Movement mode/iconic 2500sc (increase to 5000)

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  1. Mr.W Committed Player

    Well said
  2. Mr.W Committed Player

    I ran plenty of elites with groups i made, joined (through lfg) & queued randomly; again the majority of ppl don't use least not on my server. The meta or majority of healers run page, strat, & purple b/c unless you specifically build a sc centered group or have a 1 in a 100 chance of randomly queuing in a group like that you're actually reducing the groups survivability by subbing out actual healing abilities for ones that actually don't do anything for the group as well as having more content forcing ppl to space out.....

    Its no point in even going any further with this seeing its two full pages giving all the reasons why regardless if you reply back or not.

    I hope you have a wonderful day though
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  3. Mr.W Committed Player

    I don't think we'll have to deal with no skull one shots (again) Elda. This was an issue in metal 1 with merciless at the last boss of momE when it 1st came out. Whether it was glitched or not a lot of ppl saw how ......"unwise" it is to implement something like that. Especially when jump & wind skull attack had an identical animation to his 2hand weapon attack....
  4. Mr.W Committed Player

    Yup definitely didn't mean to reply in this thread again a few days ago & start this back up

    Can we lock this one mepps
  5. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Before the lock -

    I actually like the idea of 2500 SC Movement Mode Abilities, but I'm in love with heavy Shields and this allows one to use things (Dustoff, in my case) for that purpose without having an insane SC cost compared to what you're getting out of the Ability in question.

    Aside from that I have no horse in the "Is EoG Broke?" race.
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  6. gemii Dedicated Player

    If you’ve ran plenty of elite with groups you’ve made etc etc and the majority of players are not using EOG I see no problem with changing 25% supers to make eye of Gemini LESS spammy. Again if you have two healers in the group which most elite groups do have that’s up to 5 25% supercharges that can be spammed back and forth between the two healers and you’ll be able to still actually heal the content just fine. Nobody should have any type of problem healing anything when artfiacts do the healing for you in today’s Dcuo.

    Spam greens and do big numbers welcome to dcuo... because that’s all content is now.

    We already have artifacts like claw and amulet, having major effects on how much damage is being done why do we need constant eye of Gemini spamming on top of that? I don’t understand. I’m not saying EOG Spam is a bad thing but I’m not a believer that it should be something that can be CONSTANTLY spammed that part should definitely be changed to where you can still get your greens but there should be some time between it.
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  7. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Right, EOG is fine, it’s just that 25% Supers have escorted it above a threshold that it shouldn’t have surpassed.

    And amulet is crazy too, but it’s risk factor is definitely present, from what I’ve seen, so there’s definitely more of a balance with that art
  8. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    Did you ever attemp on speed feats, DPS check feats etc.(truly hard ones).? Those are the reasons why EoG is handy and is just there to create a DIFFERENT playstyle for group and thats being done with only one healer with risk factor. Theres no back-to-back spamming on it. Like I mentioned in another unnecessary 25% SC nerf thread of yours( ), EOG is ALREADY BALANCED with healer group SC and movement SC cooldown and cost increases.

    Again, its just an option to play with one healer to get these feats which is completely fine but ofcourse someone(s) can decide and choose to do these feats without EoG feed which is completely stupidity if you ask me. Its just your perspective, gameplay and understanding is waaay different than what other peoples do. Focus on "changing" that first.
  9. Mr.W Committed Player

    Good gracious, Mepps (PLEASE) lock this thread we already have 3 pages of why nothing needs to be changed.

    Its just going in circles with no productivity at this point. A handful of ppl really just don't want to understand the majority of players (even those who run elite) don't play in that fashion & many who try fails.
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  10. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Do you know? It seems to me that not everyone understands why and how this tactic works.
    Two things are important for this tactic to work.
    First: this is the coordination of the group (coordination in a pug? But not all leagues can do it ...). The presence of the Artifact and 2500 super charges will not give you an effect if the group is not positioning itself correctly.
    Second: it's a content structure where you can "safely" clump together for a long time.

    This is not the first time EOG and Supercharges have given an edge over other tactics. We already had this ... and passed ... even the best group ... will not be able to use this tactic if the content structure does not allow it (from the moment the EOG appeared, we had a DLC where it was possible to use, the DLC where it was not effective or even fatal, just remember the content in detail). The tactics are purely situational. Like any other tactic (tactics where you need the most mobile build and maximum damage on a single target, tactics where you need AOE damage, and so on ...). Today it works, tomorrow if the content requires a lot of dispersion it will become useless.
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  11. gemii Dedicated Player

    I’ve made a thread on amulet.There is only a risk if both healers are out of the fight and at that point it would be a wipe anyway. I think the healing in the game is so strong that it overrides the risk factor or maybe it’s just the fact we don’t get content where players are taken any additional life threatening damage so it’s just easy to heal players who are dps”ing with the amulet on max stacks? I personally have had no problem healing a group of players using amulet without even having a finisher in there loadout they just ride the max stack through out the raid. You won’t even notice it if there’s two healers in the group but with one heal you can notice it but you still able to heal through it
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  12. gemii Dedicated Player

    Who says all feats are meant to be completed now at current level? Not everyone has the COUE speed feat or even the dps check in fgse to this day.. whether they had Gemini or not.

