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  2. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    BTW, guy at 0:45 is the real H2 Pwn.
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    Free2BeMe, where's your sig from? Is it a motion comic?
  5. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    Thanks, any individual picture you like a lot?
  6. Free2BeMe Loyal Player

    I really like the ones of the characters you created. They appear very realistic. I also have a bunch of artwork, but none that are too recent. I mainly do pencil sketches, ink drawings, and occasionally some paintings, but I also like to dabble in graphic design/photo editing and photography every once in a while. I'll post some probably some time this weekend if you'd like to see them :)
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  7. BlueVariable Committed Player

    H2, you have some really nice work there. It shows a lot of great potential in your skills. The characters you've created are very unique. I would suggest you focus on a few things to increase your abilities.

    First, make sure you are doing lots of still lifes. Grab a pencil or some charcoal, and sit in front of something as simple as fruit to begin with. Sketch them over and over until you are making improvements you are happy with. Then move onto things with more complex textures like cloth and furniture.

    Second, focus a lot on shading. Shading you'll find, can really provide heavy insight into the structure of what you are trying to create. Utilize all different types of shading from soft to dark to crosshatching.

    Third, don't be afraid to copy others artwork. If you like it, draw it, absorb their techniques and styles to figure out what yours is. Just don't say it's your own original work.

    Fourth, get some anatomy books and learn about bone, muscle and tissue. These things are vital for anyone who wants to become an artist, especially people who want to do character concepts.

    Keep working hard at it and you will do awesome! You're already a talented person, the point is to never be satisfied with your work. Good luck!!
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  8. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    Thanks, those are really good suggestions.
  9. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    LOL! When I started playing it - an add for Art Institute popped up!

    Not laughing at the artwork, tho - very nice work!
    I agree with the suggestions made above - keep working at it and someday I'll be buying books with your work in them!
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    Aww.. that penguin looked kinda sad..:(
    Probably because he can't scratch his own back..
    Anyway, keep at it man!

    Deathmike out.
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    Wanted to share my most recent Harley Quinn drawing. The costume is her default from InJustice: Gods Among Us.

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  12. Flash New Player

    I can do that..hold my beer.
    Jokes man nice work, you got some talent ;)
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