my Opinion why gu25 ruined pvp:

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  1. Objeckt Well-Known Player

    Dude you are still missing the point. PVP sucks in DC Universe. Plain and simple. It is true that this reset is nothing except a reset, they say "The gap between Full T4 and T0 is smaller so skill matters" , truth is that the gap is still dumb, you can't win in bloodbat. ( I know because I dueled a leaguemate i know very well, in my half logistics/half punchline set and a bloodbat set) Also, there is no skill involved in pvp because of the lag between players and the crappy block/block break mechanics. If you want skill then go play a real fighting game or partake in martial arts or something, holding squares and blocking hoping to catch the lag of 3 hits is NOT skill. The pvp system sucks. This update is truly just a cash grab.. probably to pay the developers and advertisers of DLC 7.

    But like my point before, if you dont like it, dont pay for it, dont do it, its your choice. They will not fix it, pvp is just bad (IMO), it always will be and its the equivalent of a developer adding multiplayer to a game for the sake of replayability but in actuality its terrible and no one does it (we've all played games like that). If the devs are trying to make it better then I applaued them, Arranged Matchmaking will be fun, it will be fun to play leaguemates, make challenges to other players, etc, etc. Unfortunately they couldnt get it working right, so we will have to wait until the next update. If Arranged Matchmaking was included in this update there may not be such a harsh reception. Aside from arranged matchmaking, pvp is a joke and it cannot be fixed.

    Theres a large playerbase for pvp, if theres more gear, they will buy replay badges to get it first, and the devs will continue to exploit them because this is not a pvp game.
  2. NyteSkye New Player

    I agree PUGGING is bad, but I have to if I want the gear. The only reason why I'm PvP'ing everyday, is for those T4 styles (plus the Logistics and Aeronaut styles I haven't finished from the vault)... I don't even care if there are no feats attached to them atm, I just want those styles to rock them in PvE!

    Something does need to be done about pugging into a match that has already been started, and there is no way to make a comeback unless you talked in versus chat. Which I doubt has ever happened. If someone leaves a 2v2, 4v4 or anything, it should just be locked and let the match finish, the winning team gets their marks...

    I also support the idea of locking maps, whoever said that. I think that'd be a good idea to lock maps (unless they used replays to unlock it) but I'd rather not constantly que into the only arena I need to win, and my opponents are all full T4, and I'm only in Avatar Bombardier. I get you used Replays, but can the rest of us have a chance to get there. Do you get off on smashing lower geared players or something?

    All I know, once I collect the T4 gear for both my main toons, I'm never again PvP'ing until I feel like it is fixed, such as the ranking thing because I lose a lot... And I still get grouped with the less knowledgeable players against the full T4, fully modded with BASE mods.

    Don't get me wrong, I like PvP, but some things need fixing...
  3. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Close, but no cigar. You're just a year off in most cases.

    They had their 10th Anniversary celebration last May, eleventh this month.

    And while some of the original fat backwards-compatible PS3s can run FFXI, the modern slim cannot (and Seekers of Adoulin is still not availible for PS2/3).

    You should come back - the new expansion is more of the same, though there's this fun colonization/pioneering bent to the gameplay. But the best part is reconnecting with old friends - sounds like you had great times there, and I'll wave when I see you running around in FFXIV. :)
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  4. ARI ATARI New Player

    it really depends on how big a hurry your in.
    it took almost exactly 1000 replays to get thefull vengeance.

    with periodic half price sales thats 20 dollars or 15 dollars if you get a 20 dollar psn card at wallmart.
    if you dont want to go that path. you can use the free replay badges you get from being legendary. If your not legendary, obviously you dont get this benefit.
    the most cost efficient way to buy replays with legendary benefits is every other month. 350 replays for 1000 loyalty or station cash if your on pc.
    mix in some daily and weekly boxes with the free loyalty badges and you still get this gear rather rapidly.
    heck you dont have to replay the heck out of it. you can mix in a little bit of replaying if you find yourself in a really good group.
    if anything when your in a fun group, your paying the 12 replays for fun.

    little bit of math for perspective. you can buy 1050 replay badges from walmart for 15 dollars(enough for full vengeance). it costs 12 replay badges to unlock...
    thats under 6 cents per match. 5.83 repeating.

    I think 6 cents for 10 minutes of fun is a great deal.

    6 months... thats a long time. new armor twice a year doesnt really sound like anything to be concerned with.
  5. GateofDestiny New Player

    don't get the complaint the OP made.
    Before, you still had to make different group sizes to get all the boxes each week. And there were over 12 maps! And replayers still only concentrated on the maps they liked. Which left half the maps barren.

    Now each map you que into, you get into a game in less than 30seconds. Do you really want to go back to the time when you had to wait 30-40minutes just to get into a single Australia match?

