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  1. Captain C Active Player

    I figured it might be a little hard to do a car, truck or motorcycle on the road to zip around on. There are a lot of streets in the game that I often see empty when travelling.

    But, I thought maybe it could be a mountable thing for when travelling on the road, taking out whoever along the way to get a little bit more xp, and reveal some often forgotten or lost collectables too. Might not hurt, even if it's just for a few minutes. Could be a league mount that everyone can board and travel to a set location on the map as everyone sorts inventory/gear in transit.

    I even thought about having a Lantern power ring mount of a jet, boat, or motorcycle would be pretty cool. Could even be a pogo stick or unicycle for the clowns out there, I don't think there's ever been a Segway in a game before. Even a summonable mech bot that plops down and you can do some serious damage until it's limited ammunition runs out. Imagine while on Themyscira, you could ride horseback and shoot from a bow or sling from duel pistols. Imagine, around Atlantis, hitching a ride on a whale/dolphin either surfing along the surface or diving beneath the sea. Imagine actually surfing, in Coast City?

    I will admit it, any of us can, we've seen those random cars just pull up and sit there then take off again on the streets. That's great, but wouldn't it be epic to zip along side on a vehicle of your choosing, even overhead? Mounts should also be able to go slightly faster than normal boosts for Acrobatics and Flight, while super speed is just on par- depending on the mount upgrades.

    It would add a certain style to the game, could even have a R&D Radar/Sonar for collectables. This could be an added element for races amongst other vehicles, which is group trials along the streets of Gotham or Metropolis, or other cities if they want add them to the base game. There are options of what is possible here. I just wanted to explore them, as I'm sure others would too.
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  2. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    There is absolutely no need for mounts in this game. We can fly, run at super-speed, or just teleport anywhere we like and most open world areas are so small any ride would be over in seconds. Creating a mount system, graphics and animations would be a huge amount of work for no practical purpose. They tried adding movement mode - skimming - years ago and I don't think players were interested enough for the devs to attempt anything of this kind again.
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  3. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I think mounts is a cool addition if implemented correctly.

    Example come to mind of the batwing and invisible jet that you transform into via trinket. Only problem with that is it takes up an trinket slot.

    If for example you could introduce bikes/ cars with customization options and maybe a selection screen added. Then you could have customizations drop both in game from running content to time capsules to in game marketplace.

    Its a huge monetization if done right. I know several people who with they could customize their own batmobile or bike.

    Take it even a step further if you include the request to ride feature where you could have 2-4 seater vehicles and friends could request to ride on your bike.

    The problem like what was said above is its very niche and may not be used if at all and if you added a combat aspect to it like added mini guns to the side to equal an orbital strike everyone would use it apart of the meta.

    So many risk/ reward and the failure rate is high considering we already have 4 movement modes and really only 1 of them is used.
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  4. xXlNesTlXx Well-Known Player

    Not expect any new game changing stuff for this game
  5. Captain C Active Player

    I disagree. Adds another sense of roleplay element, something else to spend money or make money on the market, new way to travel which can be faster than the current move speed of flight or acrobatics, and uses the damn roads more in-game. How many times, have you, or anyone just teleported or flown over the hours of work Devs have put in for the city map(s), just because of your own reasons? I would prefer to explore the universe they created rather than gloss over it, come across collectibles and exobytes that I always miss on the ground, and clean up some more enemies for some extra cash or xp. I feel 'skimming' as you're saying wasn't a success because no one proposed an idea to begin with, so the Devs just did coin toss, and lost to people who thought and said this: "There is absolutely no need for skimming in this game. We can fly, run at super-speed, or just teleport anywhere we like and most open world areas are so small any ride would be over in seconds...", which might sound familiar to you- just in case you might be wondering why the Devs might not bother trying that again. Fairly certain they added the 'teleport almost anywhere' feature for lazy people, spawn killers, and to get to unreachable maps. There are teleporters too, but requires an adventurous spirit.

