Munitions: A preliminary guide/discussion

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  1. Quantom Boy Committed Player

    Wtf is that? Is it better or worse than the insta power it has now?
  2. Here2Help Devoted Player

    Instead of getting a large amount of power at once from the AM, you get a small amount of power every second for few seconds. Think of it as a PoT.
  3. Jayross Well-Known Player

    i'm trying out munitions now, has alot changed between now and from when this post was to make the info still relevant? it seems even dcuoblog is behind in times im just trying to find the most up to date info.
  4. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    I have seen videos where people use 50 CA again and I am not sure why its working out for them, because I tried using it again and it was simply a DPS lost, I just keep using RL 5B and RAILGUNS for ranged and whenever I can use splosion after the 2nd or 3rd of these powers, with biggun and killer instinct on my loadout.

    I've tried to use grenade launcher [left click rifle attack] between every other power but it doesn't really make much of a difference, didn't really extensively test it with the parcer because I got bored of testing and testing without having any different results.
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  5. SuperBell Loyal Player

    A few questions. Do you have to use the Bullet Frenzy powers one after another consecutively in order to keep the buff up, or can you throw in a weapon combo between them? When does the buff start? After the third BF power is casted? Is there any visual indicator when the buff is up and when it drops?
  6. Rhinosus13 Loyal Player

    The biggest indicator for me is the increase in damage, on my alt my damage goes from around 1k hits to around 10k current cr is 115
    If your quick enough you can rifle clip between powers but the damage increase is not worth it
    Its activated after 3 channelling powers
  7. Ully Committed Player

    Agreed. After Splosion's ninja nerf, I'm still testing different loadouts. How are y'all running Muni?
  8. Jayross Well-Known Player

    splosion got nerfed? i honestly havent noticed, except for my power output seems to be lacking. if its really nerfed i can change my loadout and get more iconics.
  9. Roomba Dedicated Player

    I'll add this to the main thread, but to put it here: Someone please take over answering questions here.

    Lack of substance to updates, shameless content pacing geared towards people blowing their money on replay badges and recovery kits for minimal gains, and lack of effort to maintain villain population.... I have run out of reasons to play this game, and so have many of my friends. Good luck, Munies!
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  10. Ully Committed Player

    Aw, well, your guide was super helpful to me and other Muni players. Before you leave, may ask if you kept using the same rotation? Splosion has not been viable since it was ninja nerfed. I have yet to settle down on a loadout that can deliver similar results.

    Pre ninja nerf I was hitting 45k+ on average and up to 70k+ with soders, trinkets, and supply drops at T7 content. I'm hitting 30k+ if I'm lucky. Smh. :(
  11. Ully Committed Player

  12. Ully Committed Player

    Oops, double post lol
  13. Mister_Raccoon Well-Known Player

    Am I the only one here who thinks 'Splosion doesn't make any effing sense for this power?
    I feel like munitions should definitely be a ranged-oriented power.
    I've been having a bit of success with the following AM rotation:
    KI, 50 Cal, RL, Rail, and 5BMG - phasing out 50 Cal until fire PI is finished (2 rotations) and dropping another KI as necessary.

    This way I'm only in anyone's face once every 2 rotations to get the most of 50 Cal.
    50 Cal and Rail cause burning and quantum PIs, respectively, which means it plays nice with others.

    I'm also on the fence about the whole PIs not affecting AM DPS output. I notice a significant damage increase out of RL and 5BMG when burning is active. At the very least it appears to crit more with the PIs active.

    I guess what I'm asking here is whether or not choosing not to use 'Splosion affects my damage output enough to be deal-breaking.

    Extra Credit Bonus Question: Anyone have any plans on creating a munitions guide that covers trolling better and/or is more relevant to the latest updates? Or would like to collaborate on one?
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  14. Absolix Loyal Player

    PIs do not affect crits. Crits are random, so you see an increase in crits merely because random chance happened to make more crits happen.

    If you were to see PIs affecting damage it would be on average about a 50% increase.

    That being said every power where there is a damage increase to certain powers with an AM active has those powers lose any increase from PIs, HL, Rage, etc. There isn't any evidence, at the moment, to indicate Munitions is any different.
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  15. Mister_Raccoon Well-Known Player

    Thanks for the clarification. It actually makes me happy to be wrong about this. That just means I'm hitting harder and harder without help from PIs and kind of lets me play around with my loadout now that I can consider options that don't necessarily jive with PIs.
  16. Xzotix Committed Player

    Yeah, I did away with 'splosion too, not worth the effort anymore, for such puny numbers.
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  17. Ully Committed Player

    I actually liked 'Splosion, It was a lot fun hitting 'Splo in a group of adds or during boss fights and the crits were incredible.
    Splosion was such a staple for every Muni Dps, the high risk merited high reward, unfortunately that isn't the case anymore as @Xzotix verily pointed out.
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  18. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    What do you need to know about trolling in particular for our powerset?

    I agree but sadly dcuo became midrangedps online
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  19. Mister_Raccoon Well-Known Player

    I actually don't need any help with a loadout for trolling. I haven't played anything but a Troll/DPS since PS3 beta. I just figured a more relevant guide might be helpful to others.
  20. Jayross Well-Known Player

    well we've established splosions nerfed and i saw the results for myself today from what it used to do. how do you guys feel about 50 cal?