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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Badname8293, May 24, 2013.

  1. Badname8293 New Player

    Please add 1 mark of reality to each Alert so I can get a full set by 2015, thank you, only asking for 1
  2. Vexedbit New Player

    Who let this troll out of his cage?

    Thank you ignore.
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  3. Tocimus New Player

    idk, i've been rolling my eyes at all of his threads.
    like this :rolleyes:

    oh btw get at least 1 piece every week if you do the 2ops and 2 challenges every day.
    if it takes longer....well that's more of a personal issue.
    you're unhappy with the current rate, you can always buy replay badges like everybody else ;).
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  4. Octantis New Player

    On that note, why release content for every group size except Duos?
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  5. Meta Flare New Player

    Yeah that's weird. Maybe they are going to release a few duos in the next dlc
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  6. Ozzysdad1 New Player

    Why can't someone ask a question without bieng ridiculed?
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  7. KemistiOMG New Player

    you already get 11 marks by doing solos and ops per day so thats 1,5 gear per week (depends in what order you buy t5 gear) and you can always use replay badges or try raids
  8. Shadow Vlad New Player

    It's only been out a couple weeks. You don't need to be full t5 immediately like some of the crazy replayers already are. For all we know it could be a year before T6.
  9. lanternknight New Player

    Yeah some people replayed the heck out of t5. Don't see the point in that. As far as the alerts. My only problem with them is how long they are. They are almost as long as a raid. Mainly because of the Central City content. I think that is long and point less. If we are going to have to do that, I think each boss type fight in it should give a mark of reality. I mean yea the two side bosses are optional, but if they drop gear they should drop a mark of reality as well. At least it would make the Central city part worth it.
  10. DarkSyde79 New Player

    It'll take a person roughly 6 weeks to get enough marks for the T5 set if they do the daily (solo and ops). Even if you don't play everyday, you should be able to get a set before 2015.
  11. Tocimus New Player

    the op has posted some very "silly" things lately. watch the video in the op's sig box, realize the facepalm.
    also welcome to dcuo forums.

    easily answered questions get flamed-broiled.
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  12. MARK2099 New Player

    Hope this is sarcasm, or are you trolling? because this is the first time where we get so many marks per day as new tier, tell me in which dlc we could farm 11 marks for a new tier per day? doing everyday your alerts and solo in less than 6 weeks you can complete your full T5 :confused:.
  13. KemistiOMG New Player

    you're propably right since it has been a year that T4 was released
  14. Zpred New Player

    Don't forget in game update 26 lock boxes will drop marks of reality and there's no lock box cap... So there you go more marks.

    Just a tip save the lock boxes you have now till GU26 then you may get more then enough.
  15. Shadow Vlad New Player

    Right but after few run runs you wont need the drops, skip those side bosses and cut out that extra time. It would be nice if they dropped marks but since they don't, I don't need dom/health 5 and an 82 dps insectoid chest anymore. Skip em.
  16. Ozzysdad1 New Player

    Not n
    Not new to the forums.. and like I said , stupid or not; why are people insulted & picked on for asking a question ?
  17. UltraElite New Player

    IMO the OP just wanted to get ppl worked up since he never responds
  18. Epic Wins New Player

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  19. Singlemaltkiller New Player

    Did you know you get MOR out of the raids. I got 10 this way just today!
  20. Tocimus New Player

    because they are asking for handouts. some do it repetitively.

    there are already too many bad players with gear rating. nobody wants to see a player in t5 that cant actually play the content needed

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