my Opinion why gu25 ruined pvp:

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  1. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    let me keep this short and sweet:
    there are a ton of issues currently with pvp that have been discussed extensively on the forums as late, but there is just one thing with seasonal pvp and all the adjustments that has completely ruined it for me.

    the one thing thats driving me nuts is the "catch 22" i've currently discovered when deciding on how to go about getting my gear while playing with groups on a daily basis for reward boxes.

    with the new system, UNLESS YOU JUST REPLAY one map, you need to be in 5 different size groups to grab each daily box (let alone the weekly box).
    With the previous pvp systems over the last 2 and half years there were ways to form a certain size group and queue up one group size set of maps to gain marks.
    Now, if i want to get my daily or weekly boxes i have to change group size as soon as one win is acheived... UNLESS i REPLAY.

    the only other option is to PUG to avoid having to reform or add people to a group after just one win.
    the problem with that is the new system is VERY unfriendly to PUGing, as has been discussed at length in other threads... mainly due to the fact there is no longer rewards for participation, only winning.

    So... there is the new "REPLAY CATCH 22" system.
    I can form a nice 2v2, 4v4, or 5v5 group and replay, replay, replay... win 100% of my matches and be done with it...
    OR i can PUG and lose, PUG and lose, PUG and lose...
    OR i can shout for "need 2v2 partner" one and then shout "need roles for 4v4" oneand shout "need 1 for 5v5".... "need 3 for 8v8"

    ----what a joke.

    bottom line___ the new system is UBER PAINFUL to try and get marks UNLESS you replay.
    --they basically construed the most possibly disfunctional system possible for "normal/non replay" rank up.

    nuff said.

    call it a QQ, call it what you want, this system is just not fun.

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  2. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Pretty much, anyone who uses Replay Badges is loving it.

    Anyone who doesn't, for whatever reason, is dreading the slow progression.

    I'm the type of person that liked being able to dedicate hours and hours one day to gaining marks, then taking a day or two off of it. One win a day is just bleh for me. Not gonna make it to Punchline with any decent amount of time left to enjoy the set. Maybe a month lol.
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  3. Shadow Vlad New Player

    Unfortunately I agree, I do not like the new system. Sure there is probably a reason why they did it this way and maybe a lot of people like it, but not me. I was never a hardcore pvper, now I pvp less.
  4. Madholm New Player

    That's sums up the end results of the changes nicely.

    I'm sick of describing why most of the changes are flawed and I have no desire to log on, play a few matches and log off because of what the OP describes. Suffice to say SOE has no clue how to implement competitive Pvp.
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  5. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Irish; You hit the nail on the head.

    And since the devs want people to buy them replay badges..... I guess that it is a win for them.

    Now there is no way that they will listen to those who do not use replay badges and don't like the changes made in GU25. :(
  6. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    You also forgot to say the players who still do arenas with no pvp gear I always just do random ques . I just gave up on arenas not legends yet but, close to it because they seem really bugged bad since gu25 update. damage not always counting more then half the time. I already sold back the new pvp gear i bought from the pvp vendor.
  7. EvilGenius New Player

    boycott the game, halt your subs for few months. or just keep getting sucked into a money grubbing scheme which is hurting everyone in the game.

    why dish out money for a DLC or legenedary and then end up with half of the content you already paid for? i dont know why people dont realise this already lol... take a stand...

    look what happened to devs like zipper inc, dc devs are clever they would learn from their mistakes. you do not go against your consumer base.. never..treating your consumer base like ****...
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  8. EvilGenius New Player

    or just jump ship to FF14, which most people will be doing anyway.. play a real mmo.
  9. Skarlet Lantern Level 30

    SOE Devs never learn from there mistakes. Look what happened to Star Wars Galaxies. They are going to do the same to this game As they did with that one. They don't care about the opinions of the player base.They will do what they want. and the game will be run into the ground because of it.
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  10. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Players wanted harder raids and what's this we're getting?! Harder raids!?!!? Blasphemy the devs dont listen to us.
  11. Zed596 New Player

    Aw you have to change group sizes poor you :(, even tho there's only 5 arena, u get more marks for less work, get gear faster w/ less work w/o badges & difference between tiers has a lower gap. For example, beat a few full t4 DPS w/ my cash gear DPS 1v1. I see no problem =-=
  12. Skarlet Lantern Level 30

    did you see me mention raids? Im posting in the pvp forum, so obviously im talking about pvp. you want to talk about raids go to the pve forums. you are in the wrong place.
  13. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Let me help you out.
    You say they don't care about the opinions of the player base. The player base isn't just pvp players but, pve also. The player base wanted tougher raids and they gave it. Regardless if you mentioned raids it does not matter because apparently they are listening.
    You want to talk about the devs bringing the game down take it to the funhouse forums. You're in the wrong place.
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  14. Clutchmeister Loyal Player

    Except the last FF was a horrendous game which almost killed the franchise, so I don't think that counts as a real mmo either.
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  15. Horrorshow New Player

    I had a lot of frustration with it at first. The main problem I see is that people are leaving before the match is even finished. I would be a hypocrite and say that I did not leave before a match ended. I did not leave matches at first because I believed in fighting fairly, but the PUGS I was being matched up against or with were just horrible. I would constantly get that fresh level 30 noob on my team and go up against someone who was in T4 or T5 PVP gear. The matchmaking system is dumb. Not only that players are finding new ways to take advantage of the games bugs. A lot players know which powers will force players to not break out of stuns or cause the player to bug. There are also a lot of noobs spamming that launch roll mod. I don't have the patience to sit there and fight someone who uses cheap gimmicks to win PVP matches. Also the game kept matching me up against tanks. For some reason every lair battle had an ice tank that was able to beat me every time I qued.

    The Developers are basically opening the door to people to leave matches. They gave players no incentive to even try. They need to fix the leave que times for lairs and make it so it lasts even through a log out. The Developers need to work on matchmaking. The Developers also need to give people a reason to stay in matches. Even offering someone like 5 or 10 marks of valor would be fine.
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  16. Worlok New Player

    next thread: why do devs ruin everything every chance they get?
  17. Skarlet Lantern Level 30

    I only read the pvp forums as I only pvp. I don't care about pve. so you can go to you're funhouse forums and talk about raids all you want. ill stay here in the pvp forums if that's ok with you. My Point was most people who pvp are unhappy with GU25. They don't listen to the pvp player base. There fixed. Happy now? Enjoy you're pve
  18. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Guess what? I PvP also, so while you're here complaining I'll be playing the game. Enjoy you're pvp forums.
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  19. Skarlet Lantern Level 30

    Great. So why are you here again?
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  20. Fourth New Player

    I would be able to tolerate this update much more if the marks weren't daily. By far the most money hungry system in this MMO.
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