My BIGGEST issue with the game ATM

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  1. Evil Leaper New Player

    I went to look for JEEBIES guide and could not find it post a link.

    @JEEBIE didn't you start the bashing by misquoting and being rude to Benaiah.

    No one on these forums truly searches for discussions it's more like bashing people over the head with their opinions and getting upset when people disagree.
    I don't use guides myself because I like to discover the power myself my loadouts are always different from the forum guides. I have been beat one time on the scoreboard with my celestial and I run with cr 101 powers all the time. So when I hear a Celestial DPS that gets beat by HL or any other power than celestial it makes wonder if they know how to play a celestial.
    Also JEEBIE proved Benaiahs point by saying he only gets beat by precision based powers so why shouldn't the powers be more balanced? It should be the player not the power.
  2. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    I have written no guide, just take part in a lot and did a lot of the number crunching.

    And please go reread. I poked fun in my first post, because he was suggesting changing HL/Celestial completely, so I said:
    Please go look back, I asked him two quite important questions that I'm still waiting for an answer on.

    How would combo powersets work if the combo damage was Might damage? Might damage doesn't clip Might damage, so doing say Retribution combo clipped into another wouldn't work. Or Claw-ram-Whip, clip whip with ram-whip. Those things simply woudln't work with the normal clipping rules if they were might damage, it'd be quite odd.

    Then also recovery, we get 10 power/s back by simply hitting the mob with white damage every 4s. How would that trigger if we were rotating combos of might damage with no white damage to activate?

    The system they set up works within the larger system that was always here. White damage can be clipped with Yellow damage which can be clipped by beneficial powers/trinkets/soders/consumables.

    All it does is flip the order. Instead of depending on a weapon attack clipped with a power, You do a power which is comboed to a "weapon" attack then clipped with a power to rotate.

    HL is quite awesome, they can very well beat Celestials. Heck this video was posted today, look what's on top... then look what is third. Fami/Friends 14 min Nexus

    Now I can tell you Surrealita is one of those guys that will beat me. The others, I haven't played with honestly but I bet they could as well. Surrealita could probably beat me with Quantum if we were in a 3 troller setup (my fingers don't move fast enough to take advantage of the power as celestial).

    And My point, which seemed to be ignored, is that things are quite close and they are working on it. Look at the nerf Celestial is taking, ~10% less dps on Retribution, that's going to be noticeable.

    Just like every aspect of the game there is imbalance. Look at weapons, why is a melee weapon (1h) the best range attack? Why are range weapons like Bow/DP such crap at range? Why is it that only HB/1h/Rifle can really compete with the rest noticeably behind?

    The powers are pretty darn good, I've seen MMOs with MUCH worse balance. You have powersets that they try to be unique with and sometimse it's hit/miss.

    Look at Earth, it's "prec based" but it was a total whiff. Even when you can jackhammer it's really not that good and high power cost.

    They are doing what they can, and it's honestly pretty damn good.
  3. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    ~700 prec + 600 from weapon dps, yeah it's quite the upgrade to Prec based attacks.

    All in all 131 weapons + ~900 prec, we're at 220ish DPS
    Now with 192 weapons + 1600 prec, it's like 350ish DPS.

    Compare that to the Might which is ~2k ->~3k.

    It's not as far off as you're suggesting.

    I think Ultra makes a good point, in every aspect of the game you get more Might than prec when a choice is offeerend, everywhere except Mods. While 150 might is a LOT to have on a mod, it'd fit the trend much better than now where it's actually LESS might than Prec on mods.
  4. ihatecrybabys New Player

    stop calling for nerfs honestly just stop ..u obv are not good at the game i can show u my friend who is quantum who will beat 95 percent of hard light and celestial ,, my other friend will beet any power every time with gadgets .. STOP CRYING FOR NERFS GET OFF THE FORUM GO TO THE WAR ROOM AND PRACTICE CLIPPING
  5. Evil Leaper New Player

    Why is asking for might damage to be buffed to equal precision calling for a nerf?? Read before you decide to chime in.
  6. Charlie Fantom New Player

    Modding, modding is pissing me of at the moment.
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  7. Lemarcel55 New Player


    Couldn't agree more.
  8. ihatecrybabys New Player

    to buff the might gear mods or powers or nerf the prec based gear mods or powers

    why dont u stop and read before you make your self look foolish ..
  9. Evil Leaper New Player

    No one on this thread asked for a nerf. I know how to read.
  10. ihatecrybabys New Player

    “to buff the might gear mods or powers or nerf the prec based gear mods or powers
  11. ihatecrybabys New Player

    your alinsky tactics wont work with me :)
  12. TrueOlympus New Player

    just to make sure i understand:

    The might based mods are underpowered in comparison to the Prec spec mods?
  13. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    I agree they are doing a fine job....I never said anything about that...just said the might gear mods or powers need to be bumped up a bit....I not sure how much...just a bump up so that they are more inline with the precision based powers mods and gear....1500 precision on a precision based power does way more damage than 3200 might on a might based power....I think dc is doing a good job but this at least needs to be addressed to us....everyone knows there is an unbalance between precision and might based powers....just play them and u will agree...if u had played them then u would agree with me...simple