My New Survey Suggestions, What Were Yours?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Belthazur, Jan 1, 2022.

  1. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    NOT Looking to Debate OR Explain Why Things Can't be Done.. it's 2022 Lets Make DCUO What it can Be.

    Bases NEED New Amenities (League Hall Donation)
    Warp to League Hall Needs to be added
    Portable Armory (For Imprinting on the Fly)
    Make Base Items & Amenities FREE Placement ANYWHERE. NO More Specific Areas Only.
    More Base & League Hall Layouts Like Wayne Manor. (Arkham, Fortress of Solitude)
    REMOVE the Inability for PC & PS to Reset and Trade Items with.
    Put More Effort into Open World. Make Missions More Random Like they were in Ace Chemicals.
    Increase the Member Market Place Rewards & Replay Monthly.
    Expand the Daily Rewards to Fill the FULL Month and NOT just ALL but the Last 10 Days.
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  2. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    I agree with everything except the last suggestion. The reason why it's 21 days instead of the whole month, is so that if you somehow miss 2, 3, or 9 days, you will still get all the rewards from the daily rewards event. Like, I'm not gon be online till Monday, thus, that Extra leg room they have during the daily calendar is a lifesaver. Not every is gonna be on every single day.
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  3. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    I'm ok with most of that.

    I think new Manor-style Kryptonian & Amazon bases are pretty much a dot on the cards. it's just a matter of when. I've not seen any of the figures, so I can't say if the Manor was a success or not, but almost everyone I know in game loved it. I'd also liked to see some more themed dive-style bases, like the Space & Volcano ones. maybe power-based? or even just dive-style redos of the ones we already have ( cave, ancient, bunker, etc ) that don't need a big old animation up one end.

    the membership rewards? yeah, if they wanna up 'em, I'm not going to complain, but I really don't have much of an issue with what I get right now, so I can give or take it.

    & I gotta stand with BYSIS as far as expanding the rewards go. I think it's fine & fair as is.

    everything else, though? yeah, cool. all for it.
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  4. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I would love to see all base themes in all sizes/types. Like an Ancient style lair with the Atlantis/Brainiac big room I could use the proper enormous Trigon decorations in for a hellish lair, a lair sized volcano or space base, the list goes on…
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  5. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    yep. totally.
  6. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    I want the remaining 10 characters slots to be buyable w/out legendary. Or just remove the cap. I would def keep adding $ for characters, love creating em. Only thing id spend big $ on at this point, replays etc really arent a huge deal to buy a few here & there, but 10$ & up stuff, character slots would do it for me
  7. Brit Loyal Player

    The things I want are all so small, so simple, and I feel like they are never going to be acknowledged.

    - Fix the "Permission to Move Base Items" permission on the mainframe. In League Halls, if you grant someone permission to move items, they can place, remove, and freely move items; you know, like normal decorating. In a Lair, however, the "Permission to Move Base Items" is broken and has been broken since it's original inception with no effort ever being mentioned of fixing it. If you grant somebody permission to move items in your lair, so they can decorate part of the lair using items from your list... they can't. Instead, it is broken. They cannot place items. They cannot remove items. They cannot move existing items. All they are allowed to do, for some reason, is spin an existing item around in a circle, like turning paintings upside-down. I want them to fix it, so I can pay someone 500 million to decorate my Lair for me.

    - NPCs as Base Items. We have Ambush Bug. We know that it's possible. We get tons of cats and penguins and stuff that is allowed to freely walk around our base. But we cannot get just a generic Cop, or Scientist, or Joker Goon, or whatever in our base. Our Lairs are the loneliest places ever. Please, for the love of Zod, I'm not asking for some complicated tech to allow us to create items out of our alts and place them in our base. But could we get at least a couple of generic people that we can drop in. Even if they're stationary, that's fine. But Batman has a Butler, so I'm allowed to have a friend as well.

