Mr Mepps or any dev anyone... any hope for a Superman emblem return?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Only Forever, Jan 2, 2023.

  1. Only Forever Level 30

    I know!!! I know about the licensing issues but considering the new ownership and everything could there be any chance at all it'll come back?? I see tons of players with the emblem and it just kills me not having being able to buy it in 2019! 3 years now since last it was available! I am sure like me, tons of player would spend obscene amounts for it!
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  2. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    The 80th emblem feat taunts me daily, it's the last of my death of superman feats needed

    an iconic style also, it's always gonna be one that got away so I do hope it makes a return one day
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  3. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    I would buy that for a Dollar......

    ..... and I already have the emblem. ;)
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  4. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    Hopefully we get an Anniversary emblem sometime in the future but who knows? Warner Discovery is nixing everything DC at the moment so I highly doubt they'll give the ok for a Superman emblem anytime soon.
  5. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Mepps has said that they've continually been asking DC/WB and keep getting a no. I feel like if the game goes on long enough we'll proooobably eventually get another brief chance at some point, but probably never one that stays accessible, sadly. DC/WB, like any company, can be quite fickle with these things. They've been getting a lot more relaxed and broader with what they'll approve, but unfortunately there will always be something they'll be weird about it. Same goes for any company, really. It is quite frustrating, though, especially since we've gotten a few Wonder Woman emblems and a million Batsymbols, but the third member of the Big 3 is just..... SOL for now. I guess Supes does a bit of a different sorta symbology than the others that they'd wanna take closer care of, but it's still annoying. Luckily we've gotten some pretty close things like the regular and enhanced Subject Zero emblem which is what I use on my Superman and Supergirl for now. But it's not for lack of trying, just the classic IP shenanigans lmfao. I think this is one of the few things that gets the closest to everyone agreeing we want.
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  6. Only Forever Level 30

    Right? there's gotta be a reason why they left that feat in other than being some sort of forgotten place holder...
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  7. Only Forever Level 30

    What keeps buggin' the hell outta me is that why if DC/WB are being so strict, then what's up with the Fallen God style? Granted it is not possible to have the correct colors in that emblem without making haf the shirt yellow but still, there it is in all its glory.. it may be something about the fact that DCUO is profiting by making it "purchasable"? I mean I dont know... not hopefull at all tbh but hey, might as well keep trying.
  8. Kurosaki New Player

    100% agree and relate I wish there was a way to start some type of petition or anything just to show wb how much players want this emblem.
  9. Plowed In Loyal Player

    You can buy the feat over on alts if you’ve completed it on a character.
  10. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    If you know it's about licensing issues, then you know that pretty much begins and ends it. It's all up to DC and their whims.

    New ownership or not, if they decide for some arbitrary reason that they don't want to allow it, it won't happen.
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  11. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I think it's about keeping control of how the emblem is used. With gear that has the emblem baked in (for lack of a better term), they can lock in what can and can't be done with it to fit the needs/wishes/demands of the folks at DC.

    The Superman anniversary emblem has something of a form of control in place. It's a bit subtle, but there's a black border around the edge of the emblem itself, making it different from the emblem we see on Superman in the game. So technically it's like the emblem Superman wears but it's not an exact copy.
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  12. Robinton Well-Known Player

    Games often are held to a lower level then movies, TV Shows, and other media. And because the player base of this game is relatively low when compared to other games of the same age, they might be willing to give the Okay for said emblem.
  13. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Just to reiterate, the best answer I have is never say never, but it really probably isn't in your best interest to hope.
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  14. Tolly Committed Player

    Everyone wants to see the 80th superman emblem and Shaded Comic material back. It’s still kind of funny that the managers don’t try to make money with it...
    While they could very well add it in the game shop and make it available only to the buyer instead of allowing the gold seller to buy and market this!
  15. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Shaded Comic material came back for a second time in a special Booster Bundle. How many more times does that particular material need to come back? I'm sure they made more than enough money selling a chance at that material twice.
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  16. UnboundHeavenlyDemon Well-Known Player

    If it does come back,will the feat be completed as well?
  17. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    same here i was playing at the time I thought but for some reason i dont have emblem and that feat is just hangin there keeping the completion of the episode .

    I dont care what reasoning WB gives or DC or whatever governing body is over this. its a cosmetic item that was ok'd at some point by them to be in the game. so they cant now say that it cant be in the game with out removing it from the game for all

    In my mind a feat shouldn't be attached to an episode if there is no way in that episode to earn said feat.

    It should be given or removed from the list
  18. TheSupermanPrime-PS4 New Player

    Thanks for the response. I really think this is a perfect reason to create a marketplace item to allow players to purchase to unlock certain a feats, such as the one tied to the Superman logo.
  19. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    Personally it's the feat just sitting there that gets me the most.

    Please consider giving us the feat with n/a points.

  20. myandria Item Storage


    It'll probably come back as many times as players request it to come back. You'd think by this time only chromas would be available in the Booster Bundles but the OG Power materials and auras are still part of the loot table. The Black and White Neon Chroma is another highly desired one, since it's tintable.