My Suggestion To Make DCUO Better

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by testserverbat, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. The Jeff Well-Known Player

    The Greek Rod of Asclepius is a very old healing symbol dating back to ancient Greece and would fit well with the Grecian feel of the Amazonian related content. Not to be confused with a Caduceus, though. Caduceus has two snakes = commerce. Asclepius has one snake = healing.

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  2. Elda Mad as a Hatter

    they're protected so that people cant sell or create things with the icon on it, as it would be confusing in an emergency if you were looking for something for medical aid.
    it's actually even stricter than copyright or trademark, US federal law and the Geneva convention forbid its use by anybody except them. Some games that used it had to change to green crosses, or heart icons.
  3. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    Thanks for the response. That's disappointing we can't get an emblem on the cape. So if it's on a 2nd plane for a cape does it hover above the cap & not on it? Some may like it just like it hovering like green lanterns have at times. Is it possible we can place emblems (Move the positions like in our base) on the Chest, feet, legs, shoulders, stationary non cape back, hands, head, and or belt?

    Another 2 suggestions come to mind. Changeable Emblem three circling around or different variances to have them as 1 or 2 projected shoulders position, projected in front of the chest.

    Changeable Emblem Auras and materials. That could be an emblem booster bundle option?
  4. Megzilla Developer

    Emblem auras and materials I don't think work on a technical level, but having emblems as accessories (ie flying around) - maybe? I am not sure how itll look if we try to have a 2D plane navigate around a 3D space. We'd have to have it camera-facing always which might look a little weird? Can always give it a shot though. Projected emblem may also be an option since we are changing them to an FX instead of a texture. (lots of technical rules and hoops to jump through)
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  5. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Quick thought. Is it possible. Like how the old T2 or T1 style. Cant recall. Speed force gear has lightning shooting from the legs and chest. Or the mister freeze style that has ice mist coming from the chest. Is it possible to add these effects as accessories to gear. If that makes sense?
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  6. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    On the artifact front, I think the 2 big changes should be make seals acquirable in game again...either back to tradable...or another way to earn them like stabilizers...or as a rare drop in the loot tables. However it's done the only way to get them should NOT be spend money...even if the chances are slight or price is high in game. The second thing that would be nice is if consuming one into another came with some amount of progression besides the actual XP. So if you drop a 200 Arti into another arti (assuming it's 2x week), you get enough XP for 200, but still need to do the breakthroughs. I'd say if you are feeding a 200 arti into another (again, assuming you are geting full XP benefit) you jump up immediately to 100 or 120. It still leaves room for DI to make money on cats or seals for the final levels(or XP if you didn't do it on 2x week), but saves a bit of what you already spent getting to 200 in the first place. As they are constantly switching the 'best' artis each DLC, it's not unreasonable to see why this would be a good thing.

    Personally I almost never switch artis, but I can see where the combination of those 2 things would be of great benefit to some.

    I'm not sure either issue (artis or PVP) drive people out of the game, but Artis at least add to the 'grind' vs fun factor in the game...which the overall grind is what I'd say is the biggest issue.
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  7. Megzilla Developer

    Oh! Yeah, those are FX I think? Totally should explore that with future suits. Thank you
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  8. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Yeah that'd be cool for sure. I always thought that was a cool feature of the original styles. Even if the the rest of the suit know....dated.
  9. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    What about rocket boots? We have rocket packs, ones that shoot flame. But what I feel we need is boots that shoot flame.
    Specifically, a movement style that makes it look like flames are shooting from the feet so we can choose whatever foot style we want.
    I know I just put this in the costume thread but since I think my suggestion would improve the game too.
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  10. Wallachia Devoted Player

    What about Caduceus or a Medical Star then?
  11. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    Thanks for explaining. Looks like at least emblems accessories are a possibility.
    You could have just the 2D flying or flipping emblems. In the Superman movies with Christopher Reeves, the phantom zone was just a flipping square/diamond symbol. So if it was done in the same manner, it would at least look like part of the DC history/lore.

    Superman even threw his emblem and it flipped around too.

    If you have seen the artwork in the mobile DC Lengends game, Hal Jordan has a projected/hovering emblem. There are a lot of nice styles from that game that could be incorporated or get inspiration from also.

  12. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    Good explanation. I believe it's central city gear. T2.5 That's exactly the type of thing I'd like to see. Hopefully, with other powers or emblems etc.
  13. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    We should be able to buy SoP for 25 source mark and SoC for 50-100.

    This would be a doable free method for many.
  14. testserverbat New Player

    Yeah I could see Seals Of Preservation being a rare drop chance in raids in order to push veterans to run older content. Now your Artifacts XP idea is amazing! I could see that being implemented in the game without it being a risk for the devs income.
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