    If you can’t get back to back spams your Rotating your Gemini completely wrong especially if you have two healers in the group there is no way your not constantly having a green up..

    Your right though players can play however they want it is what it is. The meta is a troll with claw, healers spamming green circles and gadgets dps with the amulet. Cool all that should be somewhat countered with two super hard elite raids where you can’t always ride on the back of your go “tactics” an entire raid or adjust how often the green can be spammed one or the other. We want both Easy content with cheeseball tactics to blow by the easy content? That sounds extremely fun.... this game Is so watered down it’s comical at this point.

    Reminds me of pre revamp but with everyone using
    The same artifacts and tactics instead of everyone the same power spamming Arctic gust.

    Hopefully the devs can shake the game up in the future.
  13. Mr.W Committed Player

    That is well said & what a handful of ppl are refusing to accept is that its well over 1 million players in dcuo & let's say that just a quarter play elites (since that's the main reason some ppl want things changed) that means there's a 1 in 250,000 chance that you will be in a group that has a 2nd healer who is both like minded & strong enough to excute that particular play-style method. Most ppl see how improbable this is & decides to build their toon so they can sustain a group by other means (independently).

    That also brings to light that its very likely the same ppl that have an have an issue with a certain play-style are specifically creating groups in order achieve this very impractical method of "rotating 3 sc per healer" which I've never seen & I can guarantee 99.99% of ppl don't want to try.

    So in this light & (not trying to step on anyone's toes) it would be more beneficial for this thread to be locked b/c its no longer productive to respond or add towards.
  14. gemii Dedicated Player

    If it’s so situational what do you lose from making it less spammy? Absolutely nothing. It’s situational and Not all groups use it right? Nobody said take the tactic away just simply make it less abusable that’s it.

    Just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You really think it’s not possible to have a 3rd 25% in your healer loadout with certain powers like celestial, electric? The purple healing ray is pretty much like having a extra heal in your loadout by itself lmao it grants you a shield, power AND a hot. What makes you think you can’t store 3 25% supers in your heal loadout and still be fine? and you have 2nd healer in the group? That’s greens ontop of greens on top of greens that can potentially have on the field if the other healer is throwing out greens with you.

    How many times have u not been able to be grouped up in raids? Fgse last boss, cte last boss, fire and brim? It’s gets pretty foggy after that
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  15. Elda Mad as a Hatter

    To be fair, just because something can be spammed, and/or is useful doesnt mean it should be nerfed. Most support roles are 90% the same exact loadout for their power. All dps typically run strat+trans, all healers run page and purple, all trolls have rao, all tanks have manacles, mystic and probably everyman.

    There's a lot of arts to pick from, but per role, some arts are just bad. Eog is useful if the whole group can fit together and function without killing each other with mechanics, or getting in each others way. useful in some raids to go all in on, other raids you just cant. zues in fgse for example.

    Another thing is that 3 sc's at 160+ eog is already 100% uptime for it. Trolls getting back their 8 man shield with soul on is done with just 1 shield. Things the devs likely take note of when balancing raids. Nerfing it harshely doesnt stop people from charging each other and still keeping greens up. The only way to 'fix' the art like people in here want is to make it just not worth running compared to other arts, or increase the sc cost so that people not running eog will be screwed. Just moves the problem elsewhere, and annoys people on the way.
  16. BloodIust Active Player

    So nature dps suppose to to not be able to do elite lol there whole dps is based on supers
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  17. The Nightcrawler New Player

    You realize changing the 2500 supers affects tanks as well. Perfect poise is one of the best shields for tanks in the game (in my opinion). At 25% I can run it or have it ready every 30 seconds when it’s off cooldown as long as I run the head mod, this is without running eye of Gemini. If you make them 50% that means I cannot run it regularly and will essentially make it useless. If it’s going to be a 50% I can’t run it as often, the shield amount would have to be adjusted and the length of time it lasts would need to increase from 6 to 12 seconds most likely. This would have to be adjusted for all supers that you’re trying to increase. You cannot just increase the cost and do nothing with the power.
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  18. Miike Fury Well-Known Player

    I have most end game feats, and i hate running without EOG spam.
    if you seriously have a problem with it, dont run with EOG spam..i dont get

    to increase the cost to 5000 would be pointless and kill the supers all together.. would be no point in running movement mode S/C's.

    Im pretty sure that all tanks love having S/C just in case, that all groups love having trolls with constant shields, and love DPS doing what they do best.
    You want to sit there and struggle through runs, knock yourself out, but dont drag people with you.

    and this is coming from a DPS main who alts green spam healer, or green spam tank, or buff troll.
    why would anyone NOT want to optimize their groups?!

    thank GOD for league runs..i would hate to have to go into PUG groups with people stuck doing things "their" way. i want to get out of COUE in 15-20 min. not 30-45
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  19. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    I don't understand why you can't LFG a group that doesn't use the meta, if you think that's bad there's a couple set ups that will really irk you if they nerf that one, lol.

    You'll kill that windmill eventually though... keep at it.
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  20. testerz New Player

    When will nerfers realize that they will be back here again requesting yet another nerf after new metas and artifacts replace the EoG spam?