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  1. Statman New Player

    You can, they're called shields. Every power has access to one, whether it be their own power tree or Iconics. Mind you, that's about as effective as using a soda or supply drop, as they have limited abilities (in how much they can heal you, similar to how much a shield can shield you) and they also all have cooldowns.

    To think one role is more important than another is moronic. As Lady Lightning mentioned a few posts up, it's a circle. Each role relies on the other roles so they're all able to perform their tasks adequately.
  2. SSJ Jeremy New Player

    Ive been playing this game for a month now and tanks are important
  3. SSJ Jeremy New Player

    2 is not effective because the boss can only attack 1 person at a time
  4. Whiteroom New Player

  5. SSJ Jeremy New Player

    But shields have cooldowns and are limited, unlike soders ,sidekicks and supply drops which are all different
  6. darkmoon caverns New Player

    The most important role is the role of the parent. If your parents don't do a good job raising you then you become a neglected whiny little baby like Superman.
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  7. Warrant New Player

    Regardless, a tank is the first to be substituted. All roles work in synergy with each other. None being more important than the other.
  8. Statman New Player

    Everything has a cooldown. A lot of people can have multiple shields that have minimal cooldowns. People can use consumables that are shields. People can have a shielding mainframe mod.

    It's exactly the same. No role is more important than the other, each can be minimally substituted, but it is nowhere near as effective as having that role filled.
  9. Wilder Midnight New Player

    and this is why most nexus and paradox wave group "need tank gtg".

    and controller.
  10. Warrant New Player

    By substituted I only meant not running with 2 tanks.
  11. Kristyana New Player

    I know Darkmoon Caverns and you, sir, are no Darkmoon Caverns.
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  12. BLK Well-Known Player

    lmaoooooo atta girl
  13. BumblingB I got better.

    Best role in the game is the role you are currently in. So please do your role and not try and make a post on the forums alienating all roles.