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  1. testserverbat New Player

    With the Ps5 coming later this year Dcuo has a opportunity to attract new players to the game. If you may or may not know the selection for early PS5 games are bound to run out this means that users of this system are bound to check out the content in FTP aspect meaning the population in Dcuo is going to increase due to the whole appeal of having a audience who loves the idea of playing a superhero and fighting alongside comicbook characters but these player are bound to leave due to the games current state and here's my proposition to make them stay

    We all know that artifacts in there state is one of the most tedious grinds in the game it's without a doubt one of the most prominent reasons as to why new players/old players don't even bother to stay long enough to enjoy Dcuo. my rework suggestion involves a slight revision to the artifacts system that doesn't involve risking revenue that the company makes from it.

    To start it off I believe the process of leveling a artifact to 1-180 shouldn't require anything Catalyst and relying only on XP and I also suggest that a artifact can achieve 180 within a weeks worth of grind. I know in hindsight that seems a bit too casual but giving the fact that we have over 30+ artifacts, multiple characters, and the fact that artifacts are coming out with every DLC it seems to be the fair route. Now once a character has reached 180 with a artifact the breakthrough to level 200 should require a grind that's solely pertains to Catalyst, allowing the only way to receive One of the three Catalyst is to be a rare drop chance in raids only now the rarity should reach to a point that you would be more focused on running older raid content in order to receive this drop and if a individual views the grind to be too much than they can purchase thus said catalysts from the market place. Another would be through DLC vendor specific content meaning that player would have to grind out the DLC marks in order to receive the second Catalyst, Now the third Catalyst can purchased through regular marks that you obtain while playing this game, and the low breakthrough chance and the requirement for seal of preservation and seal of completion to remain in the game. The amount of catalyst is entirely up to you, allowing you to achieve a balance to how much you're receiving from this current system now. This new system would promote replay ability and allow more casual sense to the artifact system than it is right now. I would request the breaking through to 200 would be a significant overall stat buff to push a player to choose wisely for which artifact they want to have at 200 along with the final additive perk that the artifact in question has.

    I know if a dev is reading this that they would immediately roll their eyes and say "not this again" but hear me out. I'm not as found of Pvp side of Dcuo as most people are, I mainly play the Pve side of this game but I will arguably say that your Pvp is one the most entertaining Pvp I have ever played in a mmo and most people can attest to that. It's so good in fact that your could easily increase the player base with fully dedicated players for Pvp.

    My suggestion is simple and it revolves around releasing Pvp gear with every DLC. Allow it be the same style as the Pve gear just with different stats. The main reason I assume as to why you are a bit dismissive from focusing on Pvp is solely due to the lack of profit that you see coming from it. I can assure you that you would likely see a massive increase in your community through a Pvp rework with Pvp gear being locked behind DLC content.

    This is pretty much it. I do have more ideas but these two are the ones that I wanted to address the most.
  2. TheDark Devoted Player

    DCUO will get better once it gives me the over the shoulder cape without the collar I’ve been wanting for almost 10 years.
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  3. Megzilla Developer

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  4. BumblingB I got better.

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  5. Megzilla Developer

    Dystopian Amazon also has a cloaky-cape. But that is correct, we do not have the Batman cape available for players right now
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  6. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    I like the cloak of nabu, even gives me that 80s popped collar vibe.


    We need more varied styles of over the shoulder cape.

    Would love a cape like this.

    I wanted this whole style since Family Reunion came out. The cape, chest and belt mostly.
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  7. TheDark Devoted Player

    Yea I have it but it never striked my fancy. I need one like the Cloak of Hades but over both shoulders, covers up to the neck and comes all the way down like the bat cape. Only then will my satisfaction be met and you will have my love.
  8. TheDark Devoted Player

    Exactly like this. Long A F gothic emo cape.
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  9. TheDark Devoted Player

    It’s ok. Just make it anyway but don’t add the sharp cut edges at the end like Batman’s. Just make it straight and you can call it “Dark’s Cape.” Please!
  10. zNot Loyal Player

    You are only saying this,because you do not own rank 200 artefacts after 3 years of the release and multiple double xp and sales.
    I dont agree with anything you say in this thread. Most people will never return just because of the stuff you mentioned most people quit becuse they get bored of lack of content in the DlCs, not due to lack of gear or other similar thing if someone really enjoys a game he will Spend alot of time and grind it or he will spend money there is no way around this this is in almost all games the case and DC has to make money and if artefacts are a way to do it then i do not see a problem a freetoplay player who is active can get to the same point in DC if he grinds enough. DC needs to give us proper content that doesnt get boring and easy too quickly thats the issue and not your artefacts if anything artefacts made the game more popular but the DLC related issues still remain.
  11. SugarHoneyIcedTeaMix Well-Known Player

