Munitions: A preliminary guide/discussion

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  1. Xzotix Committed Player

    Here is my “favorite” load out thus far.
    Chain Grenade Launcher, Killer Instinct, Five-Barrel Minigun, Railguns, Shrapnel Grenade Launcher, SC-Mounted Turret

    The Rotation is:
    1. Chain Grenade Launcher/ Killer Instinct
    2. Five-Barrel Minigun -> Railguns -> Shrapnel Grenade Launcher -> Five-Barrel Minigun -> Railguns -> Shrapnel Grenade Launcher -> Repeat 1 & 2
    SC-Mounted Turret I use like a shield, it really does absorb quite a bit of damage during and a few seconds after use.
    Plus it does decent damage.
    Note: I don’t use Chain Grenade Launcher again until KI is off cool down, the CGL DOT last almost as long as the cool down of KI.
    Also I’m sure ’Splosion would do better overall damage, that is just TOO close in high end raids.
    CGL/KI clip reminds me of a preloaded time bomb.
  2. Echephyle New Player

    So for a ranged loadout it seems like 50 cal slows down dps. Would it be better off spamming minigun,, railgun and rocket launcher?

    When the AM kicks in, do all ticks get enhanced damage or only the first one? For example minigun has 4-5 ticks of damage.
  3. Roomba Dedicated Player

    In the very post of mine you quoted, I explain why I prefer shrap over rocket. But yes, if you are using rocket as your 3rd ranged ability, you could just spam those three.

    The AM affects all damage by AM abilities. Are you getting other results?
  4. Roomba Dedicated Player

    A note on CGL though, and I was hoping people picked up on this in the parses I posted. Doing what you're doing, CGL/KI when KI is off cooldown is a DPS loss in my experience.

    I was using it, and here is what I found. Please tell me what you find/think:
    Single target: CGL does less DPS than robo sidekick (about 280 dps to Robo's 400 dps, against ST target dummy)
    AoE: CGL barely does more DPS than Robo (550-600 vs Robo's 400, against the 8 target dummies)
    Additionally: You do not need to reapply KI, the AM abilities also keep it going. You do not need to apply the burning PI (it does NOT increase AM damage). By pausing to click CGL/KI and waiting.... that is 0.5-1 seconds where you are now doing 500 dps instead of 7000 dps +, without ANY benefit whatsoever.

    If I DO put a power on my bar, just to have something for the sake of having it, I use MiniNuke as its dps is much much better

    My recommendation is to not use CGL/KI part of your rotation for these reasons, but of course I encourage anyone to play how they wish and test things out for themselves. What works for me may not work as well for someone else, and vice versa. Please let me know your findings.
  5. Roomba Dedicated Player

    Quoting you a second time to emphasize this:

    NO IT IS NOT!!!!!

    (Not yelling at you lol, just trying to make a point)

    I was with another Munitions in an Elite TOD yesterday and we were BOTH using Splosion on trash, Ares, Judges. Not so much on Hades. We led the charts (which I know doesnt mean much), and we nearly killed Ares in the 3rd "vulnerability phase" several times but overall raid dps was not there (using a 3 dps set up). Again, in elite. And not using it once or twice, it was a regular part of both of our rotations.

    You will get better at using it as you get more comfortably moving during the fight. Please keep trying though, it is a huge dps booster!
  6. Skyfairy New Player

    I'm absolutely loving munitions at the moment.

    I'm using what I guess is a pretty standard loadout. Killer instinct, Biggun, Splosion and then my 3 regular AM powers which I'm not totally settled on to be honest. I always have Rail Guns and 5B mini gun but my 3rd power I just can't decide. I'm chopping and changing between Chain Gun, Shrapnel Grenade, Rocket Launcher and even sometime Particle Gun.

    What are peoples views on SGrenade, RLauncher, CGun and PGun when compared to each other?

