defense*2.0)*2.0) which makes a difference between 3000 defense calculated and 4000 defense.

    His starting defense is 58014.
    The fortified assault neck is a 10% defense buff.
    His passive as an ice tank is 65% defense buff.
    Which means his passive defense buff from the passives is 75% total.
    His base defense before %'s is actually X * 1.75 = 58014, where X = 33,150.857142.
    33,150.857142 * 1.9 (75+15 from symbol) = 62,986.628571 defense which is where he was compared to the 66k number he originally estimated.
  3. Beast Nero Active Player

    good find... then i was wrong... no bug here then
  4. Nu31 Well-Known Player

    Ya, totally forgot that I had my fort assault neck mod on, that makes sense. Good catch