My BIGGEST issue with the game ATM

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  1. Ogltree New Player

    I prefer that everything stays the same. Yes I prefer precision over might although every power in the game uses both. I use both and the mods seem fine to me. I have played with might based players of every power that deal damage quickly and maintain some power efficiency. The biggest problem I think that most might Damage players are facing is not being able to apply their own power interaction that cannot be overwritten or removed by another player in the game. Might is fine where it is from what I have seen. If you are constantly overwriting your buff from casting powers then that is a failure on your part.
  2. Evil Leaper New Player

    No one wants a nerf we want balance. Nuff said.
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  3. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Buff them by how much? in what way? details.
    Nerf them in what way? Details.

    It's a lot tougher than it seems. I think they are doing quite a fine job overall.

    Celestial got a decent nerf (and a buff, but it buffs 4 people!), that drop in Retribution damage was needed and I think celestial will be much better balanced because of it.

    They are trying, but it's not easy.

    Think how many powers there are, I'm talking all powersets combined, how many powers they have to balance, All the variables, all the differences. They have to combine all these into working powersets that have to be balanced.

    They are truly doing a damn fine job of balancing.
  4. benaiah New Player

    No every POWER in the game does not use precision. Only 3. All we want is balance. Precision based power damage was a moronic asinine idea that broke the game. I didnt work hard to get my gadget to t5 to become a sidekick to a worthless unskilled player who has to use the celestial power set because they are crap at everything else. This game is severely unbalanced and needs to be fixed. Removing precision based power damage would solve the issue.
  5. Evil Leaper New Player

    Why don't they introduce might based weapons so the might from the weapons add to the players might just like the weapons add to the damage of precision based powers.

    Done balance restored.
  6. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Getting rid of many people's favorite powersets is the best way to fix this game! ... wait... what?
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  7. benaiah New Player

    I said get rid of precision based power damage not power sets. Keep the combos, keep the low power cost, thats fine. Its the precision damage from powers that are severely unbalancing the game.
  8. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    No don't touch precision. Due whatever you want to might. Maybe spec prec and might and use weapon attacks . Ask any troll this is the solution to the whole game! Can't even say that with a straight face...

    In all honesty I've seen some really good might based DPS players recently. They seem to really use the 1h clipped in their powers.
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  9. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    So would that completely change the clipping? as Might doesn't clip might

    Also what about hit counters? we depend on the prec attacks to activate recovery.

    I find the might vs prec powersets to be decently close for the most part, with Earth/Sorc being outliers.

    Is it perfect, no, but outside of making everything exactly the same, it will never be. I find it to be pretty darn solid right now.

    WHen I was Quantum/Mental I outdpsed most people, As Celestial it's still the same people who beat me lol. This game is still mostly based on skill.
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  10. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Why are precision based power the biggest issue in the game for you?

    You didn't say, but I would guess you are might based and you are a DPS. My second guess would be the reason is the score card.

    Feel free to scream from the heavens for a might buff or precision adjustment but the biggest problem in the game, please.

    Clown box glitches in dox.

    PS3/PS4 queing issues.

    Memory freezes and crashes.

    Community intent on stealing each other blind for material for mods.

    Just to name three that can be game breaking, and you worries about damage someone else is doing and your not while still clearing content.

    Not the most pressing issue in the game by along shot.

    To ultra nice job on the numbers, is a much more compelling argument, still would rather have the new UI, armories, ps 3/4 patches before DPS fixes.
  11. benaiah New Player

    If you are celestial and get beat then you have no idea what skill is. Plague into DL is like a photon blast that hits an entire room just ticks slower. So no one would play HL or celestial if it didnt do precision damage? Doesnt that pretty much prove my point? I dont mind HL but since its release it has been severely nerfed and it wouldnt of needed to be nerfed if it wasnt for the massive precision damage numbers. The only reason that we even have might and precision is because one was designated for weapon damage and the other for power damage. How does that make everything the same? That would mean every troll, tank, and healer are the same because we dont have 2 kinds of vit, resto, and dom. But sure, lets keep it the way it is so the population keeps dropping and the game dies a slow painful death.
  12. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Please answer the questions I posed if you're going to reply.

    How would the clipping work if instead of white numbers (clippable by might powers) were instead Yellow ones (not clippable by might powers)?

    How would we trigger Recovery which triggers on white damage and gives 10 power/s back?
  13. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    the ideal solution would be they could fix everything including the issues u stated....

    but with my example with the Mod Ratio being 1:1, instead of a fix we could see an adjustment in Might mods for 6 Plans and just move forward with more balanced mods rather than going back and fixing past might mods
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  14. H.. Committed Player

    Always ask for the buff - as you want to forward (at least most of the time) not backwards which nerf-ing tends to do!
  15. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    I think JEEBIE knows a thing or two about celestial since he basically made the guide that everyone uses just to let you know. In fact he was a little too honest about celestial DPS power consumption.
  16. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    After that troll epidemic we had a few weeks back I thought everyone would be happy about precision powers but then I realized all the might based DPS players would be singled out.
  17. benaiah New Player

    so the guy who wrote the guide to celestial gets beat all the time? LMAO. Maybe he should learn to play a power before writing a guide. Glad I ignored him.
  18. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    If you just wnat to bash people go ahead. I really have no need to defend myself, my play and reputation does that for me. And Just FYI the players I lose to are Celestial/HL but you can just jump to whatever conclusions you want, as you have no interest in a discussion.
  19. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    It has nothing to do with clipping, from t4-t5 prec based powers got a 150% buff while might got a 50%, on top of the fact hl was already a top tier power, and then cele. If the powers woulda had an even buff, maybe so many players wouldn't have been crying nerf
  20. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    They should be equal in my opinion. I strongly agree that powers should work differently and that mechanics should differ. However, something as basic as might vs. Precision should always be equal.
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