    Thanks for the info so far, I've taken a lot of this thread on board when picking my loadout.
  7. Xzotix Committed Player

    LoL. Yeah, I get you. But it's still too close... for me.
    As for reply to post 1.
    In my experience CGL/KI clip has not been a loss thus far on USPS can't parse numbers.
    I agree with the KI use since Eye of the Tiger is still active, but mainly KI is my timer for CGL's dot. (acceptable loss maybe).
    I do believe that CGL will do more background damage than RSK. Can you check that out if possible please?
    Personally I hate that thing (RSK) with a passion, so probably would deal with that (acceptable loss certainly), if it is.
    I have to recheck, but when testing in league hall I remember some nice crits from testing only CGL.
    Also note you can clip .50 Cal but you get absolutely NO damage. I think you may have stated that earlier. I think it has something to do with the UI being incomplete. Would rather use that but, oh well.
    Yeah I don't pay any attention to the chart either, until completion. I don't want to chase numbers.
    Rather complete then compare.
  8. Roomba Dedicated Player

    I gave you its dps in both ST and aoe situations in my response. It loses to RSK in ST, it barely beats RSK in aoe (8 target dummies). MiniNuke does way more damage and has better range

    Still. I find myself either using Rocket Retreat or Biggun
  9. Roomba Dedicated Player

    The good thing about them is their dps seem to be pretty similar. The proc cons of each are as follows (in my opinion):

    Shrap: Quick, wider aoe than the others. ST damage isnt the best, but not terrible.

    Rocket: Will only hit targets around your target (will skip mobs in between). Pro and con in itself

    Particle: Same as rocket, but it's a quick animation and also grounds. This is probably better for pvp for either of these reasons.

    Chain gun: Same aoe range as 5BM. Good aoe, bad if you're trying to focus.
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  10. Skyfairy New Player

    Cheers my man.

    It's great that we have so much choice in AM powers, almost every munitions player I see has a slightly different loadout which is refreshing. Time will tell if a cookie cutter spec emerges.
  11. Skyfairy New Player

    So Roomba, would you suggest I start an encounter with Mini-nuke clipped with KI, then go into my AM rotation? I too find Splosion's range a little too close for my tastes. I tip my cap to people who can pull it off bit I'm too old and slow lol.

    I ask because Splosion is kinda wasted on my power tray so am thinking of swapping for mini nuke and clipping it with KI when it's cool down is up.
  12. Xzotix Committed Player

    Yes you did. I misread it.
    Is MiniNuke clippable?
  13. Roomba Dedicated Player

    I honestly don't think it's worth breaking your AM rotation to hit X/KI. X being whatever you're thinking of using. The AM damage is too good.

    I'm not saying it's not worth having it slotted. If anything I'd say every time you get interrupted it would be good to do Nuke/KI.

    EDIT: I'm gonna do a quick 1 min parse of each, i'll let you know my findings
  14. Roomba Dedicated Player

    Yup, perfectly. CGL does decent dmg vs one target, nuke crushes it in aoe.

    Wow. I retested this and I see I was wrong. CGL is beating nuke on my parses now. Im gonna look at my old logs and see why Im getting different results
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  15. Roomba Dedicated Player

    Egg on my face: Roomba was wrong about this whole thing.

    A) CGL IS better than nuke. Like, by far and away better.

    B) I am seeing a slight bump (about 1k/sec) IMPROVEMENT keeping CGL/KI on cooldown.

    I don't feel like doing all the image hosting, but here are my results (8 dummy grp in LH, each run was the exact same amount of rotations):

    CGL, clipped with KI on cooldown: 12,250 dps, with 560 dps coming from CGL
    CGL, AM rotation only without interrupting: 11,664 dps
    MN, clipped with KI on cooldown: 11,075 dps, with 190 dps coming from MN.

    Thank you all for bringing this to my attention. I guess I botched some of my early runs and was quick to dismiss it. Will update opening post.
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  16. Skyfairy New Player

    I appreciate your testing of this mate, it's always good to see raw numbers rather than anecdotal evidence, cheers.
  17. Roomba Dedicated Player

    I have added a state of the union section on the first page. Does anyone have any complaints, concerns, or suggestions to the powerset?
  18. BleepingPC Active Player

    So what is the preferred loadout, it seems there seems to be a big difference dps wise depending on your loadout.

    I have the exact same skill pts as a league mate yet he does probably 30% more damage
  19. Roomba Dedicated Player

    Please refer to the very first post :)
  20. IMow New Player

    Wats better for mun range loadout i use Ki, five barrel minigun,chaingun, and sc biggun.and what is a good close range loadout to use.