Munitions: A preliminary guide/discussion

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  1. Version San Diego Active Player

    Troll with the alt, not this load out. Just to clarify.
  2. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I'm not worried about mad damage, just to be clear about what the power does. Since munitions only has 1 dot, which is fire, what two other dots are you speaking of?
  3. Version San Diego Active Player

    It is still burning. Do not know why but with muni different pi applicators stack. Will not work with spamming flak. But use sharp and flak, 2 dots.
  4. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    So there's 2 dots? I'm confused. ;) you said three...
  5. Version San Diego Active Player

    Did not think it was necessary to include chain grenade, 3 dots. Kinda thought you would have got there on your own
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  6. Tocimus Committed Player

    Im finding this to work well.
    Chain gun
    Rail gun
    Flak cannon
    Robot sidekick

    With flak cannon being used 1x after 2 powers.
  7. Soul Dedicated Player

    An old leaguemate of mine just finished his munitions video he's running something different from what I have seen in the past few pages here might be worth the look not sure I don't play munitions often myself enough.

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  8. tyrose Level 30

    I have a question... I dusted off my munitions character. How effective is the shield on rocket jump? I saw a munitions toon tonight that was spamming rocket jump every 10 sec or so. Basicaly my question is, is spamming rocket jump worth the dps loss? I always thought that the shield was really wimpy and did not help much. But thought I would ask as it ahs been awhile since i messed around with my munitions. umm.... this is in reference to dps side if that helps.
  9. Schimaera Devoted Player

    It's as effective and as much a dps los as blocking every 10s for 1s for no reason ^^ Don't use it as dps. Don't know how hit boxes work in PvP though. Maybe it's the cool tech to evade finishing combos, dunno...
  10. tyrose Level 30

    ok thank you. I thought so, but was just checking.
  11. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    You don't need sonic cry with munitions. If you want the same type not power, use Splosion.
  12. AKXC Well-Known Player

    So looked at some of these past loadouts and they just don't output damage like this one:

    This usually tops the leaderboards, but want some thoughts on it.