    It could be used as open-world transport, yes, it could also add a race element to the game where other online players can compete. That sounds cool, there's only ever been time trials for movement, not vehicle racing. There also could be derbies, there could be stunts, there could be an added element of taking down high speed chases in the DCU, that sounds cool to me. Imagine doing a moon race, that'd be cool, could use that raid map that I played that one time. Could do take downs with some vehicles, a jet can use missiles, a car could be used to charge and either knock prone or knockout an enemy on the road, a motorcycle could be launched and blow up on the enemy doing significant damage- depending if it is a power ring construct or not. Group vehicles, a Jeep could be upgraded to have a Gatling gun or flame thrower not just in open-world missions or cruising around Nth hunting, new missions could be made where you have to storm the enemy fortress much like a castle and to mow through countless NPC enemies to get to the PC base, a vehicle would be best to do so, it would amass a lot of xp and cash in small amounts. As mentioned, the mech mounts could be a cool mini feature where if the boss is ridiculously tedious- I know I've had a few, one drop from a mech that uses up all it's ammo, saves you a few repeats of finding a weakness in the shields, or hitting them while they're down- but won't get the finishing blow when it comes down to it. I would like the ability to explore Kahndaq with camels, Themyscira with horses, or Coast City with surfboards- or for people who think it's too short they can unlock those mounts if they complete those missions and with certain water powers can surf around, or with camels can be a mobile chest, or horses that could add to a certain type of damage in combat could- can guarantee they don't have them already. They could upgrade the pets to be mounts too I suppose, but that might be depending if people want to have it like Pokémon then. Ariel combat on sky platform run ways, where people could dogfight, use actual flight and take people out in the air, or fight on the platform for non-flyers, that would be cool; Villains have to crash the sky fortress, while Heroes defend. Mounts can add something more to the game.

    Just movement transport, pfft...
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  6. Captain C Active Player

    Fantastic idea. You can share your ideas any time you like.
  7. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Sure you do. Because you're clearly new to the game and haven't bothered to learn how the game is played, before coming up with unrealistic ideas for the VERY small team of developers working on this 12 year old game.

    Very few people care about role-playing and most of those are kids, who don't have much money to spend. That's why most current monetization is centered around new end game stuff, for long time players to keep busy, and combat mechanics, like artifacts and allies, which help you complete that content.

    Nobody cares about "extra xp and cash". lol. XP is irrelevant after lv30, when the real game begins. And you earn most of your in-game cash by selling rare stuff you get from drops, or loot-boxes.

    I've seen pretty much all the work that the devs put into the game, because in a game like this you're required to run around all the areas many, many times, to finish all the collectibles, missions and feats.

    As I said - the maps in the game are small, even the biggest ones you can cross in 3 minutes (5 if you're flight or skimming), so having a mount would help nobody.

    And - at the end of the day - this game is old, has limited resources and the MMORPG golden era is at least 10 years behind. Nobody's going to put in all the work necessary for your (very original) idea that will serve no purpose.
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  8. Limey Committed Player

    Unfortunately, this game is far from the quality of MMO of WoW, Final Fantasy 11 or 14. Vehicles or mounts might add another layer of role playing or immersion, but in reality, the concept would likely be too difficult to implement in this game, and if they did manage to implement it, either the vehicles' movement would basically be reskinned existing movement modes at best, or if they received their own form of movement, it would be akin to Saints Row 4, where you could use a vehicle/mount but it would be inferior in every way to character movement modes.
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  9. AshocusTheMuse Well-Known Player

    I do actually think as a roleplay element this is a GREAT idea... gameplay wise... its a bad one. I do love the idea of driving around gotham streets in my own version of the Batmobile, Or Razzing around on a Joker Cycle... Especially for something like the Gadgets Powerset... BUT... As stated above, this game simply doesn't need to add more bloat with things that are very pigeon holed usage.

    Typically, once you get past the basic lvl 30 stuff, The content is geared towards the gaming aspect rather than the roleplay one. Don't get me wrong, as an AVID DnD player, there's nothing I like more than a bit of roleplay, its just in this game, unless you find a specific league... You're not very likely to get many opportunities.