    The pugging thing is also an overblown common complaint. Most of my games are pug vs pugs. And I beaten tons of 'premades' through pugging as well. Just because they're a pre-made means nothing. I been in tons of games where its me and a bunch of grouped people from a separate league in arkham or safehouse where they have no idea how to protect nodes or that your suppose to carry something to a goal, or how to get into a mech. And plenty of 5-7 of the same league in FoS where all they do is complain about the other team getting buffs and have no idea on how to get them or their spawn locations.
  6. Clutchmeister Loyal Player

    Except there has been more games since then, including FFXIII which I was alluding to in my post. If you think this game is ****, go play FFXIII. Your eyes will simultaneously combust, explode and implode while you rock backwards and forwards in your chair saying "why, why!?!?".
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  7. Francesca Lima New Player

    Are their still tons of girls fighting on that game over guys? They got out of control on Asura 40 girls beating up the girl outside her house for ******* their boyfriends for virtual gear.
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  8. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Oh my goodness, I was never a part of those kinds of shenannigans. My LS's female population were nearly all married (with their husbands playing). But I have heard the stories ... :)
  9. Phantasy2013 Dedicated Player

    I am PvE but I care about PvP. **HUGS**
  10. Francesca Lima New Player

    Guys were snatching up all my friends I brought with me on that game one by one. Married and then popping babies out so fast. That game was my first MMO, I never realized other games were nothing like it. Thats the only game I've been on that the girls out number the guys 10 to 1. I was telling a friend that on this, this game needs more girls on it. I think the whining would stop if the girls were doing the things. The guys would not want to look bad with girls able to do what they are crying over.

    I like that you actually got to meet players in your linkshell in person. The little get together things they would do were fun. Then people you did not like on the game you ended up being friends with them in person once you meet.
  11. Mad9 New Player

    If you only PVP, then you have nothing to complain about. Game update had improved PVP manifolds. I can't wait for arranged match making to hit the servers.
    Unlike before, you don't have to spend months farming PVP gear. I really don't know what are you crying about?
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  12. Skarlet Lantern Level 30

    Unless you spend replay badges, you DO have to spend months farming PVP gear. And im not crying lol. IM just giving my opinion. I honestly thought PVP was at its best before the Devs decided to screw with it. You can agree or disagree. If you are enjoying the game, great. IM happy for you. So go play the game and stop coming on here to cry about people crying.
  13. CaptHowdy New Player

    What gets me even more is that we grinded for our gear and and modded it. Now its not even as good as a blood bat set come on rly.
    Thats a low blo SOE basicly that says Soe doesnt care how hard we grind and so on.
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  14. CheckmateEnjoi New Player

    Honestly the thing that I hate is that the pay-to-win aspect has gotten so bad that people talk about HOW MANY REPLAYS they need to get vengeance or punchline, not whether or not they need to use replays.
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  15. AgentX44 Committed Player

    It's the same with PVE... good thing there's a way to recover exobytes at least now... before, there was no way to recover the mods whenever new gear came out.
  16. Omnilegion New Player

    The last few dlcs have revolved around replay badges , now the updates are being implemented with badges at the core of their design.
    Its ridiculous.

    To think i used to wonder why this game hasnt been taken serious by alot of the major gaming websites :rolleyes: the greed is overwhelming by these people.

    I understand the need for revenue to run a mmo or any game for that matter but when the last few dlcs have been full of rehashed content , you start to wonder "where is all the money going?"

    We are talking 100s of thousands of $ here.
    Just to see a rehashed legends character make it to the store for 1000SC?
    To see some sims imitation gothic chair item drop?

    Come right off of it.
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  17. Clutchmeister Loyal Player

    Someone really needs to compare how long it took to get checkmate armour compared to the new vengeance/punchline armour both without replay badges
  18. Flint Lockwood Well-Known Player

    Yea, and that full T4 player was garbage. No way a skilled T4er is losing to a cash geared player. The huge health advantage alone is more than enough to secure a victory. Preposterous! Pointless! And irrelevant!
  19. Madholm New Player

    This just proves how stupid replay badges are from a financial standpoint on their end.

    They made $15 from you by selling you the gear today instead of having you actually play the game for 3+ months where you are likely to pay $30 for your subscription, with very little chance of you canceling. Factor into this how many subscriptions they LOSE as a direct of allowing pay to win replay badges to exist, and I'm not sure how they can financially justify replay badges as a valuable source of income. They allow players to diminish the value of every single piece of content released and drive away players who value fair play in PvP or PvE. That messily $15 they made from you isn't remotely worth the long term harm it causes.
  20. Francesca Lima New Player

    Thing about replay badges if you pay a year ahead and cancel. You won't get 500 station cash a month is what I don't understand. You got all your money at once. They can't say of the account is going to be gone the next month. All my station cash comes from me paying for it. When they had that double station cash day this year. I wasted $150 dollars so that I could get weapons and gear for alts I decided to work on.

    The weapons for strategy points were 40 points. You have to win 40 matches for one weapon. That's along time when pugging your way thru all of it. It you didn't have replay badges trying to do that might take years. No one is elite just because they don't want to do the same stuff over and over again. People also not willing to listen to you most of the time and calling a whole team noobs when they run off by themselves and do something stupid.