My suggestions to bring the Specialized playstyles (PftT & Weapon based) up to par with Hybrid

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ala Rebeldex, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Hello community and devs, i´ve been testing all the changes of the Revamp, and i agree with the general feeling of the testers that right now the Hybrid style is superior in damage output than the two other "Specialized" playstyles.

    So to come with possible solutions we have to identify where the problems come from each of this two opposite playstyles. Lets start to talk about "Play from the Tray"; the main issue that this playstyle has its that the players who want to use it have to spec heavy on the "power" stat, which will allow them to use more powers in sequence but at the same time will lower their damage output, since they are neglecting the principal stat for damage dealers who want to focus on use their abilities which is Might.

    The power back mechanic of AM´s is not a viable option IMHO, because its really overpowered, players barely ran out of power with it. Neither is increasing the power regen across the board because it would impact indirectly the other two playstyles.

    So my suggestion to help the players who want to "PftT" without making them self sufficient to run without a troll is giving them a FREE POWER CAST.

    How this will work? in a similar fashion of how the powerback mechanic worked but with more freedom and not being overpowered at the same time. The player will have to use THREE offensive powers (any of them without using any weapon or the counter resets) in chain to get a FREE POWER CAST afterwards; with this the players can chose to slot their expensive power cost ability to use this Free cast and allow the self power regen effect refill his/her power bar, making their power management more easy to handle.

    Now let´s move on to the other playstyle, the "Weapon based" one.
    The main issue with this playstyle is that weapon damage its so low compared to the might damage that its really not worth even spec heavy on precision right now. The solution for this dilemma is even more easier than the first one: Adjust the Weapon Buffs.

    Weapon Buffs are awkward right now on Test Server, they have heavy power cost, long cooldown and only 6 secs window to exploit its effect. The solution IMO is increase the duration of the buff to the whole duration of the cooldown (12 secs) and increase the percentage of buff from 33% to 50% (this number may be off a bit but it´s what i think can bring the weapon damage up to par with the Might based damage)

    Well this are my ideas to bring up the two "specialized" playtyles compared against the hybrid one. Thx for reading. ;)
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    If you throw a kitten out the window is that kitty litter?
  3. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    They need to buff up WM when they get the chance to, If "Weapon Focus" is supposed to heavily ulititze WM like stated in Avair's post then it's underperforming in general.

    Just using standard regular weapon combos is producing more damage, is quicker, and doesn't require as much SP as WM does.

    WM is supposed to increase your DPS but it's decreasing it right now.
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  4. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    Why even do the revamp if you cannot get it right???

    Plain & simple
    If all three play styles are not on par with each other the stats revamp is a total failure.
    This reason right here is why there have been so many issues with AM's & WM.
  5. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Still better than Live Server.
    Have a nice day.