    - Emblem slots on gear. For crying out loud, please divorce this insistance of putting baked in emblems into the new gear. Instead, make the slot of blank slot for an emblem, and whatever that baked in emblem was that you thought looked so great on it, release that just as an emblem. Then we can make that perfect combination that you imagined... or we can do literally anything else. You know what the most popular Superman suit is in the game? Stalwart Defender. Because it gets used by people who want to be Superman... or by people who just want to put their own emblem on a chest piece in a large slot. We like that freedom; don't try to force everything into a box.

    - PvP CR102. The only change that I care to see in PvP is the release of the next tier suit. One tier suit for PvP per year. No need to bother with balance or whatever; I'm not going to ask for millions of hours doing something that players will never agree on. But we cannot go for years with no new rewards, capped out on marks. More than anything else, rewards are why people run content. If you want people to PvP, we just need the next suit, so that we have a reason to run it again.
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  8. RavNoc Well-Known Player

    A Panopticon style League Hall would be amazing ;)
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  9. Belthazur Dedicated Player

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  10. RavNoc Well-Known Player

    If you think about it, it's a perfect layout too :) and the rooms/hallways are just as big
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  11. AGGUSTEN Well-Known Player

    It could also release existing maps, like the Titans Tower alert like League Hall ?) Or other existing maps

    since they like to recycle
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  12. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    Powers need to be a focus this year. Since we know getting new ones is most likely not an option, I’d like to see our current powers balanced and maybe visually updated, with certain powersets being completely reworked to finally bring them up to par (mainly on the dps side).
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  13. Blight KOBRA Commander

    Couldn't agree more.
  14. Blight KOBRA Commander

    More customization, but that's what I'm always asking for. Customization for henchmen, for sidekicks/accomplices, for movement modes, for armory transformation animations, and powerset colors.
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  15. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    Been wanting this so long.. I LOVE some of the styles they have created but they are unuseable because of the permanent emblems

    The new Martian Manhunter is a GREAT example of how it should be - leave the emblem bit blank so we can choose to go "iconic" OR let us experiment with other styles/mats etc etc (if you use a mat on the gear with perm emblems you can't then add your own, which is sad :( )

    As a smaller thing.. iit drives me nuts becaudse I see a leg style I like and want to match it texture/line wise to the chest and the chest has a huge embedded emblem that has nothing to do with my toon and I can't adjust it

    Further to this my very unpopular opinion is they should stop just copying the exact styles of a character in the DLC.. do more generic ones.. or make 1 part as a drop in instances but gear style is more generic.. like they used to do.. Mayan.. Voodoo.. Shielded Robot etc etc
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  16. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    League hall should have all amenities available that are available to bases, absolutely!
    Free placement for amenities is pretty much a requirement at this point. I despise the manor layout of amenities, passionately.
    Everything else, sounds okay.
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  17. RavNoc Well-Known Player

    Also, the ability to add henchmen or pets that you have previously equipped to your base vendor. My poor bank :(
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  18. JeanGrey Level 30

    I'm still fairly new but ever since I started playing I haven't skipped a day so I thought some of my suggestions could be useful to them.

    I asked for more incentive to be a member as at the moment I personally don't feel like the price for what we get is worth it. 150 replay tokens is only enough to reset one weekly instance which is kind of strange to me.

    I also asked for new movement abilities such as a superjump or teleport.

    And finally some updates to animations and the visuals of powers. For example the animation for Singularity in the Quantum power is literally someone just throwing something. I think it should feel slightly more impactful. I also noticed the reuse of ALOT of animations for different power sets. This to me lessens the unique aspect of playing with different powers as the powers can visually look different but the animations make it feel like just the same.
  19. Shazammm Well-Known Player

    I use the replay badges on feats for my alts. Resetting missions is practically a waste to me. Getting feats and boosting my alts' SP is definitely where you get the most bang for your buck (or badge, in this case).
  20. JeanGrey Level 30

    That's a good idea, I may as well use them for that.