    How I would change artifacts.
    Keep the structure it has already has but lessen how much work is needed to complete everything.
    Basically lower price of catalyst or make a separate currency for catalyst since source marks will be needed all the way up to metal part 2. And with ques being as atrocious as they are it would help if players didn't have so many Source mark sinks when they hit level 30, increase how much nth metal xp is given, or make rare gold nth metal drops a rare drop along with the other nth metal.
    Would also be great if R&D items would get their own tab instead of eating away at a players inventory, Could even sell the increase for more spaces on the marketplace.
    Instead of a massive increase in failure in breakthroughs make it a subtle 5% decline in success per breakthrough
    At rank 20 = 100%
    At rank 200 = 55%
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  12. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    Myself and others would also like to put emblems that we have on the capes. Haven't found one that allows to have a custom emblem. Would be nice to have on all the cape choices. Especially when we have so many emblem feat.s
  13. Wallachia Devoted Player

    DCUO will only get better when they release a medical cross emblem.
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  14. BumblingB I got better.

    Or a Maple Leaf emblem.
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  15. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    Hey Megzilla, is there any chance we could get a version of the Dystopian Amazon back or similar without those pesky blades at the top? Maybe make the enhanced version keep the blades and the regular version without them? Without those, it would be the best cloak style in the game, along with Nabu's Chosen.

    Still, you guys have released incredible back styles that I have been dreaming of being added to DCUO for years!
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  16. testserverbat New Player

    Although my post is suggesting to make achieving level 200 a lot harder than it is now you somehow fallen under the impression that i'm of the few people that want this system removed. The Double XP weekends only recently had a more predictable timeframe and again sales is the last thing that I'm trying to interfere with. The lack of content in DLC's shouldn't pertain to newer players at all, A new player would have the opportunity to experience years of DLC's with my suggestion because currently trying to find a raid from a beginners or even a CR skip perspective has the tendency to fall flat. Yes I do agree if someone loves a game a individual will spend money to support it one way or another but in this current state that DCUO is in a player would have to invest hundreds of dollars to enjoy this mmo, no one in a normal financial circumstances is going to that in order to enjoy this game, especially given the audience that they're trying to appeal to (People who are a fan of the DC Cinematic Universe). So what's the issue? Not the "Lack of content" it's the grind to enjoy thus said content. Want to run a old raid? well that might not happen because A. Not enough player are even queuing up for it or B. You end waiting a hour in order to enter it, That's why one my suggestion in the Artifact rework was to change how we receive catalyst in order for a veteran player to feel the need to run older content. Now they're games that are practicing this tedious method of grinding does not mean DCUO has to follow such extreme methods, Developers who practice extreme p2w/grind methods are usually companies who don't have a great opportunity that DCUO has in it's potential marketing, They can appeal to such a wide audience that would be willing to stay if certain methods were taken in place to make the new player experience more welcoming. I understand DCUO relies on this system to generate income but if you think farming 130 catalyst with a continuous decreasing chance to exceed to the next level and having to repeat this process THREE (6 times if you plan on doing both roles) than you'll be disagreeing with your own community. My suggestion was simple, make the grind to 1-180 achievable in a short time frame, while turning the grind that was originally there to achieve 180 and push that into achieving level 200.I did not once say that a player shouldn't have to pay to use artifacts, I'm providing a idea that could bring in a more sustainable audience for the future of DCUO, and by no means is the content in DCUO boring, it's a MMO, things are bound to get repetitive.
  17. zNot Loyal Player

    Artifacts are already easyier to rank up to rank 160. so i dont know what the issue is. From 160 to 200 it takes twice as long as from 0 to 160 (exp wise)
    Are you a new player or something? I seriously dont know how you struggle with the XP if you have been playing activly for the past 2-3 years.There are nth metal detectors which drop caches and those give XP and with double xp event theres no excuse to demand a change in the artifact system its very well made. The seals are indeed a different story we used to buy them in the broker but they removed that i didnt like that at all i think there should be more ways to get them but fine.
    DC has alot of potential but this comes from the PVE if we had larger scale raids and multiple Raids per DLC with more then 2-3 Elite bosses and Elite Raids which doesnt get finished in 20 minutes then DC will be in a much better spot. Also Wonderwoman batman atlantis gets boring they could do so many other ones Like Bludhaven/chemo type of DLC or a desert/Khandaq one plenty of options..Theres alot DC can do to maximize its potential.
  18. Megzilla Developer

    Our tech doesn't allow it. Our cloth sim works on flat planes, the emblem slot is another flat plane. So to try to have 2 flat planes stacked on top of each other somehow follow the same cloth sim every time... Not likely. Sorry.
    It is actually copyrighted by Red Cross, so we'll have to come up with something else medical.
    I'd like to eventually. The blades in the back aren't my fave either.
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  19. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    A charity have copy righted their symbol? Ironic how they copied from English flag - Capitalism with charities is new to me lol
  20. Kuno Loyal Player

    Why they dont make the enhanced versions more over the top, and keep the regular more simple? Like you said, the regular cloak would have looked way better without the blades. Some styles like that, look amazing but with those blades it has very limited used and has to be a very specific concept.
    I wish they released more differences between regular and enhanced or at least more basic variants so we can give them more uses.
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